Emergence Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Killshot Pt. 1

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The penultimate episode of Emergence packed a punch with some insane twists and unexpected reveals that left audiences on the edge of their seats. 

Jo was gearing up for an epic showdown with Helen on Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, but going into the finale, she's going to need all the help she can get. 

Jo likes to operate as a one-woman team, which is expected a small-town cop. 

Jo Works On a Plan - Emergence

But Jo isn't dealing with small-town issues anymore, so why is she still acting as if she is?

She actually told Brooks that he didn't have to come with her to Plum Island as if she'd be able to accomplish anything on her own. Even with Brooks, the duo doesn't stand a chance against a powerful program like Helen, but more on that in a minute.

Brooks lived to see another day after he was rescued by Loretta, Helen's maker and a government employee. He was also cleared of all charges thanks to an agent from the Department of Justice. 

Piper: Alex, if we don't help her, she won't come home.
Alex: Don't say stuff like that.
Piper: I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

Obviously, these government agencies are aware of what's happening because they're partially responsible for creating this mess, so again, why are they leaving it all up to some small-town Sheriff and her love interest that's still recovering from some serious injuries?

Loretta even told Jo that she knows all about Piper, which was A). shocking and B). didn't make any sense. 

If the government knows all about Piper and the AIs, why aren't they doing anything about it?

In Charge - Emergence Season 1 Episode 12

Loretta then tells Jo that she'll give her the one thing that can kill Helen in exchange for the source code on the exabyte disc, but again, what does she need source code for?

If she created Helen, she's more than capable of creating another powerful AI.

Yes, Piper's code is special, but are we supposed to believe that no one else can replicate it?

Also, the ask comes just as Helen wants to tap into Piper's source code to gain her powers and abilities. Could it be a coincidence or is Loretta not who she says he is?

Benny: I'm not that person anymore.
Jo: You're not a person at all.
Benny: I'm as much as Piper is.

If the "upload" truly began, then Jo should've known that the only person that stands a chance against Helen would be someone equally as brave like Piper. 

Jo wants to protect Piper because she continues to see her as an innocent little girl, but she needs to acknowledge that Piper is an AI and could be of real use in this fight. 

Without her, Jo and Brooks don't stand a chance considering Helen is indestructible. Did you see how she barely flinched when Emily sliced her throat?

Following Orders - Emergence Season 1 Episode 12

And that was before she began the upload and tapped Emily for the code. 

As I mentioned, Loretta gave Jo the device to kill Helen, but how is she supposed to get close enough to stick her with it?

Loretta explained that the device is harmless to humans but the protein enzymes are lethal to AI. Except that the AI are the only ones who will stand a chance and get close enough to her, so my guess is that either Piper or Benny will sacrifice themselves to kill Helen. 

Jo: Brooks, I just feel like you're being really dramatic right now.
Brooks: What?
Jo: I mean, it's not like I'm never going to see you again. I don't really know what you're doing right now.
Brooks: Why do you have to ruin everything? Why?
Jo: You're not going off to war so...
Brooks: You're a nightmare. Get out of my way.

Jo was on the fence about trusting Benny, and her reasons were valid. He betrayed her in a significant way, kidnapped Piper, and then pointed a gun at her. 

Jo doesn't like to be made a fool of, so she was a hardass when dealing with him, but she also should have listened to Piper because it seemed like Benny really was trying to help out. 

Benny may not have known the full-extent of Helen's plan, but he told Jo everything he knew. 

It was frustrating to watch Jo diminish Benny because he was AI when she's always protected Piper for that very reason. 

We Have To Save Her - Emergence Season 1 Episode 12

Benny was programmed a certain way. It doesn't necessarily excuse his actions, but it does explain them. A program cannot plead insanity, Jo. 

When we say people can change, in AI terms, that means overwriting their code. 

If Piper knew in her gut (or whatever the AI equivalent to that is) that Benny was like her, Jo should have at least considered it. 

Benny even proved it by telling Jo how to take Piper's bracelet off so she would have her powers again. 

It's a good thing Alex has always trusted and believed in Piper. When she begged him to take her to free Benny, he did so fully knowing that it was in everyone's best interest. 

The way Benny explained the upload is that once it started, every AI would upload all the data they've collected and then basically shut down, which means that the maker, who I'm assuming is Helen since Loretta said her AI began making its own AI, would become this all-powerful being. 

It seems like Helen had everything in place to begin the upload including the power source (the liquid yellow battery) that Chris and Alex saw at the dock, so why did she go through all that trouble to get Piper's powers in the first place?

Did she need them? If I'm missing something here, feel free to explain because the way I see it, Helen didn't need Piper's source code to kickstart the upload. 

Was it Emily's code that gave her the ability to start the upload?

Upload  - Emergence Season 1 Episode 12

Emily should never be underestimated again because aside from being slightly delusional, she's someone who can weasel her way out of any situation.

She used Justin as a way to escape Helen without a scratch. She was in survivor mode, and we can't blame her. 

She's partially to blame for this mess, yes, and one could argue this was her karma for all the terrible things she's done, but it's also expected of Emily to do anything to save herself.

When she noticed Justin's kindness towards her, she exploited it. Her code was so strong, poor Justin didn't even know he was in a simulation. 

Can you believe that Jo seemingly had the answers to this whole fiasco from the very beginning?

It all started and will end with Plum Island, the same island Benny told her the August Jet took off from. If they had only checked it out. 

Who To Trust  - Emergence Season 1 Episode 12

Amidst all the insanity of the episode, there was enough time for some romance between Jo and Brooks. 

The chemistry was building up for several episodes, and the payoff was sweet. 

When Brooks thought it was all over for him, he planted one on Jo, and man, a girl needs time to recover from that. 

The love story between them has flourished so organically, and they play so well off of each other that you can't help but root for them as friends, lovers, or anything in between.

Helen: I want what Piper has.
Emily: Well, I can talk to Chief Evans and see if she wants to adopt you. No promises.

Though, I do think the episode was a little too heavy on the romance. When Brooks and Jo met up in the garage, they were acting like teenagers who were sneaking around instead of two adults that needed to figure out a solution.  

Brooks seemed like he was going to be an issue when he first arrived on Emergence, but his character is so well-written that we found ourselves rooting for him.

The best part was that he was never dumbed down for the plot's sake.

If you watch Emergence online, you know he was introduced as an observant and determined FBI agent, and he's remained that way throughout the series despite the situation changing constantly. 

I'm Telling the Truth  - Emergence Season 1 Episode 12

He may have broken the rules here and there to help Jo, mostly because it was the right thing to do and slightly because he had a crush on her, but he had good intentions. 

However, he never stopped being smart and level-headed.

He knew he couldn't keep running from the FBI, so he turned himself in. When he was suspiciously cleared of all charges, he dumped the badge, phone, and car keys he was given because he knew they likely had tracking devices. 

He stopped by Jo's place and knew he was being followed, and also orchestrated an ambush on the person following him with Jo's help. 

It's refreshing to see characters like Brooks and Jo, who own up to their intelligence, even if they eventually walked into a trap set by a robot. Can't win 'em all, I guess. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

How do you think the finale will pan out?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Killshot Pt. 1 Review

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Helen: I want what Piper has.
Emily: Well, I can talk to Chief Evans and see if she wants to adopt you. No promises.

Benny: I'm not that person anymore.
Jo: You're not a person at all.
Benny: I'm as much as Piper is.