Brockmire Sneak Peek: Jules Needs to Make the Deal of a Lifetime

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There's bad news on the penultimate episode of Brockmire Season 4, and let's face it now -- there's only one episode after this one left in the entire series.

With a baseball strike looming and only 24 hours to get it in control, Jim and Jules come up against another obstacle.

The players' union changes the terms of the meeting with a ton of stipulations to delay and distract.

Slick Negotiator - Brockmire

The players have hired the biggest gun at their disposal.

Jules, purposefully leaving Jim out of the negotiations, faces an uphill battle.

While she has a lot of options to make the players money and move the game forward drawing crowds even closer than ever, the player rep is doing the ol' soft shoe wasting time to make Jules sweat.

Also making Jules sweat is a little something she proposes to Jim.

Man of the Hour - Brockmire

If you're taking a big swing, you might as well try to hit a home run, right?

The race will be on to see if Jules can successfully arbitrate a win from two different directions!

We have an exclusive clip of Jules going toe to toe with the player's rep, Finnegan, as he calls her out on her ability to fairly negotiate when she's coming to the table with a background as a franchise owner.

Will Jules' dealmaking accomplish her efforts on two fronts -- professional and personal?

Trust me when I say that Jules has her work cut out for her.

As the tensions rise, the laughs increase, too, so it's a win for viewers even if Jules is in a crunch.

For those of you who need to be reminded again, Brockmire originally appeared as a viral short video on Funny or Die, and now, four years into the series, Jim has his dream job, a terrific relationship with a daughter he never knew he had, and he's got Jules back in the dugout with him.

Successful Negotiations? - Brockmire

What could possibly go wrong, right?

The once legendary radio announcer is about to get all that he ever wanted.

So don't miss Brockmire's final stand.

Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet have never been better.

Brockmire Season 4 Episode 7 airs tonight at 10:30 only on IFC.

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Brockmire: My only triggers are dive bars and the movies of Christopher Nolan.
Jules: That's right! You threw a whiskey bottle at my TV during Interstellar!
Brockmire: Interstellar. You know, I just want to be told a story at the goddamned movie. I don't want to be taught a lesson in how to solve the puzzle of what the hell I'm watchin'.

Brockmire feelin' the rhythm now. [Masturbation. My best defense against sleepless nights.]