The 100: Exploring Jordan Green's Worth and His Potential For A Better Existence

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Jordan Green is a character that we both don't deserve and at the same time need to have more of in the narrative. Aside from the fact that he is the son of a legendary The 100 'ship, Monty and Harper, he is also a character just brimming with potential. 

He has so much to offer to any story that a season may have and even more so the audience wants to spend that time with him.

From Jordan's scene-stealing presence to Shannon Kook's obvious love for the role, it's all there.

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So why isn't it all on our screen? The question might not be ours to answer, but at the same time, we can at least explore why that needs to change. 

Jordan deserves more from the show, and it all comes from appreciating what we have already gotten to witness.

Here, we can explore the essence of Jordan throughout The 100 Season 6 while exploring the potential for more.

His Legacy


As much as Jordan is his own person, he stands out more than any new addition could. Jordan comes from two original fan-favorite characters, a legacy in his own right.

So the way that the fans valued Jordan when he appeared in only one episode during The 100 Season 5 spoke to the way the show should have invested in the character.

Jordan is overflowing with promise and the ability to grow into whatever story is being told. From the way he had fans begging for more backstory to scenes like those during The 100 Season 6 Episode 2 is proof of that.

His New Normal


There was a fascinating twist for both Jordan and the audience when the people that were meant to look out for him didn't. 

During our interview with Shannon, he spoke more specifically when it came to the relationship between Jordan and Bellamy. Technically Bellamy and Clarke were asked to look after Monty and Harper's son, but with Clarke out of commission, it was up to Bellamy to check in when he could.

And to be fair, he tried. Bellamy also had a lot going on with his soulmate needing help gaining control of her body again, and Jordan almost fell on the opposite side when it came to making decisions in Sanctum.

But there is still that story that exists, with Jordan learning a lesson about what happens when you meet your heroes. Bellamy was one of many people who existed in the stories that Jordan heard, but up close it was far from what he (and his parents) expected. 

It's upsetting that Jordan didn't get to share the connection that could have existed right away between him and Bellamy. If anything, that can push the dynamics more and force an exploration of that.

His Stories


The unique aspect of a character like Jordan is the way he offers a different perspective on the same events. The audience witnessed everything that Jordan heard stories about, but his interpretation and the way he interacted with the information mixed nostalgia with hope.

It was refreshing getting to see the characters we know (and usually love) through the eyes of someone who wanted to see the positive side in all of this. He wasn't jaded against anyone and wanted to see the good in everyone. 

With the show trying to take on Book Two of its story, having someone like Jordan combines both the past and the future.

His hope represents the hope that Monty and Harper still had in humanity, something the show could frankly use more of these days. 

His Heroes 


They say never to meet your heroes, which became very true for Jordan. At the same time, he still has bonds with all the characters that stand out in a specific way.

While all other new characters like Russell and Gabriel need to meet and interact with everyone, Jordan had the advantage of history. This created a sense of trust for the audience, which they can't find with every new addition to the show.

Jordan has a way of creating a comfortable environment for the fans and he deserves the chance to try. 

His Happiness


However brief, Jordan got to experience happiness in his time with Delilah, and that was a breath of fresh air during such a chaotic Sanctum season.

Clarke's connection to Sanctum was heartbreaking and dangerous, but Jordan's was pure and hopeful. In fact, it was disheartening that Delilah's story didn't have the hope that Jordan and the audience were lead to believe it did.

Maybe Jordan trying to figure out a way to bring Delilah back was just a way to expose Sanctum and then to hide him off-screen when the plot didn't "need" him. But it felt like it was possible to bring Delilah back, at least with her last scene before she disappeared.

Scientifically it didn't work out but Jordan's happiness with Delilah was a part of the story that was just pure. That is something The 100 can find itself missing. Enter Jordan Green.

His Hope


There is all this talk of hope on The 100, but does it really exist?

That is a question that isn't very easy to answer unless you know how the final season of the show wraps itself up.

But for now, we are all unaware of how to interpret the show both pushing for hope within its characters and the never-ending doom that the plot forces them to handle each and every time. 

The real hope now exists in Jordan and the way that his story ends. Fans may have conflicting ideas of where the story will go, but it is a unanimous understanding that Jordan deserves a happy ending.

Any hope that Monty and Harper may have had for the future of humanity is manifested in Jordan and his journey on this new planet. The ball is now in The 100's court.

His Parents' Son


So much of Jordan reflects Monty and Harper; he is his parent's son. 

