Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13 Review: The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four

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The mission to save Lynn is a go! Jefferson has his team set and ready to fight on Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13.

Some of them aren't properly trained and a few of them are unpredictable with their powers. But, they've got the determination and drive to do whatever it takes to bring Lynn back home.

If they weren't facing a super-powerful metahuman like Gravedigger, this could've been an easy rescue mission. Thankfully, not even Gravedigger can stop heroes from saving the day!

The Outsiders - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

Even with the heartbreak of losing Lynn, Jefferson was able to pull himself together and lead a team. He respected everyone, made tough decisions, and listened to their concerns before acting for the group.

This is the noble and inspiring Jefferson that we've been missing for so long!

Forget all about those troubles with Blackbird and Agent Odell, this Jefferson banded together with his Outsiders and had his goals in mind.

I loved it when he stood up to Major Grey and boldly rejected her team's help. His team isn't the most experienced, but at least he can trust them all. Honesty and loyalty are more important in his books than brute force and power.

That decision paid off because The Outsiders dominated without any of the ASA's shady actions. Major Grey will have to stew in her failure at not getting the last word.

Bringing Lynn Home - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

Speaking of villains, Gravedigger was an enjoyable villain because he had a powerful ability, he alluded to an interesting backstory (that may never be revealed), and he was willing to compromise. Whereas the General would torture without remorse, Gravedigger would play mind games to get his goals.

Plus, having Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Masked Singer) as a villain played against his character type. Instead of a fun-loving and witty character, this villain was tough, manipulative, and dangerous.

It's a shame that his character got killed off. Gravedigger could've done more damage than the General would have, and Wayne Brady added personality to the diabolical leader.

Gravedigger - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

Khalil had a lot of baggage to overcome before he could help with the rescue mission. And even then, he still truly hasn't unpacked everything.

Painkiller did a lot of terrible things, including killing his mother against his will. That information isn't something that can easily be swept under the rug. So, it's a shame that Jennifer didn't respect that Khalil needed some healing space.

Sure, he ultimately joined the group, but that was after his own soul-searching and getting a chance to leave.

I wanna be the guy that saves people. Not the one that kills them.


Jennifer was kinda guilt-tripping him through their conversation. She made it about doing good and what she needed, even though he was very honest about his fears and mental state.

Helping Lynn and saving the world was the best decision for the greater good, but if it was at the expense of his own health, it wasn't the best direction for their conversation. At least Jefferson recognized the debate Khalil needed to make for his life.

Set To Kill - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

The battle between Khalil and Gravedigger was an interesting scene because it showed the duality between the characters. In a way, Gravedigger was the future that Khalil could've had if he was still Painkiller (but in his case, for the ASA).

Gravedigger: By the way you’re standing, you’re not all there. Biotics … lots of them. Not enough nervous system for me to push. Not enough sense to run. Clearly, you’re what they call a “millennial.”
Khalil: You talk too much.

Gravedigger saw a lot of himself in Khalil. You could hear it in his words, the way he fought, and how he assessed Khalil's skills through their fighting moves. They had a lot of similarities; Gravedigger respected that.

If Khalil had submitted, Gravedigger probably would've tried to train him for Markovia. Luckily, we don't have to deal with that plot retread and we have Khalil sticking around as an anti-hero!

Behind Enemy Lines - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

The same baggage can be said about Brandon. "Geo-Force" should've tackled his issues surrounding Dr. Jace BEFORE he got on the plane to go see her.

It's no wonder he failed every team simulation: his head was not in the game!

Gardner was acting a little shady by calling him the weak link, but he had a point. Brandon's lack of focus was putting all their lives at risk; Gardner's hesitation foreshadowed the trouble that was to come.

Brandon: Is your name Jace?
Dr. Jace: It is! What can I do for you?
Brandon: You can die, b****!
[Brandon uses his power to shake the earth]
Gardner: Stop! Brandon, stop! Stop!
[Gardner knocks him out]
Dr. Jace: Who the hell is that?!

I had some sympathy for him completing his revenge plot, but it stopped after he ran off on his own. That was a thoughtless and dangerous move, especially since they were in enemy territory.

