Jim Shannon is a father and has a very difficult past. He, his wife, Elizabeth, and his three children, Josh, Maddy, and Zoe live in the year 2149. During this time period, the existence of life on Earth is threatened, so they develop a time machine to travel back 82 million years. There, they join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers, which also happens to be located by some dangerous dinosaurs.

Jim Shannon Quotes

Josh: The sky's insane.
Jim: This whole place is.

Elizabeth: You think they'll make you serve out your time.
Jim: I sure hope not. I'm not scheduled to be released for another 85 million years.

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Terra Nova Quotes

He'll find a way. He always does!


Step 1, Dad breaks out of a maximum security facilit. Step 2, Dad breaks into a maximum security facility. Piece of cake.