The Conners Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Tempest in a Stew Pot

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The Conner Thanksgiving is on the line as Darlene faces off with Becky and Jackie over the Lunch Box on The Conners Season 2 Episode 6.

And although Darlene's business sense may be sound, that still doesn't mean the decision she's making is right. 

Darlene is correct in that restaurants are a risky business.

They Have a Plan - The Conners

More fail than survive and the odds will be stacked against Becky and Jackie no matter what spin they decide to put on the new version of the Lunch Box.

However, I love their idea of it concentrating on comfort food.

Becky: What do all the struggling people in this town need?
Jackie: Healthcare, jobs, hope.
Becky: And what do you need when you’re not getting any of those things?
Jackie: Alcohol, drugs, dog races.
Becky: And comfort food!

Plus, it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the name Lunch Box as some people in town will more than likely remember the original and come to check it out. 

Darlene could give Jackie and Becky their shot while still insulating Bev from any great loss but she didn't see it that way.

Convincing Darlene - The Conners Season 2 Episode 6

It's not as though she's handing over the building; they'll be renting the space. So why not write up a one year lease, as she would for any other renter, and if they can't make the payments then the restaurant will have to close? 

It's not perfect and nothing about this will be easy but at least Darlene won't be standing in the way of giving her sister and aunt the chance to make their dream come true. 

Jackie: Oh, I see why Bev picked you. You’re just like her, 95 pounds of angry grizzle.
Darlene: You think I like being in this position of denying you something that you really want?
Jackie: Actually, I think you do.

Is Darlene simply keeping Bev's interest a priority or is she having a bit of a power trip?

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Renting to family is certainly a risk, and it may end poorly, but choosing not to rent to them is even worse. It says Darlene has absolutely no confidence in them. 

Becky Makes a Change - The Conners Season 2 Episode 6

I can't say that there's not history to back Darlene's lack of faith, but I don't know that her relationship with her aunt and sister can withstand that much harsh honesty. 

If Darlene can give Becky and Jackie their chance while protecting Bev from any serious loss then that's what she should do so that this decision doesn't continue to rip the family apart. 

Mark: I’m thankful that my family is all together and that we all love each other and no matter what happens, we always stick together because that’s what Conners do.
Dan: Nice. Passive-aggressive with a hint of guilt. Pretty impressive for a 12-year-old.
Darlene: You think they don’t learn from you but they watch you.

Giving Thanks - The Conners Season 2 Episode 6

I'm guessing that there are only so many affordable restaurant spaces available in Lanford and Becky and Jackie only have so many options.

If they lose this opportunity, it will be difficult not to lose hope in bettering their lives. If they start the restaurant and it crashes and burns, at least they'll know they gave it their all.

If they never even get the chance, they'll resent Darlene for it for years to come. 

That means Mark and Dan may be disappointed in more than just this Thanksgiving.

Dan Makes New Rules - The Conners Season 2 Episode 6

The funniest and most heartbreaking moment was Dan begging Becky not to move out of his house. The comical portion came from this The Conners quote:

Dan: Look, you’ve got to think this through, Becky. If you move out, Bev’s going to move in down here and stay until she dies and I’m too old to carry her lifeless body up the stairs.
Becky: Cut her up and make trips.
Dan: You can’t go. No one else will make that joke with me.

Being able to bond with his youngest grandchild has been a bright spot for Dan. His world will seem awfully bleak if he's left with Beverly taking naps in his bed and dealing with Harris and her sketchy friends.

Speaking of Harris, I want to shake Darlene whenever it comes to her and her daughter.

When did Darlene Conner become gullible?

Harris Lies - The Conners Season 2 Episode 6

As with many teenagers, Harris lies and manipulates; she's not even all that good at it. 

The problem is that Darlene and David have been more wrapped up in figuring out their on-again, off-again, romantic relationship than being actively involved in their children's lives. 

Harris is pushing her boundaries because she knows she can get away with it.

I have little doubt that there's some truth in what she said about being lonely since they moved to Lanford, but she's also using that to gain sympathy and engineer things to her advantage. 

Harris needs to know that someone is watching and will care enough to come down on her when she screws up and right now the only person who has done that is Dan, and that's not fair to Harris or Dan. 

Odessa and Harris - The Conners Season 2 Episode 6

How long will it be before Harris and Odessa get into real trouble, the kind where someone gets injured or ends up in jail?

Considering their drug use and their desire to steal vehicles, it shouldn't be all that long. 

I have to believe that whatever fate awaits her, Harris will survive and perhaps she'll have to pay off some sort of debt by working at the Lunch Box. 

Because I have to believe that Darlene will come around in the end. I don't think her family can cope if she doesn't, plus it will be entertaining to see Becky, Jackie, and the rest of the family try and make the Lunch Box a success once again. 

Becky and Jackie Team Up - The Conners Season 2 Episode 5

So what do you think, TV Fanatics? Will the Conner family come together for Thanksgiving and is Dan right about the fighting that will ensue?

Families fight all the time but they always come together for the holidays so they can fight in person.


Will Darlene give in and give Becky and Jackie the support they need to reopen the Lunch Box? Do you think she should?

Will Jackie decide that having Bev as a roommate is better than having a newborn crying in the next room?

Is Harris headed down the wrong road and where do you think it's going to lead?

And do you miss the travails of Darlene's love life?

Check back in for my review of The Conners Season 2 Episode 7 and until then, you can watch The Conners online here at TV Fanatic. 


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Tempest in a Stew Pot Review

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The Conners Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Well I was looking forward to crushing Bev in court and having her committed but I’m intrigued by the binder.


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Darlene: Oh, and if you apply yourself you can be one too.
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Darlene: No, those days are over.