Good Girls Round Table: A Reunion of Sorts

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That was one hell of a cliffhanger. 

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2 left us with the reunion we have been waiting for, and there are so many emotions to unpack. 

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Lizzy Buczak, Jasmine Blu, and Whitney Evans as they discuss the hour. 

Good Girls Round Table

Was Beth's decision to bring in the mover to help clean the cash a good idea?

Meaghan: It was a terrible idea. It was way too impulsive. She does not have the type of street cred that Rio does to prevent people from trying to screw her over like this guy tried to.

She is just lucky that her Karen "I want to speak to your manager" act worked out in her favor. It could have gone very wrong. I will give it to her though she definitely has balls.

Lizzy: Agree with Meaghan that she does not have the street cred, but you can't fault the girl for trying. I'll admit, I was impressed with how she handled it. It's one of the reasons we all love Beth so much despite her naive approach to the biz.

Ruby Wonders What's Going On - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Jasmine: I guess we wouldn't have a quality show if Beth didn't do the dumbest stuff imaginable. It was such a terrible idea, the absolute worst. She's too big for her breeches and doesn't think about her life of crime entails.

She has zero street connections or cred, and she hasn't even been able to rely on claiming she killed someone like Rio. But I loved the awareness of Beth playing the Suburban Soccer Mom card, knowing that it's where she's most effective and dangerous.

Whitney: It was one of the worst decisions she’s made, and that’s saying something for Beth. She continuously underestimates everyone around her, and she puts herself, and her family and friends, into these potentially catastrophic situations.

It’s frustrating, but like Jasmine said, without the ridiculousness, there’s no show, so we have to accept it.

Puzzled Annie - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Annie is seeing a therapist now, and they seemed to have some chemistry. Where do you think this storyline is headed?

Meaghan: I love Rob Heaps, so I'm definitely not mad about this storyline. However, as we discussed last week, Annie needs some time by herself.

She has relied too heavily on men throughout Good Girls and needs to learn how to be independent. I guess if anyone is going to bring out the best in her, it is going to be a therapist, though.

Lizzy: Oh, boy. Annie just loves to make really, really, really bad decisions, doesn't she? I'm going to assume they're going to sleep together, and it doesn't need to be said, but I'll say it anyway -- sleeping with your therapist is never a good thing.

I do hope she approaches therapy seriously because she is a character that could benefit from it, especially if someone else is paying for it!

Jasmine: The majority of Annie's poor decisions stem from her hoo-ha. I say it from a place of love, unlike her judgmental ex and his wife blaming their marital issues on Annie.

I'm amused at Annie seeing a child therapist, it's reminiscent to Malcolm on Prodigal Son, but she's going to end up sleeping with him, and you don't sleep with your therapist. C'mon, Annie.

Whitney: Rob Heaps is in Dare Me, another Sunday night show that I cover, and the two characters could not be more different. It’s so bizarre.

Solemn Beth - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

But I digress, he and Annie have a great rapport, which is nice to have with a therapist, but that’s where it should end. Will it, though? My money is on no, and I’m not a fan.

Should Ruby come clean to Stan about getting back into the money-making business?

Meaghan: Absolutely. Stan has accepted her shady dealings in the past, and he will again. If she lies to him about it and he finds out, though, I don't think that he will forgive her for that. He deserves to know what kind of risks are coming at his family.

Lizzy: I second what Meaghan said. Stan may have been upset when he found out initially, but he's always accepted and supported her. He's even done his fair share of shady things. They both seem to be down to do what's necessary to survive. If we had to bring a husband into the business, it would be Stan over Dean any day.

Stan Speaks Back - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Jasmine: Ruby needs to tell Stan. It's better when Stan knows what the heck is going on. He deserves the truth. It won't end well if he finds out she's lying, and they're the healthiest romantic relationship on this series. We need that.

Whitney: I just want Ruby and Stan to be the amazing team we know they can be, and for that to happen, Ruby couldn’t be lying to him. They need to be on the same page, and they need to communicate because their relationship is such goals. 

Beth and Rhea were getting pretty close. Do you think their friendship can ever be repaired?

