Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Code Red

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Will the real Colette French please stand up?

It’s been easy to feel sympathy for the young wife and mother who carries the world on her shoulders, there’s something else brewing inside of her that is far from meek and overwhelmed.

And it was on full display during Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6 when Colette’s motives were called into question.

Angry Addy - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6

Beth has been suspicious of Colette from the start, and while it just seemed like a jealousy thing rooted in issues far deeper than Beth can even understand, the more we peer into Colette the more suspicious she becomes.

Her relationship with Addy is all kinds of wrong, and the decisions she’s making in regards to Will are puzzling at best.

Realizing that maybe you shouldn’t be having an affair with your old high school fling was the right decision, but there has been no communication on Colette’s part.

She’s left him high and dry with no explanation, and given the sadness that pervades Will’s life every time he's alone in that dark apartment, it makes sense that he begins to spiral.

A Challenger - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6

And he completely loses it when he sees the French family out for lunch.

Imagine being Will at that moment and seeing the woman you’re equal parts in love with and obsessed with looking happy and content with her husband and wife, while you’re day drinking and trying to convince men to join the military -- a cause you don’t even fully believe in.

Everything hits Will like a Mack truck, and he’s suddenly forced to confront his loneliness, and it leads him to drink more, fight Kurtz and even stalk Colette a bit.

Colette: This is my life that we're talking about.
Will: You are my life. That's it. That's all I have.

When he eventually ends up in Colette’s home, drunk and hovering over her daughter, you can see not only a man that’s broken but also a man that’s making sense.

His brief conversation with Addy was illuminating because it brought into focus some inconsistencies with Colette. The way she portrays herself to others isn’t necessarily the truth.

At Practice - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6

Yet both Will and Addy have fed into an image of Colette as a person who needs them.

They are both enamored of Colette and put her on a pedestal, but what about them?

Does Colette put either of them on a pedestal? Or better yet, does she need them, or are they merely there to serve a purpose at this particular time?

Will’s backstory hasn’t been explored nearly enough, but we know he had a wife in the past, and that in the present day, he appears to be utterly alone.

And Colette’s decision to sleep with him after he poured his heart out was a head-scratcher. She keeps leaving Will dangling by a thread, and it feels like the whole situation is going to end disastrously.

Beth was continuing to struggle after the events at the motel, and it got to the point where she was unable to sleep as vivid nightmares kept her awake.

Beth has done a 180 in terms of everything, and it’s pretty crazy no one can see that.

But then again we are talking about teenage girls, and the adults in Sutton Grove might be even more self-absorbed than the kids.

Her mother was observant enough to see that her heart was breaking but couldn’t muster up a few minutes to talk to Beth and get to the root of her heartbreak.

Her dreams are indicative of not just what happened with Kurtz, but also abandonment. She’s on top of the pyramid, and yet those supporting her fade away one by one.

Happy Mom - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6

First it was Bert, and now it’s Addy.

And it’s not Addy’s job to know what’s going on with Beth, especially if she won’t talk about it, but Addy has to see how different Beth has been.

Gone is much of the sarcasm that defined Beth, and her smile is non-existent.

This was another episode without any information about the blood oe the mysterious person who slams on Addy’s windshield.

At this point, it must be close to three months having passed by, so we should be getting pretty close to finding out what happened.

Tacy Gets Told - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6

There are quite a few possibilities at this point, with the most obvious being that someone kills Kurtz. He’s made a ton of enemies, and it’s wholly possible that Beth or Will ultimately take his life.

Or it could be Will or Matt that die by the others hand.

It feels like a twist is coming our way, and we’ve only got four more episodes to get to it.

Odds and Ends

  • JJ has a lot of nerve, and it was nice to see Matt standing up for Colette when she wasn’t there to stand up for herself.
  • Poor Riri. I'm not sure who thought having her sit on stage and watch over the girls while practicing was the best idea in the world.
Family Day - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6
  • Colette showed up with a busted car and a gash on her head. What the heck happened to her?
  • Two worlds collided when Lana and Beth came face to face. 
  • How is Tacy still on the team? I get it was a mistake, but it was a pretty damaging one. That said, what the girls did to her was not only unsanitary but dehumanizing. 
  • The amount of people drinking and driving in Sutton Grove is out of control. 

We should be getting closer to some answers, so I'm interested to hear what you guys think is coming up next! 

Mom Looks On - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6

What do you think will happen at Regionals?

Will Beth get honest with someone about what happened with Kurtz?

Will Colette cut things off with Will for good?

Drop me a line in the comments, and let me know all your thoughts. 

And remember you can watch Dare Me online via TV Fanatic anytime. 

Code Red Review

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Matt: You know that saying: never press a desperate foe.
Colette: Who's desperate here?
Matt: We all are.

We can point fingers. But blame is pointless. Blaming others, blaming yourself. It eliminates focus and focus is what we need to get back on track before regionals. If Riri comes back from the doctor today with a concussion, she's useless to us. But her misfortune will be someone else's opportunity to shine and take her spot.