Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3 Review: 25 Years to Life

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The good feelings just don't stop with Bluff City Law. Not only were there tears all around, but happy endings as well. 

How can anybody not want that as part of their television viewing pleasure?

On Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3, Jake was the center of all the happiness, but he also learned a whopping secret from Sydney. 

Sticking Up for the Innocent - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

It explained a lot about her relationship with her dad and uncovered the real reason she was initially upset about Emerson.

But first, let's talk about George Bell.

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People do things for unexplained reasons all the time -- including confessing to a murder they didn't commit.

Heck, people are convicted and locked up all the time for things they didn't commit.

New Evidence - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

I'm not going to get into a lengthy discussion about all the ways cops and prosecutors and the Feds skew and hide information, but the fact is, it's true.

Unfortunately, not every innocent person has a law firm like Straight's firm or a lawyer like Jake to give them the justice they deserve.

It's a shame, really, that the justice system is out of whack, but it is what it is.

Competition - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

Jake always believed in George even if he didn't quite understand why Elijah gave him the case in the first place.

He found evidence and heard George's story but proving George's innocence was going to be difficult.

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No prosecuting attorney wants to admit that he or she made a mistake. It's embarrassing and makes them look bad. They're supposed to be the good guys after all.

In 1967, the Age and Discrimination Act was passed for a reason. That reason was that sometimes we discriminate without even knowing it. We create categories like race, gender, sexual orientation, and we think we know what those words mean. Because we think their definitions are fixed. But those definitions evolve.


And it seemed that the attoreny in George's case knew something was fishy. 

She got testy when Jake presented the evidence Robbie gave him. So, you knew right then and there the prosecution didn't want their mistake to come to light.

In Defense - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

George's story was heart wrenching in itself. 

The reasons he lied were valid. He was trying to protect his family and wanted his wife to move on. 

He saw no hope for himself, so why should he try to fight it anyway?

Robbie Works Hard - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

George didn't have the resources -- as do many wrongly convicted -- so he didn't even try to put up a fight.

It's understandable for anyone to think he was lying when he told his story. 

Still, he did come across as believable. But if Robbie wouldn't have found the evidence, he would still be in jail -- innocent or not.

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Jake was having a hard time with it all, especially when he thought he was going to lose.

He's a winner, and wants to win. If George's sentence wouldn't have been vacated, it would have eaten Jake alive, just like George's old lawyer told him.

It was a beautiful moment when the judge made his decision. 

Relationships - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

George was genuinely surprised and relieved. He lost so much of his life behind bars and for no reason other than an overly zealous prosecutor.

There's no reason for that kind of injustice, but it happens all the time.

Innocent people are jailed and even not so innocent people fall victim to slimy tactics by the men and women in charge.

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It doesn't happen all the time, but it happens more often than you might think.

Justice doesn't always prevail if you look at it through the eyes of the people who are wrongly prosecuted.

On the same note, we also learned something about Sydney that gives us even more insight into her character.

Finding Information - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

She's adopted.

So, when she found out about Emerson, it wasn't a matter of her dad having an affair, but more that he had a biological son that bothered her the most.

However, as Jake said, Sydney is all her dad even if she's not "blood."

She doesn't need to look like Elijah to be like Elijah. She grew up with him, and he is her father just as she is his daughter.

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That's something that will never change.

But Sydney also had every right to be emotional about Emerson. 

Her world was turned upside down when that revelation came out, and it made her question many things about herself and her father.

Happy Girl - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

I love how Elijah is always talking about how Sydney is just like her mother. That's why Sydney's reveal was so surprising.

It's not something you'd expect, but it also shows how our own thinking might be skewed.

Sydney is finally coming to terms with her relationship with her father. She loves him, and he adores her.

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Whatever differences they had in the past, are in the past. 

They have a good relationship, and it's going to grow stronger and make them both better people.

With Emerson in the mix, it's going to be more whole.

Their dynamic is incredible -- all three of them.

And on a side note -- how can you live in Memphis and not like ribs?!!!

That piece of information was the greatest thing ever. 

The other case of the hour had to deal with age discrimination. It turned into a gender identity issue, but age discrimination is real.

Shades - Bluff City Law Season 1 Episode 3

Even though Marshall had ulterior motives for wanting to change his age officially, it still doesn't belie the fact that people of a certain age aren't given a fair shake.

It doesn't matter if it's job related or dating related, once you hit a certain age, you and your opinions don't matter anymore.

Just look at television demographics. Most shows are geared to a certain age group without even considering how "older" people might think about something.

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Just because you're over 40 doesn't mean you should be nonexistent, but that's how age discrimination works.

Again, there's a whole argument to be made about that issue but is too lengthy for a discussion here.

Bluff City Law continues to impress. Everything about it makes you feel good, and it also gives much room for serious thought about issues that aren't at the forefront of the news.

So, what did you think?

Were you surprised by Sydney's revelation?

How about the fact that Emerson doesn't like ribs?

What's your opinion of age discrimination?

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Do you think the justice system plays fair?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

If you need to catch up, you can watch Bluff City Law online right here via TV Fanatic.

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