Meaghan: I think so. Rio is no saint, and Rhea knows that. I think it will take some time, but Beth genuinely loved their friendship, and if she shows Rhea that it was real on her end, then Rhea should be able to get past the initial deceit.

I'm still holding out hope that Rhea becomes the newest Good Girl.

Lizzy: Is it friendship, though? Is it really? Or is Rhea playing her? It could go either way, but if Rhea isn't involved in the biz, having been with Rio, I doubt she'd get messed up in it now.

I guess there's a chance Beth will reach out to her for support. If there's anyone who understands the danger she's in, it's Rhea.

Jasmine: I'm still not sure it's just a friendship either, Lizzy. I can definitely see Rhea playing Beth. But if she wasn't, it might be an issue where Beth deceived her for so long, and Rhea has an issue getting over that.

All Smiles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Whitney: I would be shocked if it turned out that Rhea had been playing Beth from the jump. We haven’t seen much of them together, but I thought their friendship seemed genuine.

And more than anything, it caught Beth off guard how much she enjoyed Rhea’s company. I’m not sure they can get back to that because too much has happened, but I hope so.

Beth and Rio came face-to-face. How do you think the rest of their reunion will go?

Meaghan: Is bad to assume it will end with sex in the bathroom? I mean it wouldn't be the first time. I'm sure that Rio will need a little time to get over the whole shooting-him thing, but before they know it, they will be back to their old love/hate relationship.

Less Than Impressed Annie - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Beth can't deny that they need Rio's help and his contacts to help move their counterfeit funds.

Lizzy: Well, the hard part is over, right? I don't know what he will do to her, but killing her seems out of the question because of their feelings for each other.

Rio's been out of the game for so long that I think he'll have no choice but to align with Beth once he sees that she's continued on this life of crime without him.

Jasmine: Everything about that moment was delicious. I think sex isn't off the table at some point, and I don't even want to unpack how effed up that is, but I mostly think Rio is going to get a kick out of toying with Beth. The mental games are more effective and fun than simply killing her.

Ruby Reacts - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

I also think a part of him probably respects Beth for having the guts to shoot him. And yeah, it might be mutually beneficial if they worked tight again and had a power battle at the same time. Beth took a shot too soon without knowing all the ends and outs, and Rio has gone off-grid for too long.

Whitney: Rio is such a wildcard, and he’s going to keep it cool, calm, and collected in public. I don’t think things will end with them in the bathroom, but I do think Beth will be grasping at straws to try and explain why she did what she did and begging to stay alive.

There’s more to Good Girls then Beth and Rio, but I’m most looking forward to seeing how their storyline plays out this season.

What was your favorite moment or scene from the episode?

Looking Up - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Meaghan: It was such a small moment, but I loved Annie pouring out one for the homies at the crime scene. I was laughing like a maniac at her doing it and then Ruby's reaction to her doing it. This show is just so well written.

Lizzy: All of it? I kid. I really liked that they made us think Rio would be the one knocking on Beth's door, but then made us wait until the very last minute. The show is so good at surprising and shocking us!

Also, the way everything else was muted and Beth heard ringing when she realized Rio was alive added to the dramatic effect.

Jasmine: I loved the reunion. But I also loved how Ben was so over the adult drama at the dinner table and escaped to the bathroom and probably hit up the bartender for a Shirley Temple.

Laughs At Breakfast - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2

Ben is the most mature person in the entire family. On that note, I liked it when Annie realized that she does, in fact, use her child as a therapist.

Whitney: The way Annie was shooting daggers at Gregg across the table, and he was struggling even to formulate a sentence was laugh out loud funny.

I also enjoyed Annie and Dr. Cohen sitting on the bean bags for their session.

Okay, guys, now it's your turn to join us in the comments! 

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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Nancy: And Dr. Cohen mentioned that you could possibly play a role in our healing.
Annie: Ew.
Gregg: Well, that's not really what he said exactly.
Nancy: Well, honey, he did say that she's the reason that you slipped up.
Annie: Excuse me?

Ruby: I hate how good we are at this.
Stan: I know. Bill roulette.