Deputy Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Entitlements

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A horrifying situation for West Hollywood turns out to be an advantage for Bill.

Jerry and Bill have conflicting views on many things, but when it comes to helping the disenfranchises or the well-to-do, the gulf between them seems enormous.

But on Deputy Season 1 Episode 9, Jerry didn't count on Bill's ability bridge the divide between the haves and have nots, and his campaign took a hit.

Standing Before Jerry - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

Is there any more frightening scenario than being home alone during a home invasion?

Your privacy, your safe space getting defiled, is bad enough if it happens while you're not home. But if you're there, it's ridiculously confusing (as if you're in an alternate reality, really) and would destroy your faith in your home and your safety.

When the poor woman was hiding in the closet talking to 9-1-1, all that kept running through my mind was that the sound of the operator's voice was too loud! When I hear to stay on the line in those situations, I have to wonder if I'd do it or be too afraid I'd get spotted by the sound from the phone.

Jerry was all over the havoc in West Hollywood because he is always in pursuit of donors. He sees big money and thinks he can finagle some of it into his pocket or the pockets of the county.

Addressing the Community - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

But Jerry is such a poor representative of the department and so inept at understanding people that he missed the signs right in front of him.

You've got a real talent for missing the big picture, Jerry.


Bill wasn't going to support Jerry's run for sheriff, but he was going to protect the people under his jurisdiction whether they have money or not. His expectations for those with money might be a little bigger, but in return, he'll through all of his might into ensuring their safety.

Bill doesn't treat any particular group as more deserving than another, and he doesn't talk to them differently, either. He has expectations of those in his care as much as he does those he employes to care for them.

Bill spoke with the West Hollywood group honestly and openly and with respect. In return, he received their respect. That's something Jerry doesn't understand. He'll butter up those he feels are more deserving, and he'll speak down (or ignore) those he doesn't deem as deserving.

Bill In the Hot Seat Again - Deputy

Since most people want to deal with a straight shooter and evade game playing, Bill handily scooped up the support of the West Hollywood mayor. He could have kept it to himself, but in the same line of openness and honesty, he dropped that nugget at Jerry's feet.

It's got to be tearing Jerry to pieces wondering if Bill will run or not. But with every wrong move he makes, Jerry pushes Bill closer to the race.

Bill sees how little Jerry understands about the political waters even as Jerry sings his own praises. The more Bill gets to know the citizens of LA County, the less he wants to saddle them with a poor sheriff.

It's hard to understand Jerry's point of view when it came to the kids who were terrorizing their own community. Living in fear is terrible, and the last thing you want is someone who's willing to give the perpetrators a free pass.

Joseph Explores - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

Assuming that the majority of people are rule-following and interested in their children and their community, then it makes no sense to consider sparing the kids who flagrantly stole from them and then tossed their exploits online for bragging rights.

If these weren't the kids of prospective donors, would you be goin' easy on 'em? We are the people who draw the line, Jerry. If we don't enforce the laws for everyone, what's the damn point?


Why would you want a message to go to your own children or those of your neighbors that if you steal and murder, you'll get a pass because you're wealthy?

The parents of the perps can feel that way, and it might even be understandable if the kids were pilfering other groups instead of their own. But they were stealing eggs from inside their own chicken coop. So what would make the community feel safe again?

Not Jerry's ideas. On the other hand, when Bill addressed the press after the kids were caught, he sounded authoritative and in control, sure of how the community could move forward, and it included holding themselves and their kid accountable.

Some people rob out of desperation. Some to feed their habit. These kids, in particular, had money and status. Yet still, a hole grew inside of them. When people who have the most care the least, well, that's a bigger problem. One that we can't solve. So it's everybody's responsibility to teach our children what all this means and that we're in it together.


Charlie Leads the Way - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

But Jerry being Jerry can't fight fair, so he's holding information on Bill. Not just information, but dirt, apparently, that Charlie got on the computer during Deputy Season 1 Episode 8.

Somebody needs to tell me what the heck is going on in Charlie's mind. She spends every day with Joseph, who has the utmost faith in and a terrific relationship with Bill.

She's gotten a nod for her skill on the job by being assigned as Joseph's training officer. Only the best are asked to train others.

