Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Wherever You Go

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On Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2, Joanna's attempt to get Kodie's kids back does not go well. Joanna is wracking up failures, and she is not happy about it. Plus, this one is personal (though we still don't know why).

The writers are not giving us much to go on for the history between Joanna and Kodie. There is a story there.

We get tiny flashbacks that are hints of more, but it seems like they want to drag this out and keep us guessing. While frustrating, it is good writing. It will keep us coming back until the truth is revealed.

Joanna reassures Kodie - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

It seems like Burden of Truth knows how to give just enough to keep us wanting more.

That is also true with romantic relationships on the show. Others would highlight their main 'ship and show a bunch of scenes for the other 'ships as well. Shipping is one of the main reasons viewers watch and one of the main things they talk about. 

Billy and Joanna have been front and center in the series since Burden of Truth Season 1 Episode 1, but their romantic relationship has always taken a backseat to their working relationship and to the cases they are trying.

We have also gotten to know them as individual people who happen to work really well together.

Billy Kisses Joanna - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

We got some shipper satisfaction at the beginning of the episode, and then it was full-steam ahead on the case for a while. We didn't forget they were together, but the show wasn't drawing our focus to that.

Everything was about Kodie and her kids when it came to Joanna and Billy.

Joanna's relationship with Kodie and her struggle to connect with Madison was a focus for her. Meanwhile, Billy's issues when it comes to addicts were present in their interactions.

But then the show wrapped up with a truly swoon-worthy scene between the two. Who says the bible can't be romantic? And we're left remembering why we love them, even though their romance wasn't a focus. 

Joanna: Someone is messing with her head. Saying she's something that she's not. I know what that kind of emotional abuse can do to a person.
Billy: There's those ghosts again.
Joanna: I can't slay them without you, Billy.
Billy: When my dad would get sober we'd have to go back to church. Never lasted longer than two weeks. But there was this one passage that always stuck with me.
Joanna: Billy Crawford, are you about to quote the bible to me?
Billy: Yeah, I believe I am. Wherever you go, I will go. Where you lodge, I will lodge. And where you die, I will die. And there will I be buried.'

Joanna Defends Her Need To Defend - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

We even got to forget that Joanna might be pregnant.

She needs to take that test, though -- like yesterday.

Diane and Owen are another couple in the background when it isn't relevant.

It is relevant right now because Diane is worried that Owen is obsessed with Mercer, and honestly, I cannot blame her. I get why Owen is paranoid. Mercer had been scum for the past two seasons.

Owen Beckbie - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

I always root for a redemption arc, but he did way worse than stealing a loaf of bread. Plus, six months is not enough time to change your ways. The problem is that Owen is headed down a path that could mean trouble for him.

They say the best revenge is a life well lived; Owen needs to live his life and not go looking for trouble. If Mercer is still scum, trouble will find him easily enough.

Diane: Hey babe, you ever see Les Mis?
Owen: I don't like the French. Or the British. Or Canada for that matter.
Diane: Right. Well, Coles Notes, this police chief gets obsessed when the criminal he put away gets out.
Owen: What happens to the cop?
Diane: His obsession drives him crazy, and he throws himself off a bridge. Spoiler. Sorry.
Owen: Don't worry. If anyone's going over a bridge it ain't gonna be me.

We know from the premiere that Taylor is going after scum, but we don't know how or where. Taylor is absent from this episode, and Luna's worry says a lot about how close they have become. Luna compares her to a sister. And hopefully, Luna's found family is okay.

I like Luna's dynamic with Kat. I find myself questioning if there might be a spark there. There is something of an age difference, they work together, and I'm still hoping for a Molly/Luna endgame.

Billy Is Worried - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

Yet, there was a connection. It could be a mentor/mentee thing, but as I said, we're all shippers at heart. You can't blame me for being curious.

Maybe he didn't deserve you. You're smart. You're driven. You even have a sense of humor after some scotch. And you did that, not just because you didn't have a dad, but in spite of one.


Whatever it is, romantic or platonic, I'm liking what is developing. Luna's journey is nearly as fascinating as Joanna's, and I want only good things for her. I'm wondering if, after the "slut-shaming" she and Kat had to do, she might decide that being a lawyer isn't for her. 

It wouldn't be a decision she made overnight. Luna worked with Joanna before, back on Burden of Truth Season 1, and she knows her sister pretty well by now. She's not going in blind to what the law is about.

But Luna is idealistic, and while that could work in her favor, it could also work against her. The law isn't always fair, and it isn't always about playing fair either.

Luna Worries About Taylor - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

The biggest question of the episode is: do we believe Kodie? She made a good case for why people would suspect her of being abusive, and she seems to love her kids.

But her daughter was scared that her mother was mad at her, and her drug test came back positive. And Billy doesn't trust her. That's a big deal. Billy trusts everybody.

There may be more to Kodie's story than she says, but she seemed to more or less ask for that drug test. Why would she do that if she was using drugs? Someone is likely messing with her, but there is still the question of who and why?

Diane: We were the only three non-white girls at Millwood High.
Billy: I know. I was there. I remember.
Diane: Actually, you don't know. Nothing bonds you more than being other.

I want to trust Joanna's instincts (and Diane's), but it is like Billy said; she has tunnel vision. She owes Kodie something, and until we know what that is, we are missing a huge chunk of the story. We need to know more about Kodie, her life, her past, etc.

Joanna Cross Examines - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2

So much is a mystery right now. But we're only two episodes into Burden of Truth Season 3.

If the point was to keep us watching, the writers succeeded because there are so many unanswered questions.

We need to know about Kodie.

We need to know Taylor is okay, and we need to make sure Owen doesn't get himself in trouble.

We need more Luna, always, and more Joanna and Billy. And Joanna NEEDS to take that pregnancy test!

What do you think, fanatics? Where is Taylor?

What is Mercer up to, and what will Owen do about it?

Is Kodie innocent?

And what is the deal with her and Joanna?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget you can watch Burden of Truth online right here via TV Fanatic.

Wherever You Go Review

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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Joanna: Catch anything?
Billy: Not a nibble. My old man used to say the fish could smell desperation.
Joanna: That's what my father used to say about clients.

Kodie: I can't go to work today. They took my kids from me, Joanna.
Joanna: I know. But no matter how bad you feel you have to play it cool. You have to appear perfect.