Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Pistol Whip

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.Trouble just keeps finding Alex, doesn't it?

Things went downhill quickly for Alex after he met his TV-cop idol on Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4.

It was certainly a tongue-in-cheek episode for Christian Kane, who has successfully maintained his humorous TV action-hero status over the past dozen years.

Potential Danger - Almost Paradise

Jerry Eastwood was a real cautionary tale, wasn't he?

Once the star of the '90s cop-show "Pistol Whip," he was now exiled to late-night informercials.

Fading Glory - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

Little wonder Jerry ignored all the warning signs after he got contacted directly by the Eastern European producers of "Wreckage of War."

Alex, too, was in between a rock and a hard place.

A government shutdown had tied up his DEA disability payments. His lottery ticket didn't come in.

So he ended up having to take cold showers.

Why doesn't Cory listen to Alex and cut him some slack? Any new business takes some time to get up and running.

Harsh Taskmaster - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

From the shape of that gift shop, when Alex took it over, it wasn't like she had buyers lined up to take it off her hands. She was lucky a desperate Alex bought it sight unseen.

That being said, the interplay between an annoyed Alex and a persistent Cory is one of this series' highlights (along with the killer scenery).

How about some back story for Cory?

I guess that's asking a lot when we haven't gotten background for any of the Mactan characters.

It is Alex's show, but still.

Fake Production - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

It was a lucky coincidence when Alex and Jerry both ended up at the hotel bar.

Watching the usual taciturn Alex go all fanboy over Jerry, while Jerry soaked up the praise, was a hoot.

Then Jerry got inspired after Alex dispatched the pair of drunk Aussies, deciding the shorter Alex would be a perfect stunt double for him.

It was another decision not terribly well thought out after some drinks.

Cory, seeing a way for Alex to make money for her, jumped right in, driving up the price for Alex's services. Not that he was even marginally qualified for the work.

In Trouble - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

Well, desperate times and all that.

Jerry oversold his worth as the talent on this production when he showed up with Alex in tow. He had already worn out his welcome with producer Nicolai, who it turned out had a much bigger prize than a TV series in mind.

Also, Alex discovered how out of date his scuba skills were.

Evidently, Alex is rubbing off on Kai, who ignored Chief Ike's order and decided to look into the missing vlogger Jessa.

She followed her instincts rather than being swayed by Ike's more political concerns.

Wrong Place - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

Kai showed a big heart going to visit Julio before work to learn more about Jessa, her work, and their relationship and was convinced to pursue her investigation; consequences be damned.

Naturally, Kai and Alex ended up at Jessa's sponsoring dive shop, and after their usual sniping came to a mutually beneficial arrangement since Kai needed diving equipment and Alex required instruction on said equipment.

Of course, they stumbled onto the same two divers who killed Jessa, right after they recovered her camera, which ended up being the linchpin of their investigation.

But it took the wise Ernesto to put everything in perspective for them, to understand that they, and likely Jessa, had been attacked by illegal treasure hunters.

That is what Alex's long history with the DEA allows him to do. He's able to take the pieces (a missing diver, a TV show, and treasure hunters) and create the big picture.

Fingers Crossed - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

That's why he went back to filming with Jerry as if nothing had happened. He may not have connected all the dots, but he had a good idea of  what the "film crew" was actually doing.

As an on-set extra, Alex just set up for what he knew was coming, planning several steps ahead. Jerry remained self-involved and oblivious until Alex made his big reveal.

Kai, with Ernesto's help, was filling in those details by examining every scrap of video that Jessa had shot, eventually discovering that a Soviet sub was the hunters' target.

Andre being in charge and the former captain of the sunken sub was an unexpected twist.

Also, having a nuclear device as the treasure was a big surprise.

Following Her Instincts - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

It was great watching Alex and Jerry swing into action "Pistol Whip"-style, with the Mactan police conveniently showing up at just the right time.

The climactic scene was an eye-roller. The old sub captain activated the device but only put six minutes on the timer instead of six hours.

Then Jerry was able to recall working with a Soviet bomb handler and the precise steps to deactivate the bomb, after Alex had calmed him down, naturally.

At least Kai was able to give Julio some closure since Jessa's body will never be found. That scene would have been too sad on which to end the episode.

But Alex receiving Jerry's old gun, then jumping into action like a '90s TV cop, that was perfect.

Recovered Danger - Almost Paradise Season 1 Episode 4

To revisit Alex's new life, watch Almost Paradise online.

Is this going to be Alex's lot in life, taking odd jobs to make rent?

Are you already tired of Ike taking credit after every case?

How are you enjoying Kai and Ernesto?

Comment below.

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