All American Season 2 Finale Review: Decisions

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Just when things were all coming together, they started unraveling again.

Spencer's big announcement wasn't the only surprise on All American Season 2 Episode 16.

It was just the most shocking one.

Hail Mary - All American

But almost everyone was making big plans for the summer in this season finale.

Spencer went through a lot on All American Season 2: Corey's death, leaving and returning to football, getting shot. But he still came out on top.

Graveside Talk - All American Season 2 Episode 16

But the biggest challenge showed up this episode, as a new superintendent decided to turn South Crenshaw into a magnet school, to help gentrify the neighborhood.

That worked out really well for the locals when "Crenshaw Cathy" took over the fro-yo shop back on All American Season 2 Episode 9.

When Darnell brought Spencer up to date on that news, Spencer got indignant and got involved, even though he was no longer a student there. 

South Crenshaw was part of the culture, and the change would still affect his friends and family.

A sit-in fizzled out when the superintendent heard about it and brought in police.

Rally Cry - All American Season 2 Episode 16

That left a public rally, at the same time as Spencer's Beverly Hills football gala. That Carter crashed, long enough to condescend to those in attendance that he knew what was best for South Crenshaw.

Spencer won the showdown at the school board meeting with his dramatic gesture of transferring back to South Crenshaw for his senior year. That bought the school one more year, anyway.

At least he found the perfect partner in crime to resurrect the South Crenshaw program -- Billy.

Even though the team's insurrection got rid of Cliff on All American Season 2 Episode 11, Billy still wasn't safe.

The boosters and Athletic Director Hart wanted someone they could control as the football coach, and that certainly wasn't Billy. Nor did he want to be that kind of coach.

Coaching Career - All American Season 2 Episode 16

So he chooses the perfect moment to resign -- right in the middle of the football gala. That played a role in Spencer's decision to move home and set the wheels in motion for Billy's return to South Crenshaw.

Since the beginning of their partnership, Billy has tried to be a surrogate father to Spencer. When it came to football, he'd been there and done that, and had plenty of wisdom to offer an up-and-coming player such as Spencer.

Giving Spencer the framed uniforms of Corey and Spencer, Billy planted the seed for what came later.

Billy going back to coach at Billy Baker Field was an obvious move. The surprise was Spencer coming with him.

Sure, Spencer couldn't offer the job to Billy. But who at South Crenshaw was going to turn either of them down?

Football on Hold - All American Season 2 Episode 16

It will be interesting to see how things work out on All American Season 3 when the action turns back to football, especially if Spencer's shoulder injury is flaring up again.

With Spencer and Darnell at quarterback, South Crenshaw should be formidable. Beverly High led by Jordan and Asher, with some puppet coach, not so much.

But a lot could change over the summer.

Spencer also saved Olivia from doing something stupid. She couldn't reach her sponsor and felt abandoned and all alone. Then her big "brother" arrived to save her from herself.

Yes, Olivia has had a trying offseason: her parents separating, her mother becoming district attorney, Asher getting on steroids until she called him on it, Spencer getting shot while protecting her, splitting from Asher.

On The Edge - All American Season 2 Episode 16

Still, she was making the right calls: Joining SoLa Muse, saving Asher from himself, starting a social-justice podcast.

She had it together, offering sage advice to others. Maybe that's why her problems flew under everyone else's radar.

Except for Spencer. That's why he left the South Crenshaw celebration to be with her.

Asher's not right for Olivia and Layla will continue to be a lot of work for Spencer. Maybe Spencer and Olivia will get together since they're not really brother and sister.

Plus she's the only one right now who knows about his secret injury complication.

Fatherly Talk - All American Season 2 Episode 16

Layla does seem to have her shit together now, managing Coop's budding career.

She came up with an ingenious solution to get J.P. back on the road where he's happiest and Coop on tour. We'll see if the stress of being on tour is the right place for someone recently out of rehab.

Coop is finally getting a chance to make her mark in music, and life is good. But now Tyrone's scripture-spouting sister has turned up for revenge against those she blames for his death.

Asher is off to make peace with Gwen. Which begs the question: Should a recovering addict be out on the road with only an absentee mother to watch out for him?

If Asher transfers before senior year, would it truly be the end of the world?

Summer Option - All American Season 2 Episode 16

Finally, as dense as Jordan can be, he and Simone got on the same page. She tried to stay out of his life to make it simpler but he just wouldn't give up on her.

Once again, it was up to Spencer to spell things out for Jordan. Why would a girl who didn't care for Jordan take the time to create a flash drive of his greatest plays?

At least someone got a sure happy ending. But there's still the baby's fate to consider.

Nope, very little got tied up in this finale. But no one is in immediate danger so let's consider that a win.

Helpful Friend - All American Season 2 Episode 16

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How did you enjoy the finale?

Did you see Spencer and Billy's moves to South Crenshaw coming?

Whose storyline did you enjoy most this season?

Comment below.

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All American Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Billy: My moving out is what's best for the family. Right, Laura?
Laura: Yeah, right.

J.P.: Normal's good?
Layla: Normal's great.