Lucifer Season 5B Premiere Date Announced at Netflix

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The King of Hell finally has a return date.

Netflix on Monday revealed that the second half of Lucifer Season 5 will bow on the streamer Friday, May 28.

The first half of the season arrived on August 21, 2020, so this has been a long wait for the back half.

WIDE Lucifer and Maze at Station Season 5 Episode 8

As expected, COVID-19 is to blame.

Like many shows, COVID scuppered lucifer's production and shut down every show, pretty much.

Thankfully, production on the sixth -- and final -- season is wrapping up.

There shouldn't be a huge wait between the second half of the penultimate season and the beginning of the last-ever installments.

Lucifer and Trixie Season 5 Episode 4

Lucifer fans have eight episodes remaining in the current season.

The final season will span 10 episodes, so the upcoming half-season should begin the process of bringing the show to a close.

In fact, Lucifer Season 5 was initially set to be the end of the show, but the fans made their voices heard, and the streamer ordered up another season.

DB Woodside, who plays Amenadiel, revealed earlier this month that he had filmed his final scenes with Tom Ellis.

Amenadiel's Home - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 5

"Last scene with my brother @tomellis17... and I can not stop crying," Woodside shared via Twitter.

"Thank you for everything, brother. You are a divine talent and a true Gentleman. I love you mate."

"I love you brother. That was ridiculously tough to get through but like every scene we have done over the years....I enjoyed every minute of it," said Ellis in response.

"Thank you for being such a force and such a are the real deal."

Lucifer Looks in Awe Season 5 Episode 6

Lucifer has had an impressive run. It was canceled after three seasons at FOX, only for Netflix to step in and save it.

For it to survive three additional seasons shows how passionate the fans are about the show.

Netflix, in general, has caught a lot of heat for canceling original shows in their prime, but at least Lucifer fans will be getting a complete story.

What are your thoughts on the premiere date?

Are you ready to say goodbye to the series?

What character will you miss the most?

Hit the comments below.

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