Grand Hotel Canceled at ABC

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Grand Hotel is checking out of ABC's schedule for good. 

The soapy drama has been canceled after one season. 

Based on the Spanish TV series Gran Hotel, the series took viewers into the lavish world of the Riviera Grand Hotel, a family-owned establishment in Miami Beach. 

Toasting to the Success of Grand Hotel

It followed Santiago Mendoza, his glamorous second wife, Gigi, and their adult children, as well as the Riviera's staff for a season of mysteries, backstabbing, and everything in between. 

The cast included Demián Bichir, Roselyn Sanchez, Denyse Tontz, Bryan Craig, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Lincoln Younes, Shalim Ortiz, Anne Winters, Chris Warren, Feliz Ramirez, and Justina Adorno. 

Alicia Mendoza - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 1

The series launched in June to tepid reviews and okay ratings, but it struggled to keep a decent chunk of the lead-in from The Bachelorette.

When you have one of the biggest shows of the season as your lead-in, you're expected to perform well. 

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The ratings dipped throughout the first and only season. After starting with 3.7 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating, the series went out with a paltry 2.2 million viewers and a 0.4 rating. 

Despite being hailed as one of the highest-rated new scripted series of the summer, the ratings were simply not there to keep the show around. 

Ingrid Breaks Down - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 1

Additionally, it's not like there were many new scripted dramas on the broadcast networks this summer. 

Alarm bells started ringing for Grand Hotel fans earlier this year when ABC President Karey Burke admitted that the low ratings were a cause for concern. 

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ABC has yet to renew or cancel Reef Break, but given it rated lower than Grand Hotel, it will likely get the chop. 

Javi Mendoza - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 1

Grand Hotel Season 1 concluded with multiple cliffhangers that will never be resolved unless the series miraculously comes back from the dead. 

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Grand Hotel Quotes

Matteo: So uh, first, thanks to Carolina for marrying me. You're hilarious, unbelievably beautiful, I mean my friends can't believe how hot you are. I also want to thank Gigi and Santiago. It's not always easy mixing family and business but uh you have made this deal a total breeze.
Carolina: Deal?
Santiago: Thank you, Byron.
Byron: Wong food development has been exploring the market for a long time, and we're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property. Cheers.
Alicia: Dad, you sold the hotel?

Ingrid: I'm, I'm pregnant.
Jason: I didn't realize that, that you were seeing somebody.
Ingrid: It's complicated. When I tell him about this.
Jason: Maybe he'll step up. Maybe realize what a good thing he has.
Ingrid: He wouldn't want to be with a pregnant housekeeper
Jason: A lot of people would. I would. If it was me, I mean.
Ingrid: Well, now you're just trying to make me feel better. But thanks, you're a good friend.