Coroner Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Monster In the House

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The truth about Kelly is out on Coroner Season 2 Episode 7. Well, some of the truth. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but Kelly's story and Kelly's secrets are unraveling before our very eyes.

Is Kelly really Katie? We still don't know. She did tell the hospital that she's Gordon's daughter, which could be a clue. It could also just be another one of her lies. Kelly has been lying from the start. She is one effed up human being.

Shady as she is, it never occured to me to question that she lied about her kid dying in that fire on Coroner Season 2 Episode 1. People from the building knew her, and they knew the baby.

Jenny Remembers - Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

Jenny: It's Kelly.
Dr. Sharma: What about Kelly?
Jenny: I started sleepwalking when I met her.

Kelly nearly went into a burning building to get to the baby. The baby's body was found!

It all added up to a grieving mother, regardless of what else she was. Even a grieving adoptive mother made sense.

However, when we learned that she was pregnant once, but the baby that died wasn't hers, the question became what the heck happened to Kelly's baby?

Maybe whatever happened to her baby is her "reasoning" for doing what she did to Holly and what she's doing to the Coopers. Maybe she's Katie, and this goes back to Jenny pushing her down the stairs.

Or there could be no reason, and she's just a horrible person. Because regardless of what she's lost or been through, it nearly impossible to justify her behavior.

Jenny Watches Kelly With Gordon - Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

Gordon: If you're mad at me, just be mad! Jus be honest!
Jenny: Dad, just let it go. Let it go, dad!
Gordon: I walk into, I walk in a room and you leave! I try and talk to you, and you shut me down, every time! You're behaving like a spoiled little brat and I did not raise you that way! I raised you better than that!
Jenny: Dad. You lied to me my entire life!
Gordon: Yeah, I tried to protect you.
Jenny: What -- to protect me? No! I know you did it to protect me, but at some point, Dad, you did it to protect yourself!
Gordon: Oky. Okay, so how does that feel now to just kinda let it out?
Jenny: It feels like shit to yell at you! I-I-I have to deal with this for the rest of my life and you don'!!
Gordon: That is totally not fair!
Jenny: You lied to me, and now you're gonna forget about it! You don't have to deal with this. You just get to forget!
Gordon: I'm still here, goddammit! Can you see me? I'm still alive!

Jenny and Gordon were nothing but nice to her. Forget how framing Jenny could be harmful; what about what could have happened to Gordon?

A seizure can be harmful for a healthy person, and Gordon already has a lot of medical issues. She could have killed him!

We've seen Kelly's shadiness coming for miles now, but there's a lot we didn't see coming. For example, Jenny blowing up at her dad.

The secret he kept about Katie was bad. Obviously, it is scewing up Jenny a lot, trying to deal with it all. However, until this episode, there was no indication that she resented her father.

Like Ross said, he's old, and he's sick. At this point, it doesn't make sense to be mad.

Jenny Calls McAvoy - Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

She's never gonna forgive herself. Even if it was an accident, she's just ... she just won't. But you know, right? It doesn't matter if she gets pissed or angry at you, she would never hurt you. But I hurt her. Yup, just had to finish my year. Just had to follow the plan, just had to, ust had to finish high school. Maybe, you know, if I just would've done that, then none of this would've happened. Grandpa, you fon't think ... You don't think that this was my fault, right?


We can't control how we feel, obviously, and Jenny is entitled to her anger. It's just that there was no foreshadowing. This was building between her and Gordon, but we didn't see that. It seemed out of nowhere.

Also out of nowhere was Malik and Lucy making out! I was happy about that. Cute little 'ships are the best, and doesn't everybody love Lucy? I sure do.

As happy as I am about this coupling, I'm a little disappointed by how out of left field it is. We've never really seen the two interact, mostly because we don't see nearly enough of Lucy.

These side characters are quirky, but they are often afterthoughts. I would have liked a little build-up. Hopefully, we'll get more of Lucy and MaLucy as the series progresses.