That's why sometimes you have to wonder if ironically he continues the cycle that Monty and Harper ended up in. 

Monty wanted to believe in the good of others, even when everything seemed to suggest the opposite. Monty wanted to believe that his friends weren't the ones causing the never-ending conflict, which became Jordan trusting that his heroes would do what he considered to be right in Sanctum.

So even as Jordan pretends he is okay in front of Bellamy, there is still that hope in Jordan. It might be because he trusts that hope in humanity exists elsewhere, but he is still motivated by trying to bring about good.


Then you have his strong-willed need to do what is right, all of which comes from Harper. He is determined once he set his mind to something and yet at the same time he is invisible in his quest to do just that.

Does that sound like someone we know? The 100 forgot about Harper when she was still alive on the show, so of course, once she was gone it seemed like she never existed. 

Jordan is working double-time to make sure that doesn't happen to him in Sanctum, only this time fandom is there to help as well. But there is also another "parent" figure that Jordan represents. Jasper Jordan.

Jordan's innocence is lost in Sanctum very much like Jasper lost his after Mount Weather. The ideals and the people he trusted aren't the same after the smoke clears. 

So what next?

His Honesty


It feels underrated the way that Jordan's honesty existed during The 100 Season 6. The others may not have always wanted to hear what Jordan had to say, but that didn't make his words any less true.

As an outsider looking in, Jordan wasn't afraid to point out what he saw or what he thought. Frankly, it was a highlight of the season, no matter how often we actually got to spend time with Jordan.

It also proved, once again, that Jordan exists in a unique way, he stands out, and his outlook is valuable. What he offers to the show is almost more than The 100 could actually handle.

His Existence Against The Plot


In a weird way, Jordan exists against the plot. It's like the story doesn't want him to take up the space that he does, yet in the end, he takes what he deserves anyway, 

So while we appreciate a character as wonderful as Jordan, it is important to note how much stands out because of his ability to steal the scenes he is in.

From the way, he interacts with the original characters to the way he perfectly molds into the Sanctum subplot to the way he is able to drive the plot.

Jordan exists beyond the confines of the box The 100 Season 6 tried to form around him. A hero. An icon.

A Namesake In His Own Right


Mentioning that Jordan is Monty and Harper's son is important, yet at the same time, he is able to stand on his own as well. For all the curiosity that exists around a child of two characters we all loved, Shannon Kook has been able to let Jordan also exist as an intriguing new character.

He has carved out space for himself in Sanctum, trusting and questioning at the same time. It is such a ridiculous shame that we missed out on such a gap of time. We didn't get to see how he went from being stabbed by Madi to joining a Sanctum cult, all of which there could have been time for.

Maybe it isn't okay to say that but there were storylines and scenes that could have been removed to make more room for Jordan. The last thing he deserved to be was a guest star in his first season as a main cast member. I said what I said.

It is mind-blowing how the audience missed so much time with Jordan, then as soon as Bellamy and he shared that visibly shallow moment we were sucked right back in. As much as it was about the words those two shared, it was also all about what wasn't being said.

Everyone missed out on so much of Jordan's story, Bellamy included, but The 100 Season 6 Episode 13 made that the reason why we wanted to know more. The potential is endless, and Jordan is always pulling us into his heart fueled storylines. 

What Could Have Been and What Should Be


At the end of the season, or the world, Jordan has so much to offer, He had a built-in support system before he even had a single scene on the show, all because of Shannon Kook's kind and supportive presence online.

From there, Jordan just won everyone over with his energy and with the idea of what he could be, if the show gave him the chance.

It was incredibly unfortunate to see all that potential tossed aside because The 100 suffered from too many ideas and too many new characters but not enough time for all of it to come together.

But if anything, that should have been a lesson left to learn before the final season, specifically which characters deserved more screentime to have their story told.

And yet regardless of what The 100 Season 7 will bring, at the finish line ,it is all about what Jordan created and meant. Even if we don't get to hear enough of his voice one last time, that doesn't take away from the 

What do you think of Jordan's journey during Season 6? Where would you like to see his story go in the final season?

Do you think there is hope that the show will do his legacy justice? How much do you think Harper (and Monty) are haunting their friends right now for not watching after their son?

What has been your favorite friendship for Jordan? Who would you like to see him interact with more? Should Jordan fans follow their heads or their hearts when it comes to the conclusion of The 100? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

The 100 Season 7 will be coming back May 20 2020, on The CW at 8 PM.

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