Days of Our Lives Round Table: Jumping Ahead!

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Lani walked out on her wedding to Eli but there was still a double wedding and Ben found a body on his floor, while Kristen spilled Sarah’s secret.

And that was all before the time jump!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Silvananoir1 and Sportsgirl to debate the identity of the dead body, were the weddings worth it, and what they expect from the infamous time jump.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Jack and Jennifer’s shared wedding with Justin and Adrienne?

Jack: While the setup was ridiculous (Lani vacated the space so let's just take it? Really?), I thought the double wedding had some of the hallmarks of classic DAYS weddings: humorous problems like Adrienne and Jack fighting over who gets to get married first, an interloper interfering in the form of Eve, and the lovers overcoming it all to tie the knot.

My only complaints were that 1) it wasn't really equal -- they called it a double wedding but this was Jack and Jennifer's wedding with Adrienne and Justin getting married as an afterthought and 2) Jennifer's fall from the balcony was an unwelcome end to the whole thing.

(TALL) A Double Wedding - Days of Our Lives

Silvananoir1: I'm happy about Jack and Jennifer. Though I do feel that their reunion is a bit rushed, which is strange since I thought Jack getting his memory about took too long.

But I feel weirdly empty about Justin and Adrienne. I'm not sure when it happened but I stopped caring about them. That said it was an okay wedding.

Sportsgirl: It was very rushed. I would have preferred something planned where there could have been more family in attendance. I was a bit disappointed by it. That scene should only have been for Lani and Eli.

Christine: Disappointing. I love Jack and Jennifer and after the way Jack’s memory loss dragged on and on, there should have been a more build-up to their wedding.

Instead, they had to share a quickie wedding that was tacked on to what was supposed to be Eli and Lani’s ceremony. Jack and Jennifer deserved better.

(TALL) Ben's discovery - Days of Our Lives

It looks as though someone is dead on Ben’s floor. Who do you think it is?

Jack: The only logical person for it to be is Jordan. I think Victor had her killed and planted on Ben's floor so he could get rid of both his perceived threats to Ciara at once.

Silvananoir1: It depends, it might be Jordan but more likely this is a red herring. Some stranger that resembles Ciara in an attempt by Jordan to either make Ben break or frame him because she's crazy.

Sportsgirl: I think it is Jordan on the floor. I don't believe they would have killed Ciara. I also think Ben would have been more broken up if it was her.

Christine: I hope it’s Jordan just so we can be done with her story. Her return has not been enjoyable and I’d like to see her leave Salem by any means necessary.

(TALL) Nicole Struggles - Days of Our Lives

Which surprised you more? Kristen telling Eric that Sarah is pregnant or Nicole blurting the news out after promising Sarah that she wouldn’t tell Eric the truth?

Jack: Kristen's confession wasn't as surprising as it was random and out of the blue. She's shown no signs of remorse or of wanting to make amends to Brady's family before this moment.

Nicole blurting out the news is typical Nicole. She couldn't take it anymore. What confuses me is what's gonna happen after the time jump with this. Is this story going to just go away or is there some twist in it?

Silvananoir1: Kristen. Nicole I can understand, after being separated from her child for so long I doubt she's be able to keep the secret. Schemer Nikki is long gone.

Kristen shocked me because this isn't in her best interest. If what Kristen wants is Brady then revealing Sarah's pregnancy to Eric creates that crack in Ericole. It might send Nicole straight into Brady's arms after a few months of emotional cheating.

Sportsgirl: I think Nicole. Now she will have to explain how she knew about it. I can't imagine Mr. Sourpuss being happy Nicole kept it a secret.

Christine: Nicole. She went to Sarah to tell her she knew about the pregnancy because she wanted to make sure Sarah would keep quiet, only to blurt out that Sarah was pregnant minutes later. I’m hoping that Nicole then tells Eric that the baby isn’t his and that it’s Xander’s and that’s why Sarah didn’t tell him.

(TALL) Kristen's Latest Bombshell - Days of Our Lives

If everything in Salem has jumped forward a year, how do you hope to see your current favorite character or storyline play out?

Jack: I want to see JJ having learned that Paige is alive via Rolf's flash drive, dumped Haley, and reunited with Paige. I know that's not what's going to happen, but that would be my dream.