McAvoy and Noor was not out of left field, nor was the knowledge that she was married, which had been hinted at before. It's sad, but forgivable. Her hanging out with Kelly is harder to forgive, but hopefully, there is an explanation.

McAvoy Jogging - Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

Lucy: Holly Groves. Patrol officers found her body in a flophouse while doing a wellness check.
McAvoy: Since when do cops do wellness checks on junkies? Loverboy?
Malik: Hmm?
McAvoy: Find me her next of kin.
Malik: Loverboy? Is that my new nickname?
McAvoy: Don't ruin it.

I don't mind Kelly being a villain, but I would be wrecked if Noor was too. I suspect McAvoy feels the same way.

We got a peak at the Ross of Coroner Season 1, who was such a good son and grandson. He's been so lost, but he really loves his family so much. He's trying to get through school and be there for Jenny and Gordon.

He had some great scenes with Gordon, and, of course, with Matteo. Yea! Matteo! We always cheer when Matteo shows up.

Speaking of boyfriends, Liam is really screwed up right now. He's got so much to work through, which wasn't really a surprise. We knew he was having some PTSD issues and that he wasn't dealing so well with what happened to Mal.

Liam and Mal - Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

Liam: All right, listen man. I'm not gonna quit on you, but you have to help yourself, 'kay?
Mal: Liam, I am unfit to be a soldier and unfit to be a civilian. You got a solution for being stuck between those two rocks, huh?
Liam: Yeah, you have options.
Mal: I have drugs that don't work. I have panic attacks that last for days whenever I go out in public. I have PTSD, I have dissociative disorder, and I have a therpist who can't help me.
Liam; You have me!
Mal: Oh, you show up after weeks of being AWOL and you're supposed to be the lifeboat I get in? What a joke.

Neither he nor Mal handled their reunion well. Mal was being an ass. He's clearly got a lot of issues. But we knew that. He did just try to commit suicide. It makes sense that he's lashing out.

Liam should not have have risen to the bait; he should not have gotten physical with his friend in the wheelchair. The whole thing was messed up because both Mal and Liam are so messed up. They both need a lot of therapy.

Sadly, therapy is not always enough. You don't always come back from war. It doesn't seem like either of them did.

If we believe Mal, Liam's been using Jenny as a Band-Aid. Eventually, the Band-Aid will have to come off, and he will have to deal with his trauma. Hopefully, he doesn't burn all his bridges or wreck the house before that happens.

Liam Visitng Mal - Coroner Season 2 Episode 7

Liam: When I get home late from a job, and I wanna work on our renovation, what do you always tell me?
Jenny: Don't smash things when you're tired.

The most important thing to focus on right now is the Kelly of it all. She's dangerous, and she's out there.

I hope Jenny told Ross that he can't trust her. Gordon would be a harder sell, with his memory issues. Ross, however, needs to know how dangerous Kelly is. He can't be letting her in or calling her when these things happen.

Hopefully, she'll be out of their lives after the finale. Maybe then the Coopers can finally get some peace.

Over to you. Do we still think Kelly = Katie? What happened to her baby? Who was the baby that died in the fire? What was Kelly doing with Noor?

Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Coroner online right here via TV Fanatic.

Monster In the House Review

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

The story I told you about the blanket is true. I just wasn't the on having the contractions. Please sit, and let me explain. Before I came to Toronto, I was living in Cambridge in a boarded up rooming house, addicted to oxy, sharing a dirty mattress with a woman named Holly and her newborn son, Robbie. One morning, Holly wouldn't wake up. I didn't know what to do. I tried to revive her, but she was already cold. I looked at that beautiful little baby boy lying next to her, and I knew that I had to turn my life around for him.


Jenny: It's Kelly.
Dr. Sharma: What about Kelly?
Jenny: I started sleepwalking when I met her.