Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Lone Wolf

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It was bound to happen sometime.

Christian Kane as country singer was finally featured on Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8.

Not at all coincidentally, this episode was centered around a country singer who was at the center of a kidnapping plot.

Never Meet Your Heroes - Almost Paradise

So, yes, Kane's performance came up fairly organically, after a tease early in the episode.

This episode marked a pleasant change of pace as for once Alex wasn't the loudest personality present.

Friendly Welcome - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

That honor went to August Crowe, the down-on-his-luck country singer attempting to mount a comeback concert on Cebu.

As August, Billy Ray Gallion (Lost) felt authentic, proudly soaking in his fans' appreciation at the airport as though country music hadn't passed him by a decade ago.

Accompanied by Shelton, his manager/enabler, it was simple to understand how August had taken such a long slide from stardom.

It was puzzling that Ike, Kai, and Ernesto viewed August as enough of a celebrity to rate abduction, especially when compared to some of the gang's past targets. A Google search would have cleared that up.

Even August, likely a veteran of many state-fair gigs, didn't understand that. But he did get that the surveillance reflected a kidnap attempt at the airport.

Soulful Song - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

When Ike mentioned special security, it was evident he was speaking about Alex.

But somehow, after mere months, Alex had gotten his act together and didn't need the extra money. What a refreshing change of pace, as he wasn't whining for once!

But once Kai and Ernesto noted who he would be protecting, Alex was all in.

It was a funny twist having the real performer protecting the fake singer. 

August was an accident waiting to happen, what with his addictions to pills and booze. Alex tried to temporarily temper August's appetites, unlike Shelton, who had given up after their decades together.

Headed for Trouble - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

But August still managed to get in trouble just going to the hotel bar.

Part of that was Alex's fault since he couldn't tell the difference between a real threat and a sketchy fan.

But most of that was a drunk August deciding to wander off to score, especially dangerous in a city and country that he didn't know.

Fortunately, Alex had learned the shady parts of the city already and knew where August was likely to have gone for drugs.

Alex almost scared off the trio of punks attempting to mug August, but one was stupid enough to attack him. There's always one macho idiot.

Too Toasted - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

It was amusing that, for once, Alex wasn't Dr. Patel's most noncompliant patient. They have to find more screen time for her.

Shelton finally explained why August had become how he was, how he had slid down a slippery slope.

At least almost getting killed in a dark alley got through to August.

In that heartfelt talk with Alex, he appeared ready to make changes in his life.

Also, Alex got him to see the value that he placed on August's hit "Lone Wolf," which had gotten him through some tough times while undercover for the DEA.

Planning Session - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

August almost seemed to be turning a corner when he got abducted.

Although Alex and August could have been tailed, it was more likely that someone had told the kidnappers that they had gone to the beach.

The obvious candidate was Shelton, who kept close eyes on August. Also, he over-reacted toward Alex after the abduction, like he didn't want Alex there to mess up his plan.

Also the kidnappers asked for exactly the amount of money that August had remaining, which was remarkably convenient.

So it wasn't that surprising when the kidnapper that Ernesto captured admitted they were specifically hired to kidnap August.

In Pursuit - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

So who would benefit from August's death? Shelton, especially after the value of August's music catalog would skyrocket.

Well, maybe that's a little strong, since August hadn't created any new music for a decade. You can only move so many "Greatest Hits" albums.

What was good about this episode was that Alex, and Kai and Ernesto, worked separately.

At first, Alex had to keep August out of trouble, no easy task.

Meanwhile, the two detectives attempted to get a line on the kidnappers.

Accomplice Caught - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

After Kai determined that the teen who had stolen August's hat was working as a distraction for the kidnappers, they were able to track him down working at the airport while wearing the stolen hat. How dumb was that?

The kid did give them a line on a boxer as one of the kidnappers. When the kidnappers sent the proof-of-life stream, Alex identified a boxing gym.

Once they compared notes, Alex figured out where August was being held and could go after him while the other two followed the ransom money.

Scene of the Crime - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

Ike was reliable as comic relief while modeling that pair of cowboy boots. Isn't it time for a little back story on Ike, so he can get a little depth? Otherwise, he'll remain a caricature.

It's a shame Alex had to use August's beloved guitar Jezebel to take down Shelton. But at least Alex inspired August to start writing songs again.

This episode displayed a more well-rounded, empathetic Alex than the angry squawker that's been featured in too many episodes thus far.

To assess Alex's growth, watch Almost Paradise online.

What did you think of August?

Were you happy Christian Kane got to perform a bit?

When did you suspect Shelton?

Comment below.

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Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ike: We brought you here for your own safety.
August: Hell, the only one that needs protection is the kid that ran off with my damn hat.

August, what have you done this time?

Shelton [to August]