Good Girls Round Table: What Is Beth Doing?

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What happens when you lie to Rio?

Well, Beth and the ladies already know it doesn't end well, and Beth, in particular, learned that hard lesson again on Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Join our TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Lizzy Buczak, Jasmine Blu, and Whitney Evans as they discuss the hour. 

Good Girls Round Table

What do you make of Stan's new side hustle?

Meaghan: I was actually a little heartbroken by this. Sure, Stan has come around to Ruby's criminal activities, but he has still remained the moral compass of the show. It just goes to show how much the girls' actions affect everyone around them.

Lizzy: I agree with Meaghan, it's slightly disappointing. But after seeing Ruby hurt, he saw an opportunity to make real money and provide for his family. He got into it for the same reason Ruby did.

Jasmine: I agree. It made me sad. He IS the moral compass of the series, and it's like he gave in and accepted that this is their life now, and he would do what he needed for his family.

Helping Out - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

You could see that heartbreak on Ruby's face too. It's like he lost something of himself he can't get back, and she probably feels responsible for it.

Whitney: I wasn’t too surprised Stan went down this path, especially after Ruby got shot. And even though this isn’t who Stan is at his core, it doesn’t feel out of character at all.

It’s almost like it’s been building up to this whether we like it or not.

Was telling Max the truth about what happened to Lucy the right thing to do?

Hands Up - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Meaghan: From a moral standpoint? Absolutely. For their best interests, though? Hell no! They don't know Max well enough that he wouldn't have gone straight to the police when they came clean to him.

Sure, they weren't the ones who pulled the trigger, but they were accessories. It would also expose their whole operation. Not to mention that if Max didn't play it cool with Rio they could have gotten him murdered, too.

Lizzy: It wasn't Beth's best work. As Meaghan said, they didn't know Max well enough to know how he would react. And when his reaction was anger and the need to kill Rio, Beth should have stopped him right there.

She needs to quit bringing innocent outsiders into her mess because it never ends well.

Annie & Ruby Question - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Jasmine: It was incredibly risky. They don't know anything about him, including how fragile or susceptible he is. I feel like it put him in more danger than if he was kept in the dark.

Whitney: It felt pretty self-serving if you ask me. She was trying to assuage some of her guilt, and then she got the bonus of him wanting revenge.

It was another classic terrible decision by Beth.

Did you think Max was going to be able to go through with shooting Rio?

Meaghan: Never in a million years did I think it would happen. Max might have been upset and wanted revenge, but he would never be able to get to that point. From everything we have seen he is far too gentle.

Listening To Beth - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Also, I have a huge issue with the fact that Beth wasn't willing to take another shot at him herself but was more than willing to let Max do it to save them some money. Beth is slowly becoming more and more like Rio by the day.

Lizzy: The poor guy fired a gun and got scared. Come on. Also, did Beth not learn anything from her first attempt on Rio's life? If she's going to try it again, she needs to make sure it's going to work.

Also, were they planning on firing the shot in a bar full of people?

Jasmine: Not at all, and I was seriously pissed off that Beth encouraged him like that! What was the plan there? Did she really think he could do it, and in a bar with witnesses?

Worried Faces - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Was she willing to either risk Max's life if Rio found out what was happening and killed him too, or Max succeeded and was hauled off to prison? What the hell?!

Whitney: I agree with all of you. Max was never going to go through with it, and their plan was absolutely horrible. I’m not even sure what the plan really was.

Beth is becoming more and more selfish, and it shows in moments like this. A true Rio in the making.

Would Annie make a good EMT? If not that, what else could you see her doing?

Meaghan: I can't see Annie being an EMT at all. I could see her being a counselor or a Social Worker, though.

Lizzy: She's good under pressure, and she's not squeamish around blood! The least she could do is give it a try!

Jasmine: I agree, Meaghan. She would be a good social worker. But yeah, I'm not opposed to her exploring the EMT path. I find it refreshing that she may find some purpose in something outside of romance.

She did well with Ruby, and she was there to help deliver her nemesis' baby. It doesn't hurt to try it out.

Lending An Ear - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Whitney: I’ve been a big fan of Annie having an arc that doesn’t involve romance, so I’m all way here for her exploring a new career path. Of the three, she’s the most equipped for a job like that.

After discovering she was lying, Rio cleared out the Boland house. React!

Meaghan: Can these women please stop thinking that they can pull one over on Rio. He knows everything. He probably has their houses bugged and a tail on each and every one of them at this point.

I couldn't help, but laugh when it came right after Dean telling Beth that Dorito was the last thing Rio would take from them.

Beth & Stan - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Lizzy: I didn't expect it, but I feel like Rio is too powerful (he just killed an innocent girl without giving a damn) to engage in this petty cat and mouse game with Beth. I can't figure out why he's still doing it. It was a statement, but I feel like Rio would be more aggressive.

Jasmine: I know I shouldn't laugh so hard, but Rio is so ridiculously petty it cracks me up. I thought nothing would top him saving the bullets just to taunt Beth, but then he took everything they owned. How many people did he hire to get that done in a few hours?

One of these days, they'll lay low and stop testing him.

Whitney: Beth is lucky it was just her physical possessions and not much worse. I’m with Lizzy though, Rio is pretty damn smart, and he keeps Beth around on this leash, and it’s pretty bizarre.

Annie Smiles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

We’ve all pretty much agreed it’s not love, so what is it? Does he just enjoy the headache?

What was your favorite scene or moment?

Meaghan: Max telling Beth he wet himself after they met with Rio. It was such a comic relief moment after the tension of the three of them together. Also, Beth handled it great seeing as Max was sitting with his urine-soaked pants on her car seat.

Lizzy: Surprisingly, Dean standing up for himself and putting Gayle in her place. Who knew Dean has it in him?! I also second Meaghan's favorite scene. "My kids do it all the time," had me laughing out loud.

A Stick Up - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Jasmine: Nearly every scene with Max. I kinda love him. I also laughed at Annie counting off the percentage of nothing.

Whitney: The whole montage of Max shooting the gun had no right being as funny as it was.

Good Girls airs on Sundays on NBC. 

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