All American Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Hard Knock Life

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It's time to get some answers.

No one was walking away from difficult decisions on All American Season 2 Episode 6.

That started with Spencer. No matter how much Corey had inadvertently hurt him throughout his short life, Spencer came to realize that much of who he is came from lessons that Corey taught him.

Creating Tension -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 6

And just trying to forget about Corey was a betrayal of that.

It just took him a while to get past the pain of Corey's latest departure.

His Best Friend - All American Season 2 Episode 6

It didn't help that, with Layla's meltdown, he had no one his own age with whom to talk.

That is except for the sage Coop, who, thankfully, is always there to set him straight now that she's left behind the thug life.

The framing device of Spencer, Jordan, and Asher getting interviewed by Rochelle to promote the Beverly-South Crenshaw rematch was very effective.

That's because the setting forced them to settle back and take stock to answer her thought-provoking questions.

Granted, taking Spencer back to South Crenshaw to interview him there was just plain dumb.

Angry Coach - All American Season 2 Episode 6

Not only did it violate interscholastic rules about filming the other team's practice (even accidentally), but also it was insensitive to remind the Crenshaw players about the player who left them to win a championship.

Spencer apologized, but that didn't relieve the hurt feelings.

Spencer does need to start treating Darnell as his brother from another mother.

After all, they want the same thing: to understand why Corey left. And once they started to compare notes, they discovered how much of an impact that Corey had had on both of them.

After Spencer initially rebuffed him, Darnell came up with a clever plan: betting on the rematch.

Distracted Quarterback - All American Season 2 Episode 6

Worst-case scenario, Darnell had to look for Corey on his own. Best-case scenario, Spencer helped him discover the truth.

We did finally get some football, thanks to the season's most obnoxious character: Cliff the Booster.

Even Rochelle seemed embarrassed by her father by the end of the rematch, even though she did her best to promote it beforehand.

Cliff attempted to further fuel the fires that already existed between the two teams by paying off the referees to allow excessive contact during the game.

Billy and whoever the Crenshaw coach is now that Corey bailed couldn't have liked their best players getting injured in an exhibition.

Baby Mama - All American Season 2 Episode 6

Wouldn't it have been great if someone had run over Cliff on the sidelines so that he knows what it feels like to get hit without protective equipment?

Spencer and Darnell did the right thing by kneeling to end a game that was a bad idea in the first place given the bad blood between the two teams.

Spencer was also wise enough to realize that he and Darnell shared a common goal, so they teamed up to get answers about Corey.

And once everyone got together at the James household and compared notes, they came to the obvious conclusion that Corey was dying, which he didn't want to do in front of his sons.

Dillon, the youngest of them, put the final piece in place from that lab bill Spencer had found previously.

Tough-Luck Asher - All American Season 2 Episode 6

At least it appears we'll get some closure on that front on All American Season 2 Episode 7.

Spencer wasn't the only one making hard choices.

Jordan decided to man up and be there for Simone and their unborn child, especially after Olivia gave him a tongue lashing.

Rightfully, he set aside his meaningless scrimmage and to be with her at her ultrasound -- with his parents' approving consent.

Not that Jordan was ever going to be a scholarship quarterback, but his plans are going to have to change now. He's going to have to get serious about life, not games.

Serious Talk - All American Season 2 Episode 6

Olivia continues to be the most admirable character on the series.

Even when she was stressed enough to want to drink, she still tried to help Simone, Jordan, Asher, and her mother.

She decided to break off things with Asher before they got started because she needed a best friend more than a boyfriend.

Pretty wise for a recovering addict; she deserves to find someone to treat her right.

Poor Coop. She had been working so hard on her music career, and Layla was happy to help her.

Unexpected Help - All American Season 2 Episode 6

Then she finally got a meeting with JP only to find out he was more interested in Patience and her vocals when she had just been helping out Coop.

It was good that Coop remained unfazed by the slight and she's still determined to find the right producer for her music.

But maybe JP was onto something since he seemed genuinely impressed by Patience's voice?

For someone who was down on therapy, Layla appeared remarkably more stable.

Did that come from finding out that her mother had depression, which she had passed down to Layla?

In Touch With Mother - All American Season 2 Episode 6

Or was it because JP decided to put Layla first since he could do his producing from anywhere?

It's probably a combination of both, and maybe the therapy was helping, whether Layla wanted to admit it or not.

But now she has to deal with the question of whether her mother's fatal car crash was accidental or intentional.

Billy and Laura may be on the mend, as well.

After finding out his old friend Corey may be dying, Billy wanted to get back what he'd had and screwed up: his relationship with Laura.

It's hard to fault her to feel misused. But the Baker family is better with both parents living together, especially with all that's going on with Olivia, Spencer, and particularly Jordan.

To follow Spencer's turmoil, watch All American online.

Was Spencer right to help out Darnell?

Is Jordan growing up?

Should Olivia have broken up with Asher?

Comment below.

Hard Knock Life Review

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