DEVS Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The End Is Near

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There is only one episode left.

DEVS has reached its final stretch.

On DEVS Season 1 Episode 7, the end is near. 

Lily at DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

Penultimate episodes are often even more important than finales. If the central conflict of the finale isn't properly set up in the preceding episode, audiences won't be left with a sense of closure. 

DEVS seems to be avoiding this misstep. We've now entered the final stage of DEVS, and there seems to be little left to unravel. 

If anything, instead of worrying how DEVS will have time to wrap everything up, I'm more concerned with what they'll do to fill another hour.

Katie on Bridge - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

We know Lily is going to do something to trigger the end of DEVS in the finale. How will the writers stretch that out? 

All the characters are in the right places, all character motivations are clear, and the conflict is well-defined. 

Stewart Close-up - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

Hopefully, there are many more plot twists to come. Otherwise, the finale may fall flat.

Three central characters died, and that's going to be hard to top in a finale.

It's strange that DEVS chose to kill off Lyndon, Jamie, and Kenton all at once instead of dragging out the emotional ramifications of each death. 

Without Jamie, Lily has no one left to fight for.

Without Lyndon, Stewart has no emotional ties to any of the remaining characters.

Lyndon Looking Down - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

And without Kenton, there isn't a murderous psychopath for which we need to be keeping watch. Well, except for Forest.

But, taking away these three characters cuts the small cast of characters we already had in half. The only major players left are Lily, Forest, and Katie. 

Stewart's final warning to Lily felt like a goodbye. If he appears in the finale, it's unclear what role he'll play. 

Essentially, the finale will consist of a battle of wits between our three main characters. 

Without Jamie by her side, Lily is outnumbered. Katie and Forest are a strong team, and her partner has been taken out of the game. 

Forest's Stern Look - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

It was a crushing blow, especially after the sweet scene they shared in bed at the beginning.

Lily and Jamie had just reconciled, and already it's over. 

If Forest had seen how this day played out several times, why did he assure Jamie that everything would turn out fine? He was dead within a day. That doesn't sound like fine to me.

Jamie was consistently dealt the worst hand throughout the show. He got roped into a high-stakes situation by the woman who broke his heart, and it ultimately led to his death. His moment of happiness was fleeting, and the character never got to be more than a two-dimensional puppy dog for Lily.

Similarly, Lyndon wasn't given much room to grow, either. Lyndon had very little screen time but was one of the more interesting characters of the show. 

Lyndon listens to Katie - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

Her devotion to DEVS was inspiring, but it led to her demise, unfortunately. She believed in DEVS and the multiverse so strongly that she risked her life for it.

And Katie willingly let her step over the railing, knowing exactly what would happen. Katie has always been a cold character, but letting a kid die is a new low for her.

It could be argued that it was inevitable, since they haven't been able to change any of the events of the day thus far, but it was still difficult to watch.

I didn't want to know the future.


Lyndon should have heeded Stewart's warning when she still had the chance. No one at DEVS valued her life. 

Speaking of members of DEVS who don't value human life, Kenton rounds out the trio of deaths. This one was a long time coming. However, who knew Pete would be the one to do it?

Katie on Bridge Alone - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

There was always something intriguing about Pete. DEVS isn't a show to have a character just for comic relief. He was going to have to serve a purpose eventually. 

Who else was surprised when it was revealed that Pete has been a Russian spy this whole time? It makes sense, considering how often he has been around Lily's apartment. Of course he was watching her. 

But, it wasn't in his orders to protect her. He made that choice on his own. He grew fond of her and wanted to save her from Kenton. Unfortunately, he ended up backing her into a corner.

My orders were to watch you, not protect.


She either had to risk going to the CIA or flee the country. She can't explain her way out of two dead bodies in her apartment with a technology company working against her.

So, she did exactly what she was supposed to do. She went to DEVS. 

Lily Sitting - DEVS Season 1 Episode 7

With one final chapter in this story, Lily has to find a way to destroy DEVS once and for all. Even if she doesn't want to, this is her destiny. 

Will the whole world collapse in on itself?

Will Lily destroy their current universe, or all the different versions of it?

Is Lily the hero or the villain of this story?

Make sure you hit the comments to share your thoughts on the season so far and how you think it will end.

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