The 100 Season 7: Everything From Unity Days 2020!

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Earlier last month, The 100 fandom got together in Vancouver for Unity Days 2020 to celebrate the final season of the show and to enjoy the fan-created convention once again. 

With the final season still filming, there wasn't much that could be shared by the cast. In fact, everything has been very secret this time around, and we haven't even gotten a premiere date or the promise of a potential trailer.

But that is the appeal of a convention, to give fans and cast members the chance to see one another and reflect on the legacy of the show together. 


That is exactly what happened from January 24th through January 26th, with fans and the cast alike spending the weekend together talking about their love for the show and their excitement for The 100 Season 7.

Cast members in attendance included Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), Chuku Modu (Gabriel Santiago), Shannon Kook (Jordan Green), Sara Thompson (Josephine Lightbourne), JR Bourne (Russell Lightbourne), and Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes).

Also Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Tati Gabrielle (Gaia), Luisa d'Oliveira (Emori), Sachin Sahel (Jackson), Tasya Teles (Echo), Lola Flanery (Madi Griffin), Shelby Flannery (Hope Diyoza), Chelsey Reist (Harper), Jessica Harmon (Niylah), and Jarod Joseph (Miller) were there. 

Lee Majdoub, who will be playing Nelson for The 100 Season 7 also made an appearance throughout the weekend for fans who may have spotted his familiar presence. 


They were all part of the panels at Unity Days, with the fans and returning moderator Jo Garfein asking them questions about The 100. There were teases and even possible answers that offered enough to speculate endlessly.

And that is before we mention that Tasya debuted her new short hairstyle and that Bob shaved his facial hair. 

Maybe it is a sign of the storyline during Season 7. Or maybe this is a sign that certain characters have died already. Or maybe none of it is true, and we know nothing.

The 100 Season 7 News

When describing Season 7 in one word, these were the suggestions: ambitious, insane, and it has "a vibe."

The same treatment was offered to characters during Season 7 and what three words could describe them.

For Gabriel, he is finding himself while Hope will be twisted and wicked. Echo has never been more stressed apparently, all while Murphy is trying his best. Meanwhile, Jordan is questioning his humanity and Raven is represented by karma being a bitch. 


Shannon Kook got honest when it came to Jordan's state of mind, some of which you could read about in our exclusive interview with him.

He explained that Jordan was upset when he was talking to Bellamy during The 100 Season 6 Episode 13. It was a combination of meeting his idols and being disappointed in humanity.

Jordan grew with his own ideals, but the events made him question whether he was honoring his parents.

That would make sense considering Jordan didn't get the attention many fans expected him, and while it could be a reflection of the writers' room making that choice, it could also speak to something larger.

Maybe Jordan represented the fans' expectation of better of the main characters and disappointing all of us by not being there for Jordan.


On a little bit of a brighter note, Lola brought up that she would like Madi to share more scenes with Picasso.

If Jordan could get in on that, it would be the absolute best scene of the season. Both of those characters ended The 100 Season 6 with lost innocence. They looked like they were struggling internally, so Picasso would be the best distraction before their next heavy adventure.

Shelby couldn't say much about Hope for obvious reasons, but it sounds like there will be many difficult decisions to make. Knowing The 100 for six seasons, that isn't shocking but very much expected. 

It also sounds like Shelby had a lot of stuntwork to train for, which might give us hints of something. At the very least, Hope won't be spending her time sitting down.

It could also be a hint of how much time the audience will spend in the Anomaly. There still needs to be an explanation for the connection between Octavia and Hope.


The topic of isolation also came up, at least when it came to the Primes left on Sanctum. Chuku mentioned that Gabriel is all alone and not really part of any group. Chuku is interested in seeing where Gabriel may end up and where he fits in.

Chuku also dug into the Anomaly and what it means for Gabriel, which we spoke about during his interview with us as well.

Gabriel was definitely obsessed with the Anomaly, and seeing Hope come back and stab Octavia means he will continue to have that interest. It could open up a whole new chapter for him as we gear for the characters' last journey.

JR added to that by mentioning that Russell no longer has his family or his status. That's combined with the fact that he didn't actually think he was doing anything wrong during The 100 Season 6


And it isn't just about how the external loss, it is how he deals with internal loss and identity, as well.

Tati touched on Gaia's story in relation to saving Madi by letting go of the flame and what it held in it. It has to throw Gaia's faith up in the air, and Tati did say that it is reframing Gai's whole life. Her faith was her everything.

