Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7 Review: The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two

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Black Lightning has joined the ranks of the insurgency. Though, it wasn't in the way we initially expected it to be.

A transport mission was his first task on Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7. The mission was more to help a family member ensure the safety of a loved one than going against the rule of the ASA.

Though, this one mission finally sparked the change needed for Black Lightning to stand up and fight. The heroes are all on the same side for once. Maybe together they'll take back the town?

Escort Mission - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

Deputy Chief Henderson and Jefferson were never going to see eye-to-eye on how to handle the ASA occupation. They both want the same thing (i.e. a freed Freeland), but their approaches to get there are completely different. One wanted force while the other played the peacekeeper.

This change in their friendship is a sharp shift from the sense of good that connected them before.

It's an interesting conflict because they're both right AND wrong with how they want to achieve their goals, even though their ideal outcome is the same. And, their interpretation of "doing good" varied based on their own beliefs.

Jefferson: I cannot get down with your methods.
Deputy Chief Henderson: Duly noted for the record. I’m only trying to do what I can to protect this city.
Jefferson: Yeah? By living a double life? Chief of police and Big Brother resistance. Now, you remember how pissed off you were when I didn’t tell you I was Black Lightning. Who’s got the secret now?
Henderson: Are you seriously trying to compare me keeping a secret for 30 days to you keeping a secret for 30 years?!
Jefferson: No! Look, the point is we gotta get on the same page!
Henderson: And by “same page,” you mean doing them the way you would do them?

For example, Jefferson's method of doing good was protecting the peace and stopping violence, while Henderson's version was saving the people by getting them out of town and stopping the ASA by force.

Jefferson and Henderson always used to seem like the same type of hero: BFFs who shared the same fundamental sense of justice. But, this division in their friendship highlighted that even commonalities are never truly exact.

Their friendship took a major hit because they agreed to disagree too much!

The Insurgency Council - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

Though, it's a shame that Black Lightning got marked as the traitor because he took the path of least resistance. He saved these citizens' lives on countless occasions ... and now he's the bad guy?

The rest of Freeland should give Black Lightning a break.

It wouldn't have been right for him to let a bomb explode or for gunfire to rage in the streets. Black Lightning swore to help the people against trouble. It's not his fault that everyone else changed their moral code to take a direct and explosive approach.

Plus, there's an army and a looming war about to start outside of the town. Nothing he could do would make everyone happy.

For The Community - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

The moment Jefferson agreed to help Anissa and the insurgency with the transport was a touching scene!

Regardless of what he believed, he did what he thought was right when he felt the pain of those who desperately needed support. Anissa being the one to ask him for help made all the difference. I don't think we've ever witnessed Anissa be so vulnerable to her father.

Forget about the Blackbird/Thunder and Black Lightning relationship, this scene showed a new side to their father/daughter dynamic that hasn't emerged since Black Lightning Season 1. Neither were the tough superheroes fighting crime in the city; they were merely family members going through a tough situation that needed support.

Sometimes we (and especially the characters) forget that they're family members first. Having them break down their stubborn walls finally brought them closer again and repaired a tension that needed to be fixed a long time ago.

Let's hope Black Lightning sticks with this course correction.

Secret Camera - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

Saying goodbye to Grace (for the time being) was a sad pill to swallow. Come on, we just got her back!

But, with her erratic transformations and the ASA sweeps, Freeland was not the right place for her to be. Getting out of town would limit her stress and she could work on herself. Anissa made the selfless and best decision that would be better for Grace's health and safety instead of her happiness.

Let alone that being a surprising decision Anissa would ever make, but it was a mature decision that won a lot of good points in Anissa's favor.

Why is my life always so messed up? Medicine isn’t working anymore. So, I’m shapeshifting left and right. I thought getting my feelings out in this video would help me stabilize, but I’m so scared.


On the positive side of this farewell, Grace and Jefferson also had a tender goodbye.

You could tell that Jefferson did care about Grace and wanted the best for her with this transport. He knew how much Anissa loved her and getting her out of Freeland was the best thing to do. (Anissa hinted that Grace was the one, right?)

