The Expanse Season 4 Review: Out of This World

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We're opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities with The Expanse Season 4. 

As one of the shows to get a second chance at life after Syfy canceled it, all eyes are on it to assess whether it was worth being brought back. 

If you watch The Expanse online, you know The Expanse Season 3 wrapped with the possibility to travel to countless other solar systems. 

They're Back! - The Expanse

After watching the first half of the fourth season, I'm proud to report that there is not one wasted scene.

The Expanse already had a huge scale, but thanks to the increased budget that comes with being an Amazon Prime original, it has elevated the series to further heights.  

A Surprise Message - The Expanse

Defying the odds after cancellation is tough, but The Expanse is the little show that could. Like the fans, Amazon understood there was great value in continuing the series. 

It sucks when a show is cut short in its prime, and this space drama is bigger and bolder in its fourth season. 

The fabric of the show has changed as a result of the Sol Ring, allowing for new characters, foes, and locations to explore. 

Off the bat, it's clear the budget has been drastically increased. That's not a dig at the first three seasons. The show has always been easy on the eyes, but it's hard to imagine these new locations looking as beautiful if the show were still airing on Syfy. 

A New Location - The Expanse

Thanks to the Sol Ring, there is still unrest between the different factions, and it's made more difficult because of the new conflicts that have arisen as a result of all these new locations our heroes can explore. 

Holden is, once again, at the wheel of the story. Most of it revolves around him and his Rocinante friends, and that's a good thing. 

Even though he's been ruled a celebrity, a traitor, and everything in between, he remains one of the most grounded characters on the show. His relationship with Naomi is still very much moving along swimmingly. 

There's a certain rapport between them that has been evident since The Expanse Season 1 Episode 1, and their relationship continues to go from strength-to-strength during the fourth season. That's not to say there are not some tests thrown in. 

Strapping In - The Expanse

One thing The Expanse has always done well is relationships. The show successfully veers away from needless relationship drama in order to focus on the more exciting aspects of the show. 

Domique Tipper gets a lot to work with as Naomi during The Expanse Season 4. The layers continue to be pulled back on the character as she embarks on the latest mission with her crew of talented individuals. 

There's a particular moment during The Expanse Season 4 revolving around Naomi that will make you squeal with excitement. 

It's one of many moments the show uses uncharted territory with the characters to advance the plot. Some TV shows are stuck in a rut by this point in their run, but The Expanse Season 4 shows tremendous resilience. 

Meeting a New Friend - The Expanse

It's nice to know then that the series has been renewed for a fifth season. If Amazon Video wants fans of the show to believe it's in good hands, then they're going the right way about it. 

As for Chrisjen, she's learning the hard way that the ever-expanding solar system is going to cause her to make tougher decisions than before. 

Her goal has always been to keep her people safe, but what can she do when she has no clue what's beyond the confines of the Sol Ring? 

It's that type of unpredictability that keeps the plot moving. What's more, unless the Sol Ring is destroyed, there is scope for many plots for future seasons. 

Making a Move - The Expanse

Expanding the world on any established show is difficult to make convincing, but The Expanse does so with such vigor that it could go on for years and years and never slow down. 

Critics were provided the first six episodes of The Expanse Season 4 in advance of the debut, so this review is based on them. It's not uncommon for shows to take a dip in quality after some strong episodes. 

However, if we look at the trajectory of previous seasons of The Expanse, we know it is one of the most consistent series around. For that reason, it bodes well for the future. 

If you're in the market for a space drama that delivers thrills, chills, and intricate storytelling, then The Expanse Season 4 will continue to resonate with you. 

The Expanse Season 4 Poster

Not one bit of the potential is wasted, and the new villains are so well-developed that you might find yourself siding with them in the end. 

The Expanse Season 4 is a revival done right, and one that will keep you enthralled as you try to speculate where things are going. 

As always, the show pulls the rug from under you at every turn, so expect some big surprises along the way. 

Expanse 3

The Expanse Season 4 debuts in its entirety Friday, December 13, on Amazon Video. 

What are your thoughts? Will you give this revival a shot?

Hit the comments. 


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Naomi: If your girlfriend logged that distress call, she's going to be living it down for a long time.
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