Roswell, New Mexico: Michael Vlamis Teases Guerins's Storyline and His Relationships With Maria and Alex

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After a wait that felt like forever, Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 is back and better than ever. 

There are more questions than ever before, and a lot of them are surrounding Guerin's family and his relationships. 

Luckily, we were able to chat with the incredible actor behind Michael Guerin, Michael Vlamis, himself, about what's coming up next on the series. 

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In the most recent episode we learned all this new information about Michael's mom. Are we going to continue to find out more about his family going forward?

Yeah, that's actually one of Guerin’s main storylines this year is uncovering the truth and the mystery behind what happened to his mom. So, he's trying to figure out long after she landed, did she get captured? Did she associate with anyone?

You saw in the last episode that that farmer came out and was kind of looking like he was going to help them, so there's a really cool storyline that comes in there.

That actor was cool to have on set because I remember watching him on Friday Night Lights back in the day.

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But a lot of the season is me and Alex on this adventure to uncover the truth. And as that goes on, it continues to flashback to really uncover what exactly happens. You get all the answers that you've been looking for, which is really exciting.

How is that going to affect Michael? Is this going to be an emotional journey for him?

Oh yeah, it's a roller coaster. It's up and down, especially because it's not only about his mom but about him losing Max and the weight of him losing Max.

I think at first, it made him want to shy away from uncovering any more truths about his mom. I think for the first couple episodes where you see he's kind of spiraling -- like he shows up drunk and dirty to Noah's funeral -- and you know he kind of wants to put a rest to everything because it's just too painful.

Visit - Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 1

Every time he gets new information about something it's when he's on the verge of being happy, and everything goes to the wayside. So, that is definitely tough for him.

But I think he feels a little bit more fulfilled knowing where he came from and why he is the way he is.

Knowing what similarities he may have with his mother and what she was like. It's a lot of tough questions to be answered because she was tortured. You saw the photo in episode one or two, so that stuff is very hard for him.

But, he pushes through because he needs those answers. Because he feels like he was abandoned and not loved especially when he was overlooked by the Evans family in the foster home.

All those things add up and give him more of a foundation and more of a groundedness, knowing who he is.

Making a Connection - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 4

It seems like Michael’s going to be working with Alex to figure all of this out. They've been on and off for a while, but now he's with Maria. How is that relationship going to play out with this adventure [Michael and Alex] are going on together?

Yeah! Well, no spoilers! But, Maria knows the truth now and she's not happy about that.

So, it's one of those things where you're in a relationship and someone's like, "you didn't tell me you hooked up with this person!" and it's like, "well I didn't know I had to!" You know?

They say "oh, you're lying to me," while you're like, "you never asked, I didn't think it was relevant!"

Dealing With It - Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 1

And I think that's kind of where Guerin was for a while. It was more about protecting his family, and that was just the information that wouldn't help anyone, and it would just confuse everybody.

He actually wanted to tell her. He was ready to tell her and we actually even shot a scene in the episode that was me leaving a voicemail on Maria's phone talking about how I have something I need to get off my chest.

But because of time purposes that actually got cut. But for my character's background he's been wanting to tell her for a while.

Even in season one he's got that line to Isobel at the bonfire talking about how maybe it's time we tell the truth to the people we love.

DeLuca - Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 2

So, he's been ready to get that off his chest, but he didn't and she found out apart from him. She's not happy at all, but the two of them were in a very good place before this came out. 

I think things just need to simmer, no spoilers, for Michael and Maria to kind of find their way.

And I'm not saying that doesn't get complicated with all the time he's spending with Alex. But, I'm not saying it does either. 

Maria Gets Bad News - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 9

I might be in the minority here, but I’m a fan of Michael with Maria and Alex.

I like both, too! Why can't I have both? It's really fun to play with both of them too because they both have such different dynamics. 

When I'm with Maria at the end of Roswell New Mexico Season 2 Episode 2 it's such a soft moment.

There's no hatred in there, and that was the interesting thing about Alex. Even when we were loving each other there was this almost animosity for him leaving town and what his dad did to me.

So, there's just such a different dynamic and it feels like Guerin is more at peace with Maria, as of now.

Is there anything in particular you’re excited for fans to see this season?

Yeah, definitely the journey between the relationships. It's a big deal for Michael this season, and you know, I put a lot of work into that.

One of the things that I'm probably most proud of, that hits the closest to home is the fact that I lost my brother at the end of Roswell, New Mexico Season 1. And during the offseason between Seasons 1 and 2, I lost a best friend from my childhood.