Though, I laughed that Grace discovered Black Lightning's identity because of smell. Can nobody tell it's Jefferson behind the mask? They both look so similar and it's just an eyemask separating them!

The Pit - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

Did Jennifer not realize Brandon would get mad when she didn't have any information to share?

Playing the quid pro quo only works when you have something of equal value to provide back. Jennifer had nothing! Well, except her mind games, but lies are cheap.

From her deception, her actions confirmed that Brandon's powers combine to amplify hers.

Jennifer: Is he dead?
Major Grey: Far from it. He’s in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.
Jennifer: Getting shot at his age, he needs to go ahead and retire. Start that rideshare business like I told him.

Is there a reason why their powers pair well together? Does this have something to do with Dr. Jace's type of experiments? Could they be dangerous if they hold on for too long?

If Agent Odell finds out, he'll no doubt capture Brandon and test out for himself. Brandon and Jennifer could be the making of a dangerous weapon, even stronger than Painkiller during a casual sparring match. (My back sympathy hurts for his sparring partner!)

Pod Kid Obsession - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

Lynn's irrational sense of justice is going to get her killed! She's tempting major fate by messing with Painkiller's memory files directly from The Pit.

Don't get me wrong, everything she said to Gambi was right. There's no one else fighting for the Green Light/Pod Kids at the facility who isn't under the ASA's control, so she's trying to use what skills she has to help. Her actions could save many lives.

Plus, without her involvement, Khalil would be stuck as the ASA's killing machine, Painkiller.

Gambi: That thing killed Khalil’s mother. You need to shut this monster down before the ASA uses it to slaughter anyone else.
Lynn: He’s not a monster! Don’t him a “Monster” or an “It” or a “Thing” or any other word that isn’t Khalil. I lost 14 kids, Gambi. Fourteen people died because of me. And I won’t lose another person ever again. I’ll save Khalil if it’s the last thing I do.

Where I disagreed with her statement, however, was her prioritizing saving Khalil over her family and the Green Light/Pod Kids.

Painkiller is Agent Odell's fiercest warrior; he's been trained and enhanced to destroy anyone he fights. There's no telling if Khalil could be saved from the surgery, regardless if his memories were intact.

Lynn is risking it all for a possibility that could harm herself or her family.

With many metahumans needing her help, and Painkiller being a dangerous threat, she should've listened to Gambi's advice and let it go. If Painkiller finds out she's messing with his mind, he'll no doubt kill her too.

The Rise of Painkiller - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7

Last Thoughts Lightning Round:

  • Lynn's coworker has a major crush on her. Did you feel the flirtation radiating off their conversation? I'm not saying some shenanigans will happen at work, but I wouldn't be shocked if something did.
  • Major Grey is on a powertrip since Agent Odell ended up on medical leave. Her rise from calm ally to a heartless leader was a steady climb that hit heights near the end of the hour. She couldn't wait to exert her authority.
  • Reverend Holt irritated me a lot! Like, Black Lightning did the best he could to help in the situation presented. The Reverand didn't need to jump down his throat every chance he could.
  • With the ASA now resorting to door-to-door checks, that should be the sign for everyone that the occupation has turned ugly. The control of the city is worse than what they're trying to protect everyone from on the outside.
  • Lynn seriously snapped at Gambi today! She was having none of his calls and interruptions.
In Need of Help - Black Lightning

Now, over to you, Black Lightning fans.

What did you think of "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two"?

Will Lynn succeed in her plan to restore Painkiller's memories? How else will Black Lightning help with the insurgency? Will Deputy Chief Henderson try another dangerous tactic to distract or take down the ASA?

If you missed the latest episode of Black Lightning, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments.

The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two Review

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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Why is my life always so messed up? Medicine isn’t working anymore. So, I’m shapeshifting left and right. I thought getting my feelings out in this video would help me stabilize, but I’m so scared.


Jennifer: Is he dead?
Major Grey: Far from it. He’s in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.
Jennifer: Getting shot at his age, he needs to go ahead and retire. Start that rideshare business like I told him.