There is an enormous loss of self, and Gaia is focused on reframing that. She will also be trying to find her purpose in a world that doesn't have a Commander. She will be hoping to help in this new world to feel needed and be part of it.


JR Bourne mentioned that even if it feels like each character's journey is different, they all mirror a storyline of loss. 

In terms of relationships, Lindsey touched on where Raven and Clarke would find themselves after last season.

She mentioned it during our interview with her, but at Unity Days, she specified there is no way they won't reconcile. They've always had a complicated and rich bond. As tragic as it was, Abby's death might be what will get Clarke and Raven back into each other's lives. 

Speaking of Abby's death, other cast members mentioned how their characters will deal with that loss. Murphy will be affected by it, and Jackson will never be the same. Lindsey also added that, for Raven, it will be one of the most difficult things.


Now in terms of the ending, the cast couldn't actually say if it was going to be satisfying to fans or not. They don't know the ending yet, but so far, there have been lots of twists and turns. 

Lindsey Morgan said that Season 7 will answer a lot of questions and will tie up many journeys. Raven, specifically, is in a deep place of evolution, and the best is yet to come for her. 

In a more exciting conversation, the cast mentioned what their ideal endings would be for their characters.

JR would love for Russell to get back Sanctum and his family. Tati could see Gaia dying for her faith. Jarod would still like for Miller to have his chicken farm, and Jessica actually wants something similar for Niylah in the form of peace and quiet. 


And going into speculation, the cast shared with whom they'd like to share new scenes. Now, this doesn't mean anything, but it also might be an indicator of which characters don't share scenes in Season 7.

Lee wanted scenes between Nelson and Indra in the final season. Meanwhile, Lindsey mentioned that she wished Raven shared scenes with Russell. 

It might not be much, but it could also be a sneak peek at storyline structure, especially with a focus on which character is connected with which plotline. 

Stray Highlights

  • Getting to moderate (and be part of) The Reviewers Panel for the third time in a row was a wonderful tradition.

    Speaking with April Morris, Shannon Mizkoski, and Gabriela Orsini about their coverage of the show and their experience with fandom throughout the years. And getting to engage with fans was just the icing on the cake. 

  • JR Bourne's planned auction during the Saturday Closing Panel kindly became a fundraiser for Australia Red Cross and the Country Fire Authority Bushfire Appeal.

    There was $7300 raised altogether, all thanks to the extremely selfless and kind fans named Megan and Tara. Each one of them ended up receiving a signed The 100 Season 7 jacket.

    It was this kind of moment during the weekend that was a reminder of how kind and giving The 100 fandom continues to be.

  • There was a surprise appearance by one of my favorite people: Blythe Ann Johnson. In case you aren't familiar with this lovely human, you should be; she has been an assistant on The 100.

    But in even more exciting news, she will be a writer for Season 7. Her debut episode will presumably be The 100 Season 7 Episode 12, and we are already considering it a favorite at TV Fanatic. 

  • As for panel coverage, there would be no real way to keep up with everything that got revealed during the convention if it wasn't for the incredible updates courtesy of Jo from May We Geek Again, a podcast dedicated to covering The 100.

    This wonderful human meticulously kept up with significant quotes and information that was shared, allowing fans not attending the convention to feel like they were there. 

  • Getting to relive the memories of a convention is always half the fun, which is why Devan Head's incredible photos from the event were so appreciated by the fans.

    There were over 700 photos captured from all three days of Unity Days, and every single one was filled with love by the people in them and the photographer behind them.

Looking forward, the only other news that can be shared is all regarding the backdoor pilot for the prequel.

Jason Rothenberg confirmed that is was being filmed, which would make it The 100 Season 7 Episode 13, for fans keeping count. It also had the name Anaconda, which Jason denied. So the assumption is that the series itself might not be called Anaconda, but the episode itself probably will be.

There has also been some casting announced, with two of the characters presumably the leads of the potential show if it is picked up to series. 

As for The 100, for now, there isn't much unless you count rumors and various convention quotes. So while we wait, we speculate. Let us know in the comments section what you think will happen or would like to see happen during the final season.

The 100 returns (presumably) on Tuesdays in April at 9/8c on The CW.

Stick around TV Fanatic for more features, slideshows, episode previews, and reviews of the upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure

Yana Grebenyuk was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in April 2021.

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