Michael Learns the Truth - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 3

This kid was always such a proponent of me going out to LA and going for it and being an actor and always watching my stuff and telling people to watch me, and losing him, it felt like art imitating life. People talk about that all the time. 

And it just happened in such a real way that I felt an obligation to this dude, who is always supporting my career so much, that I had to dig deep into the pain that I felt losing him to put that into the show. I'm very proud of the work that went down.

I might have gotten a little bit too deep into it and by episode six, of carrying that weight for my buddy and making everything feel real on the show, I was having a tough time mentally.

Everybody on set was awesome, even though not everyone knew a hundred percent what I was going through.

Saving Isobel - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 8

Our showrunner, Carina, knew what happened.

And she always told me if I ever needed any time off or anything -- she always extended that offer to me -- to take my time and don't be too hard on myself. I really pushed myself.

There were scenes where I'm missing my brother and I'm literally on set looking at the sky channeling my buddy, Eric, and that was something that I felt like was a late gift.

The way this season plays out and all those emotions being true on-screen, that guy is up there looking down at me proudly. So, I'm excited to see how the journey -- the emotional journey of losing Max -- kind of gets resolved and how it plays out.

I haven't seen any of these episodes coming up I'm in the dark like all of you. So, I'm excited about that. I'm proud that I get to honor my friend.

I would say that the relationship and loss of a brother and figuring out where did Mimi DeLuca go because that's going to be a bit of a storyline for the rest of the season figuring out what happened you know because nobody knows and it's just very strange that she was gone for so long

Mimi DeLuca has disappeared a few times. Is that something that will finally be explained?

You'll get all your answers on that the season, as well. That's a big mystery that we are trying to uncover together, too.

Michael Tells All - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 10

Does Michael really believe Max is gone? That’s also a big question. Has he come to accept his death? Or does he have hope that Liz is going to find a way to revive him?

I think, at first, he one hundred percent believed he was gone. I think now with the nano-tech and taking their shot at reviving him he has a little bit of hope.

But, if you remember, Guerin told Max that hope is a dangerous thing. Because Guerin's just been let down every time he's ever been fulfilled.

Whether he was going to college or he found his mother and she's gone, all of his hopes and dreams have come crashing down from the sky, so I don't think he was hopeful, at first. I think he's hopeful now, but that is a rollercoaster ride.

That hope comes, and that hope goes and you'll see that over the next couple episodes.

Liz and Michael Join Forces - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 8

Especially, episode five, which really is the Michael Guerin episode. Kind of like how we saw a lot of Isobel in the last episode, Guerin has a big focus in episode five and there's some really cool flashbacks of the pod squad around the time they would have been in college and what their dynamic was like at the time.

It's a really in-depth look at how they ended up being in the relationship that they were in present-day before Max disappeared, and why there is so much animosity and why Guerin is the way he is.

Michael and Isobel - Tall - Roswell, New Mexico

What about Isobel? She went through something huge last episode. Is that something Michael will find out about? Because she hasn’t told him anything.

Yeah, definitely.

I don't want to give anything away, but there's a very beautiful scene between the two of them where they actually talk about everything. That's, like, her brother and she'll confide in him.

Like I said, I don't want to give up too much, but we do have a really nice moment together.

Isabelle and Michael Argue - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 1

Is there anything else you can tease about the rest of Roswell, New Mexico Season 2?

I would say that there is a lot of action in the season.

In addition to that, obviously a lot of love and a lot of heartbreak. I would say it's going to be fun to see how they edit together the scenes where I'm with Alex's new love interest this season since the three of us are spending time together.

And I don't know how it's going to come together. I learned my lesson in Season 1 not to be too precious to things because certain scenes get cut, or it gets edited in a way that makes a different story than you originally thought.

Malex - Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 1

But Christian, the actor who plays Forrest who gets introduced in the next episode, he and Alex have a little bit of heart eyes for each other.

It was fun to play that and to really dig into Guerin and see how he would feel, whether he's with Maria or not.

Lastly, how’s your filming schedule? Do you guys have everything you need done? Things are definitely weird right now with all the shutdowns.

Yeah! So, pretty much all the episodes are in the can.

I think, maybe for the final episode, I just heard from the post-production department, I might need to do some ADR from my closet here in LA. But everything will be finished.

Luckily, we were kind of ahead of this pandemic just with the way our filming schedule was. So, we're all set to go but there are a few things that we might need to record from my nice little closet in Los Angeles.

It's your turn, Roswell fans! 

What did you think of these teases? Do you have any predictions for this season?

Drop a comment down below and let us know! 

And if you're behind on the show, you can watch Roswell, New Mexico online right here, at TV Fanatic! 

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW at 9/8c. 

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