Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 5-03-21: Is Abigail in Trouble?

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Will Abigail FINALLY face some consequences for her unhinged behavior?

Usually, Salem lets her off the hook for anything bad she does. No matter how violent or immoral her behavior, it's "understandable" (even if it isn't.).

But on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-03-21, could Abigail be held accountable for Gwen's fall down the stairs?

Spoilers For The Week of 5-03-21 - Days of Our Lives

By all rights, she should be. Yes, Gwen did horrible things to her that she should have been held accountable for, too (like drugging her.)

But so far, Abigail has gotten away with kidnapping Gwen, attempting to inject her against her will with a hallucinogen as revenge, and physically assaulting her on multiple occasions.

And now she grabbed her arm while Gwen was heading downstairs, then let go, causing Gwen to fall -- though Abigail will likely claim that Gwen fell on purpose to implicate her.

Eli arrested Abigail once for her fight with Gwen, but nothing came of it. Will this time be any different?

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives is taking advantage of the trope of love blooming in the spring... sort of.

According to the spoiler video, fake Kate will break up with Jake, who may develop an interest in Gabi; after all, Rafe will find himself caught between Ava and Nicole's interest in him... and Tripp will walk in on potential girlfriend Allie kissing Chanel!

That last spoiler is the most interesting. I have no real use for Chanel, but it's beyond time for Days of Our Lives to expand its LGBT population beyond Will and Sonny (who aren't even on canvas anymore!).

I hope that any storyline about bisexuality is handled sensitively and doesn't rely on stereotypes about bisexual people being promiscuous, unfaithful, or confused.

NBC has also released 11 spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-03-21. Please scroll down to check them out.

Sparks Fly Again - Days of Our Lives

Sparks fly between Gabi and Jake.

That was fast.

Jake has been insisting that he's over Gabi and wants to be with Kate, yet as soon as a fake Kate breaks up with him, sparks will fly between him and his ex.

Days of Our Lives is often in a rush to put couples back together, but can we have a second to breathe first?

Fending Off Romantic Overtures - Days of Our Lives

Kristen, disguised as Kate, fends off Roman's romantic overtures.

I wish Roman would realize that this isn't Kate.

Kristen didn't even know that Kate and Roman had two children together, not one.

And since Roman knows Kate so well, he should pick up right away that this woman is not her and put an end to this silly story.

Abigail Denies Gwen's Accusation - Days of Our Lives

Abigail denies Gwen's accusation.

Of course, she does.

In Abigail's mind, she can do no wrong, and that's been reinforced by all of Salem since she grew up to be mentally unstable and always either messing with other people's boyfriends or acting out violently.

I hope Eli is the cop called to the scene since he's the only Salem resident who thinks Abigail should face the consequences for bad behavior like everyone else.

Kristen Pressures Sami - Days of Our Lives

Kristen pressures Sami to get rid of Chloe.

Where is the strong, take-no-bull Sami that confronted Belle about her nonsensical accusation?

There is no reason for Sami to kowtow to Kristen whatsoever.

Can she please remember that and make Kristen back the hell off?

A Stunning Realization - Days of Our Lives

Belle has a stunning realization regarding Charlie's murder.

I hope this time it's more logical than thinking Sami framed her.

Hopefully, Belle and Shawn will be onto Jan soon, and the DA's incredibly weak case against Belle will fall apart altogether.

I wonder how they will figure that, or anything, out, though.

Chanel Needs A Favor - Days of Our Lives

Chanel asks Lani for a huge favor.

According to spoilers, Chanel will ask Lani to move in with her and Eli.

They're living in a tiny apartment that doesn't even belong to them, with two infants, but okay.

Paulina has hoped that Lani would be a good influence on Chanel for a while, but is entitled, bratty Chanel beyond saving?

Melinda Presses John - Days of Our Lives

Melinda presses John to implicate Belle.

John's aneurysm makes him unpredictable enough that he might tell Melinda where she can go with her nonsense, which would be fun.

She has no case and is on a power trip, and John isn't about to let Belle go to jail.

And Melinda has no business listening to his confidential hypnotherapy session (even if it was with his wife.). So there's that.

Nicole Is Jealous - Days of Our Lives

Nicole admits to Rafe she's jealous of him and Ava.

I usually hate love triangles, but I'm all in on this one!

Ava has become surprisingly likable since she decided to cut ties with the mob, but I've shipped Nicole/Rafe forever.

I hope this doesn't destroy Nicole and Ava's friendship and that Nicole/Rafe are endgame here. But it's so refreshing to have a triangle where the resolution isn't obvious.

Kate Fights for Her Life - Days of Our Lives

Kate fights for her life.


As much as I love Kate, I hate this story. We just suffered through it with Sarah, and there's no point in Kristen tormenting everyone who finds out about her secret and then shipping them off to an island.

The only silver lining here is that if Kate is sent to the same island as Sarah, she may find her and bring her home.

Sami Helps Lucas Out of a Jam - Days of Our Lives

Sami reaches into her old bag of tricks to help Lucas out of a jam.

With spoilers reporting that Dan Wells is back on set, could Sami again disguise herself as Stan and pretend to be a cancer specialist to keep Lucas' lie going?

As a trans person, I have mixed feelings about the Stan thing. It was only created because Allison Sweeney was on maternity leave, and if Stan is played for laughs, it could inadvertently make fun of trans people's struggles.

In any case, this fake cancer story is awful and needs to go.

A Major Slip - Days of Our Lives

Susan makes a major slip in front of Brady.

Good. But will Brady figure this out for once and for all?

It didn't click when he told Sami that Kristen had disguised herself as Susan before, and he tends to be gullible and naive whenever the plot demands it.

Please, soap gods, let this be the beginning of the end of this stupid story and not another spoiler that leads nowhere.

Your turn, Days of Our LIves fanatics!

Do you think Abigail will face any consequences for her behavior toward Gwen? Should she?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know your thoughts on that and all the other spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-03-21.

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