Empire Season 6 Episode 15 Review: Love Me Still

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Weddings are supposed to be happy events, but Empire's track record has not been the best, with drama always ensuing. 

Empire Season 6 Episode 15 was no different, and it was satisfying that Cookie finally pieced the puzzle together before it was too late for Teri. 

Teri tried multiple times to let someone know something was not right with Andre, and it was Cookie she thought would save her from his darkness. 

Attending a Wedding - Empire

Andre successfully planned the whole day to make sure there was a slim chance of Teri evading his grasp, but there was no way he could outmaneuver Cookie. 

I appreciate that Empire wanted to highlight that there are signs to observe, but I wish she took Teri more seriously from the jump. 

Cookie Annoyed - Empire Season 6 Episode 15

Andre wanted the day to go without a hitch and keep up the facade that his life was perfect. From claiming the event was exclusive to the way he yelled at everyone who stepped out of line, he was too far gone. 

It's unclear whether anyone other than Quincy represented Teri's family at the event, but a little bit more exposition could have been used to illustrate that. 

Damon: Hold my balls.
Giselle: We have a problem, Damon.

Teri was alone, pushed against the wall and understood that both of her sons were in danger. Quincy more so because he didn't have a blood connection to Andre. 

It's hard to believe that Andre helped get Quincy out of jail, and now he's threatening to send him back, but it can be attributed to his mental health deteriorating. 

Andre tried to fight against the other personality, but for as much as he tried, Kingsley pushed back harder. 

Andre Grins - Empire Season 6 Episode 15

The violent outburst to close out the hour was the culmination of everything Andre was feeling. Destroying the exquisite wedding venue was terrible, but it was better that than an innocent bystander feeling the brunt of his rage. 

Cookie and Lucious may have been at odds, but I'm glad they came together in Andre's time of need. There was something amiss with him for a while, and I dare say this will bring the entire family back together. 

Cookie: To the new first couple of Empire. Come on, honey.
Teri: Uh, you'll have to excuse me. I'm not feeling very well.
Cookie: Oh, is she pregnant again? I would be so happy if she is pregnant again.
Hakeem: She tripping.

Well, except Jamal. He's too busy adopting a kid in Nairobi to attend his brother's wedding. 

But back to Cookie and Lucious. Even though their relationship always becomes toxic, the writers seem to want to put them back together, and I feel that's the direction we're headed here. 

Teri Tears Up - Empire Season 6 Episode 15

It's unfortunate because they have started to work better when separated, but with five episodes left, there has to be some sort of wrap-up for them. 

Cookie seemed unconcerned that Lucious and Yana were a thing again, and she could either be playing that up, or she genuinely doesn't care. But the Andre scenario is going to get them closer together. 

There's no question about that. 

Giselle's career imploding was not surprising. The only surprising aspect was that it happened so soon. She was untrustworthy and hiding things from the other two women at the wheel of the company. 

Cookie is a tough nut to crack, and that's why she saw through Giselle's attempts to clean Damon's money. When Cookie smells something rotten, she will get rid of it without a second thought. 

Cookie Unimpressed - Empire Season 6 Episode 15

She did 17 years already and is not ready to allow another company she works with to become corrupt to the point the feds start circling like sharks. 

The company was supposed to be a clean break for Cookie, but I'm surprised Becky ultimately sided with her.

Giselle and Becky have been working together for a while, but now their friendship is over. 

Andre: Let's lay some ground rules for the ceremony, shall we?
Lucious: Ground rules?
Andre: There will be no foolishness or Lyon nonsense of any kind. This is our day. And we will not be upstaged, right honey?
Lucious: What do you mean upstaged?
Hakeem: Yeah, like when you married Anika -- at my wedding!

I loved that Cookie shot Damon in the leg to get him back for what he did to her and is now doing to the company. She's not to be messed with, and she wanted to make him aware of that. 

Unfortunately, things for Giselle don't look good. Damon is not going to allow her to get away without giving all of his money back. 

There's no way Damon killed Giselle when he attacked her. That wouldn't allow him to get his money, would it? 

Cookie and Lucious at the Wedding - Empire Season 6 Episode 15

It's likely Giselle will be forced to try get back in the good graces of her Bossy Media friends to scheme some more. Whether she will be successful, I don't know. 

But "Love Me Still" expanded the pool of suspects in the Cookie and Lucious murder mystery, and that's always a good thing. 

For the first time since the series returned from its midseason hiatus, we are getting somewhere. All of the plots felt relevant to the overall arc of the season. 

Cookie's one-liners were on fire for the first time in ages, and it felt a little jarring because of how terrible they've been for a while. 

At least I know have a bit of hope that the series will wrap with some important developments. 

Giselle and Damon - Empire Season 6 Episode 15

What did you think of the wedding? Will Andre give in and go to the hospital? What will become of Giselle?

Hit the comments below and share your thoughts.

Empire continues Tuesdays at 9/8c on FOX. 

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Love Me Still Review

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Empire Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Girl, you're lucky I don't snatch your wig ... and your edges!


Andre: Let's lay some ground rules for the ceremony, shall we?
Lucious: Ground rules?
Andre: There will be no foolishness or Lyon nonsense of any kind. This is our day. And we will not be upstaged, right honey?
Lucious: What do you mean upstaged?
Hakeem: Yeah, like when you married Anika -- at my wedding!