Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16 Review: The Haunting of Nancy Drew

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With an ending like that, Nancy Drew has proven to be a show that will never fail to surprise us.

Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16 was thrilling from beginning to end, with many mysteries unfolding and one huge, shocking reveal.

Just when you thought that Nancy's sleuthing with the Lucy Sable case was over, John Sander dropped a bomb right into her lap and turned her life upside down.

As it turns out, Nancy was solving a mystery that she did not even know needed to be solved in an amazing use of a misdirect by the writers.

Stalemate  - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

Nancy really isn't Nancy Drew, she's Nancy Sable.

Yes, that is right. Lucy Sable was Nancy's biological mother, making Ryan Hudson her father. Lucy gave birth the night she died and gave her baby to the Drews so that they could raise her.

Carson: Lucy's baby thrived. She grew up to be whip-smart and compassionate and kind and endlessly curious. And she loves solving mysteries.
Nancy: She's me. The baby is me.

I have many questions.

First of all, how did Lucy give birth all by herself? She truly must have been a warrior. And how were there no records of her pregnancy? Did nobody know that she was pregnant?

In any case, it made for a well done and shocking plot twist that has made us rethink the entirety of Nancy Drew Season 1, especially the scenes between Nancy and Ryan.

Ryan's Back - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

Carson Drew's secret has blown the series wide open, and right as you thought the season might go downhill after Lucy Sable's death was solved.

When Nancy revealed Lucy's suicide at Carson's evidentiary meeting, it was hard to predict just exactly where the show would take us.

The seemingly season-long mystery had been solved and there are still six episodes left, but Lucy's death was not the only thing that needed to be uncovered from that night.

Now, we get to see how Nancy will handle the truth of her real parentage, and if she will tell Ryan that he is her father.

Potential father-daughter scenes between Nancy and Ryan seemed like a bizarre concept before Carson's reveal, but now it is all we want.

Nancy and Ryan - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

Besides the big reveal at the end, what made this installment of Nancy Drew so great was its portrayal of classic detective work done by Nancy and her partner for the day, Ryan.

Nancy and Ryan jumped from one lead to another seamlessly, akin to any detective show.

Ace: Bone time.
John: It's pronounced forensic analysis.

They started at the ice cream shop -- Ryan and Lucy's spot -- and went from there. It was so fun to watch, and it was a tease of what Nancy Drew might look like if they decide to go down the route of having Nancy solve weekly mysteries.

Plus looking back at it now, it was great to see how amazing of a team Nancy and Ryan make when they are on the same side, instead of being opposing forces.

Hopefully we will get to see more father and daughter crime solving in the near future.

Last Chance - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

We also have to take into account the fact that Nancy was upset that she testified in court for Carson, and unknowingly kind of lied to a judge.

I highly doubt that Nancy would ever turn her father in, but it might cross her mind. And as we have seen on the show, the truth always has a way of revealing itself -- it is just a matter of time.

Maybe Carson will face some jail time after all.

But if anyone deserves to go to prison, it is Everett Hudson.

The Stand - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

Lucy received so much hatred and bullying from the people in Horseshoe Bay, and it is all because of Everett and his need to control his son's life.

Carson told Nancy that him and Katherine were not sure if Lucy jumped or slipped off that cliff. But all signs are pointing towards Lucy taking her own life.

Carson Drew did not kill Lucy Sable. She took her own life. And for twenty years, we told ourselves a story of a mysterious killer, when really the killer was us. This town. But I promise to remember the girl who lived, not the girl who died.

Underneath all the mystery solving and drama of Nancy Drew lies a very important message and a glimpse into our real world.

Bullying, no matter what kind or the reason behind it, is a toxic practice that kills people. We can all learn a little bit from this hour of television.

Lucy deserved so much better, as did Ryan. If only Ryan's father was not a manipulating and powerful prick, Lucy and Ryan could be living happily with their daughter. But not everyone gets a happy ending.

Smiles - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

Nick and George on the other hand are finally giving in to their feelings.

The two finally kissed and fans rejoiced everywhere. This unexpected duo has quickly become one of the best relationships on the show, and watching their feelings develop for one another has been a joy to watch.

Nick really does seem to be over Nancy, given his nonchalant reaction to her sleeping with Owen. Of course, their relationship might be revisited in the future, but for now Nick and George are thriving.

Yes, they spent most of the episode arguing, but who wants a boring relationship anyway?

It will be interesting to see Nick and George's relationship bloom as Nancy Drew continues because they tend to bring out the best in one another and are always challenging each other.

Work - Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 16

Am I the only one confused as to why there is a new detective assigned to the Tiffany Hudson murder case? Didn't Nancy solve that already?

At any rate, the detective, Abe Tamura, who is replacing Chief McGinnis is going to be trouble for the Drew Crew given he found one of Lucy's bones in The Claw's kitchen.

And since he was lurking outside the restaurant with the bagged bone in hand, it does not look like he has told his fellow police officers about his find.

Abe: Who are you?
Ace: We're the busboys.
John: I'm the senior busboy.

With all that Nancy has going on in her life right now, she is not going to be happy that another member of the law is going to be against her.

At least it provides another antagonist for the Drew Crew, leading to what is sure to be a lot of drama that all of us will love to watch.

What did you think Nancy Drew Fanatics?

How shocked were you by the reveal that Lucy and Ryan are Nancy's parents? Do you think Nancy will seek out a relationship with Ryan?

And are you excited that Nick and George finally kissed?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget that you can watch Nancy Drew online right here via TV Fanatic!

Nancy Drew airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

The Haunting of Nancy Drew Review

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Ace: Bone time.
John: It's pronounced forensic analysis.

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