Extending a Life - The Good Doctor
An obsession with extending one's life could have an unexpected cost on The Good Doctor. "The Uncertainty Principle" is the seventh episode of the show's fourth season.

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The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 7: "The Uncertainty Principle"
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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jordan: I couldn't help overhearing. Are you a venture capitalist?
Man: The only people who ask me if I'm a VC are people who are looking for a VC to invest in their project.

Shaun: We can't both shower at the same time, Lea. One of us would constantly be blocking the water stream from the other.
Lea: Oh, this isn't for purposes of cleanliness. I want to have sex with you.
Shaun: Oh. That is uncomfortable and inconvenient.