He's lucky that his powers were stronger than the guards because he got ambushed pretty quickly after he took off. Plus, if it wasn't for Gardner, Brandon's powers could've brought down the house.

Baron - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

T.C. is the hero that gets the job done without any fuss.

He stopped the biggest betrayal before any of the others realized that danger was coming. That's not just skills, it's a talent.

I loved that his entire plot with Erika was merely a red-herring to stop Major Grey's chip.

T.C.: Remember when I touched her hair?
Gardner: I do remember that. It was kinda creepy; she thought so too.
T.C.: Well, when I touched her hair, I wasn’t trying to be romantic. I love a woman who can…
Jefferson: Get on with it, son.
T.C.: Well, I’ve seen the chip and figured it was bad, so I deactivated it. You’re welcome.

All of his actions were working toward something greater, and his casual indifference added a flair of fun when he dropped the truth. It felt reminiscent of a detective cracking the case of a murder-mystery.

This is the kind of twist that leaves your jaw dropped! All the foreshadowing and cliffhangers were handled by a force working in the background.

Good job, Black Lightning.

Tobias' DNA - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12

Lynn and Dr. Jace have developed this strange quasi-friendship. Dr. Jace may not fully understand emotions, but she's learned a skewed version of empathy for Lynn.

Don't get me wrong, none of the characters (as well as ourselves) should ever trust her. However, it's like her heart grew 0.03 sizes in this chapter.

Dr. Jace didn't want Lynn to take Glimmer and risk OD'ing in the process. Sure, much of it is due to Lynn's life being so closely tied to Dr. Jace's chances for survival, but that even spread to Lynn's genuine health and pleasantries.

They're a weird pair. On the other hand, it's a fascinating partnership as it develops new layers.

Thunder Returns - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

I'm ecstatic that The Outsiders saved Lynn without any bloodshed!

There were a few moments where the Markovians potentially had the upper hand in killing an ally or two (i.e. Khalil, Black Lightning), but the group made it through. And Lynn successfully put her own skills to the test to get herself out of danger.

Green Light and Glimmer aren't a match to the power of her mind. (Now, if only she uses that focus to get over her addiction.)

Thankfully, Lynn didn't have to stay behind in Markovia to save the others. That decision would've dragged on the plot too much, and the group already used up their resources to try the rescue mission once. This was their shot to free her from capture.

Black Lightning is moving forward and keeping the momentum going. With only a few episodes left on Black Lightning Season 3, there isn't any time to waste.

No Going Back - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

Last Thoughts Lightning Round:

  • Erika rejecting T.C. is so funny because it required few words. You knew exactly what was happening between them before T.C. realized the rejection.
  • Both Jennifer and Anissa were wrong in their decisions about Khalil/Painkiller. Jennifer was strong enough to hear the news of his return; however, she has to remember that Painkiller was a monster who would've killed her in a heartbeat.
  • I called it! Grace's powers came in handy during the mission.
  • Why did Tobias have to waste time to have his Scooby-Doo moment? Yes, he knows about Black Lightning's real identity, but during an escape was not the right time.
  • Jefferson's drunken monologue was a hilarious red-herring. Who else thought he was recording a video? Gambi's face appearing on screen made me audibly laugh.
Markovian Forces - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13

Now, over to you, Black Lightning fans!

What did you think of "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four"?

Will Brandon try to kill Dr. Jace again? What will Tobias do with his new information? Will the Markovians utilize their 94 pods, regardless of not having the metahuman stabilization cure?

If you missed the latest episode of Black Lightning, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments.

The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four Review

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Brandon: Is your name Jace?
Dr. Jace: It is! What can I do for you?
Brandon: You can die, b****!
[Brandon uses his power to shake the earth]
Gardner: Stop! Brandon, stop! Stop!
[Gardner knocks him out]
Dr. Jace: Who the hell is that?!

Gravedigger: By the way you’re standing, you’re not all there. Biotics … lots of them. Not enough nervous system for me to push. Not enough sense to run. Clearly, you’re what they call a “millennial.”
Khalil: You talk too much.