But instead of embracing Bill's leadership, she sides with a man who is asking her to do his dirty work. His tit for tat is a bribe.

Jerry Ponders His Situation - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

The only slight thing that works in her favor and my not writing her off completely is that she's gotten burned by management in the past, and she thinks Jerry as sheriff is a done deal since he's been, so far, running unopposed.

The look on her face after she delivered the goods to Jerry was the first indication she's having second thoughts about her double-dealing. She needs to come to her senses. She didn't get where she is by being an idiot, so hopefully, she'll see the error of her ways before she does something that will lead Bill never to forgive her.

Bill has the support of his family to run, even if it's still causing them a lot of anxiety.

Paula's mother made an appearance, and it seemed like she'd been around a lot more in the past and would be making a point of being around a lot more again.

Cade and Bishop Getting Briefed - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

That's good news because Abuela (did she have a name??) was a kick. She's intuitive and has a fun sense of humor.

It took her no time at all to assess what was going on with both her granddaughter (Maggie is dating a fella named Wyatt!) and her daughter. She could read the anxiety on Paula's face, and the way Paula called her mommy revealed how much of a comfort it is to have her back.

Paula learned how to be a good mother from an excellent teacher, and mom/Abuela brings a new and welcome dynamic to the already enviable Hollister family.

Another grandmother wasn't as welcome, though.

After a heartwarming visit to the OB/GYN that offered relief to Cade and Teresa about their growing baby, they received news that their future with Roberto and Camilla could be threatened.

An Uncomfortable Conversation - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

They may be overreacting to the news that their grandmother wants to visit. Shouldn't we assume that social services already reached out to her when the kids first found themselves without a home or family?

They don't put kids into the system lightly, and if they've already been vetted for adoption, then it's possible grandma just wants to be a part of their lives.

Adoption often means getting an extended family you never imagined you'd have, and wouldn't it be good for the kids to maintain a connection to their past?

I really hope that this is much ado about nothing for another one of my favorite little families on TV.

A Night On the Town - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

Family-man Cade even offered advice Bishop about her relationship with Genevieve. Never let something small cascade and snowball into something you can't get under.

Unfortunately, it seems like that ship might have already sailed.

Genevieve: I'm a lesbian. A woman who likes women. And if you're not a woman, then what does that mean for me, for us?
Bishop: Well, I can't tell you what it means for you. But for us, I know that I have to bring my whole self to this relationship.

I cannot pretend to understand what a non-binary person feels. But Bishop isn't trans, so it seems odd that Genevieve would act so violently toward Bishop's news.

As far as I can tell, being non-binary is an internal thing. Bishop isn't changing anything, right? Other than speaking their feeling aloud? Bishop has always been a little more masculine, but there's no indication that they'll be changing their body at all.

Bishop Tries to Explain - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

So what is the difference between a lesbian and a non-binary in this situation and in relation to their union?

It could be that Bishop just wanted to be accepted. You want the person you love to accept you no matter what, but it's not always that easy. Some changes prove bigger than anything someone can deal with. And one person's truth is just as important as the other.

Just so we're clear. I wanted your acceptance, but I didn't need your acceptance.


In this case, it seems like a label is coming between them more than anything else, as Genevieve didn't even allow Bishop to reveal what her pronouncement could mean to them. It didn't seem to get that far.

For all the heartbreak Bishop suffered, especially after a successful first day in a new position, there was light at the end of the tunnel when they reached out to Bill.

Bishop Deep In Thought - Deputy Season 1 Episode 9

Bishop got more straight-shooting from her boss and having acceptance at work is just as important as in your personal life.

Things will turn around for Bishop. It's just a shame that what they had seemed so ideal. It will be hard to acclimate to the West Coast without a partner, but something tells me that the Hollisters won't hesitate to welcome Bishop into their family.

It's another strong outing for Deputy!

The show grows in confidence and character development all the time.

Share your thoughts on the latest episode, and remember that you can watch Deputy online if you're late to the party. Hit the comments!

Entitlements Review

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You've got a real talent for missing the big picture, Jerry.


Don't get all sanctimonious, Jerry. Your face might get stuck that way.