Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Scorched Earth

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We were promised a death. And we got one.

Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7 took us to Regionals, where the ladies competed and the relationship between Addy and Beth crumbled.

Potentially for good.

Listen Up - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7

The squad rolls into Regionals ready to make a statement, and the girls don’t even seem that stressed.

Everyone but Addy that is.

While all the girls are getting into their shenanigans, she’s content to hang back and stay above the debauchery. And let's be real, she much prefers the company of Colette to pretty much anyone else.

Even though Addy and Beth have been on shaky ground for quite some time, they start the day off at Regionals in a good place.

Beth looks more at ease than she has in a while, and Addy even makes a commitment to spend time with her.

Face Off - Dare Me

But when Colette comes a calling, there’s just nowhere else Addy would rather be.

And it’s horrendous timing, as Beth could have used a friend after that disaster of a dinner with her parents.

Bert and Lana just don’t get it, do they?

Beth is a teenager who’s watched her family get blown up, her mother has ceased being a mother, and her father moved across the street to become a full-time parent to someone else.

It would be a lot for any adult to handle, and Beth is still a child.

Worried Michael - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7

When Bert is on, he’s on. And the dinner between the three of them was fun for a bit. But the reminiscing and laughter don’t make up for the fact that the dinner is just a fleeting moment in time.

Nothing will change in their everyday lives.

Bert running away to take care of Tacy reaffirms to Beth where she stands in the hierarchy of her family.

Once at the top of the heap and the only daughter, Tacy came along and stole not only the life she had but the love as well.

This is in no way excusing Bert or any of his actions, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that Bert isn’t evil, he’s just not smart. And he may feign ignorance to avoid having to confront the choices in his life.

From the outside, Beth presents as being much stronger than Tacy, so perhaps that’s why he feels a greater need to parent her. Either way, Beth is in an impossible situation that often leaves her feeling completely and utterly alone.

Addy filled that void for a long time, but she’s not there anymore. And it’s easy to say that Beth being Beth pushed Addy away, but it certainly feels like Colette stole her.

As the series progresses, Colette’s actions are becoming clearer and clearer. She’s been preying on Addy from the start.

Looking Back - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7

She has been forging this relationship with a pupil, who looks up to her and respects her, and using that influence to get Addy to lie and protect her.

It becomes very evident what's going on during the closing minutes of the hour when Colette calls Addy for help.

Colette’s decision to ghost Will wasn’t going over well with Will. And did she think it would?

Colette: There are feelings that last. And then there are feelings that just rip through you. Matt and I, we've always been connected. I was spinning when I met him. He grounded me. And now we have Madison and she needs us. But then, we moved here and it was so hard and then there was Will. And my heart caught in my throat. It was like a movie. You know all those things that they say that you'll feel. I thought that was what I needed.
Addy: Needed. But you don't anymore.

Will and Colette’s affair was intense, and it went from zero to sixty and back to zero in an instance. It left Will reeling, and Colette knew that.

I don’t think she entered the situation meaning to hurt Will, but that’s what ended up happening. And ignoring it and trying to avoid Will just made things worse.

Mother Knows Best - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7

When Will showed up at her home during Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6, that was absolute rock bottom. Instead of sleeping with him, she should have sent him home and then tried to have an adult conversation with him when he sobered up.

It’s possible that doesn’t change a thing, but it was better than what happened.

Colette makes terrible decisions daily though, and the story of her and Will has effectively ended now that he’s dead.

There were only so many people who could have died, so his death isn’t a shock. But we have no information about what happened.

Colette phones a teenager to the scene of the crime and the screen fades to black.

Did Colette kill Will? Or was he already dead when she arrived?

The answers to these questions will hopefully come at a later time, but right now it certainly feels like Colette did something she can’t take back, and she needs Addy to help her clean up the mess.

Just another example of Colette using Addy for protection.

I never thought I’d say the words, but Beth was right all along.

Frantic Colette - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7

Odds and Ends

  • This show loves to tease things and then make us wait forever and a day to find out more. We learned nothing else about Colette’s car accident and what the heck happened at cheer camp? Let’s just add those to the list after what happened to Will’s wife?
  • The girls are headed to states! How exciting for them.
  • Everything happens for a reason, so it’s safe to assume that the strange noises coming from the empty apartment across from Will will make more sense in the future.
Scared Addy - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 7

With three episodes left this season, things are sure to be ramping up in Sutton Grove.

What do you think happened to Will?

Do you think Colette is using Addy?

What will Beth do now that she’s lost Addy?

Leave your comments down below. And watch Dare Me online right this minute so you can join the conversation. 

Scorched Earth Review

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