Seriously, though, I hope we get lots of Deveraux family scenes now that Jennifer is awake.

Beyond that, I would love it if Gina had been unmasked and Kristen and Sarah had their babies so we can get rid of those two awful storylines. And for the love of God, please let Sarah have moved on with Xander!

(TALL) Kristen's Pregnancy Scare - Days of Our Lives

Silvananoir1: I love Nicole but I think what we are seeing is the start of the reunion of Bricole and Seric. This pregnancy reveal is a timebomb to Ericole and I see the writing on the wall.

Sportsgirl: John and Marlena are on to Princess Gina and they manage to get that chip out of her neck. I really can't stand this story line at all. 

Christine: I want to see Sarah and Xander raising her baby, whether Eric knows he’s the father or not. I’m also looking forward to seeing Jack and Jennifer together rebuilding their lives. 

(TALL) Ready to Say I Do - Days of Our Lives

If everything in Salem has jumped forward a year, what is the one thing you dread might occur?

Jack: I'm afraid that even though a year has passed and Eric now knows he is a father, he, Sarah, and Nicole will still be stuck in this same stupid triangle that doesn't need to happen.

I'm also afraid that Ciara will believe that Ben killed the person he found dead on his floor and will be on an apology tour to everyone who warned her about Ben.

Finally, I hope JJ didn't leave town because he was unable to deal with his mother's condition and have some excuse for not returning now that she's awake!

Silvananoir1: The full redemption of Ben. I liked him better when he wasn't being painted as a white hat at the cost of Jordan. This whole story is to fully redeem him and I hate that.

We still acknowledge that while Jack has grown and become a good man he was still a rapist. He paid for it and it's still something to be reckoned with.

I hate this feeling that I have that they are wiping the slate clean on the alter of Cin. They aren't Bope and they will never mean to us what Bo ad Hope, even at their most annoying, meant to us.

Sportsgirl: I am hoping they don't match Gabi back with Eli, or Brady marries Kristen, or JJ and Haley get married or engaged. Gosh now that I think of it, there really is a bunch of stuff I hope doesn't happen.

Christine: Please, don’t let Eric and Sarah be back together. They make a truly annoying couple. Don’t let JJ have married Hayley because I see zero chemistry between them.

(TALL) Lani's Wedding - Days of Our Lives

What did you despise, if anything, this week in Salem?

Jack: That whole awful Lani/Eli/Gabi mess. Lani could have done SO many things to get out from under Gabi's thumb, but the only time she stood up to her was after all was said and done and punching Gabi accomplished nothing.

Silvananoir1: I hate that Gina is back. I had hoped that the whole Princess Gina thing had died a well-deserved death years ago. There is no reason for her to be back. No one wanted her back.

It's pointless and the only reason why she's here is so that RC can have his multiple personality story without all the backlash that Gabigail received. It's sheer laziness without any understanding of the original Gina story and why it worked back in the day.

Sportsgirl: I hated that Gabi pushed Lani into breaking up with Eli. Lani is a detective and she should have been able to trap Gabi. Maybe even wear a wire? I like Eli and I hated seeing him so hurt.

Christine: Lani not being able to think her way out of Gabi’s scheme. She could have told Eli and Kayla, then they could have gotten Gabi’s phone away from her, arrested her and held her until Kayla could swap out the pacemaker.

(TALL) Trying to Save Jennifer - Days of Our Lives

What did you love about this week in Salem?

Jack: Even though I hated that Jennifer went into a coma, Jack and JJ's scenes by her bedside were phenomenal. Matthew Ashford's acting all week long was amazing -- he was definitely the MVP of the week. I also was glad Sarah's secret was out (though I hope we get to find out what happened next!)

Silvananoir1: Not much. I mean the weddings were fun but I didn't really enjoy this week's show the Gina stuff ticked me off.

Sportsgirl: I did love the Marlena and John’s scene with Jack and how the Hourglass helped John deal with Marlena being in a coma. Then Marlena decided that Jack needed it more than them.

Christine: Jack holding vigil over Jennifer saved the week for me. Also, Xander and Sarah’s goodbye was very sweet.

(TALL) Xander Comforts Sarah - Days of Our Lives

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