All American Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Never No More

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Those in Crenshaw began taking some positive steps.

But too many in Beverly remained adrift on All American Season 2 Episode 3.

Good news. There were even a few scenes on the football field. No game action, but Beverly proved they weren't up to game pace yet on All American Season 2 Episode 2.

Rap Battle -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 3

When your possession receiver (Asher) is the only one putting in serious practice time, you know things are bad.

That's what brought Coach Baker back to Beverly. He didn't want to see the championship team he put together collapse from too much celebration.

Seeking a Decision - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Of course, Billy made such a mess of his personal life while clearing his conscience that he needed to focus on his professional life.

Otherwise, a full-of-himself booster might come in and start transferring in recruits to the program without the coach's knowledge.

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Oh, that did happen, didn't it?

Hopefully, the coach does have all the support of other boosters that he claimed to have so that he can keep control of his own program.

But Rochelle's rich father isn't likely a one-off character. He's going to continue to be trouble for Billy, who has enough football-related problems already.

Back in the Game - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Let's start with Jordan, who continued to play on Billy's guilt to get away with things such as partying and skipping practice.

Fortunately, those concerned with the fate of the Beverly High program joined together to do a football intervention.

In one scene, both Rochelle then Asher came down on Jordan about taking 7-on-7 football seriously.

It finally began to sink into Jordan, who asked Spencer if he was a distraction. Spencer let him know in no uncertain terms that he was, which served as a wake-up call for Jordan.

Spencer also told Billy to stop being Jordan's wayward father and to start being the hard-nosed coach that he needed.

Seeking Counsel - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Jordan took not being named captain well because he realized he had done nothing recently to earn that title.

Jordan needs to realize that the scouts will be out in force to watch Spencer, which is his opportunity to be discovered by a top program as well. I mean, somebody is throwing those balls Spencer is catching.

Billy's other major concern was that his star receiver might be going home to play for his father at South Crenshaw.

Spencer was acting like a punk issuing a him-or-me ultimatum to Corey. 

He was just kidding himself that, by sending Darnell out of town, he was clearing out the quarterback position for his rehabbing friend Chris.

On An Island - All American Season 2 Episode 3

But as Coop rightly pointed out, Spencer was forcing Corey to choose between his two sons, which wasn't right and wasn't Spencer.

He discovered that he and Darnell were more alike than he'd realized. While Spencer had had an absentee father in Corey, Darnell had an absentee mother, with Corey as the only parent he had known in recent years.

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Darnell just wanted to play football for Corey, and Spencer was taking that away from him.

Fortunately, Spencer saw the error of his ways and did the right thing, inviting Darnell to stay.

Spencer and Darnell may end up being friends. Hopefully, there's still a place for Chris at South Crenshaw as well.

Finding Her Direction - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Spencer also was smart enough to realize that he and Corey had enough to work through without Spencer having him as his coach as well.

Corey seemed grateful to get another opportunity to be Spencer's father. Football was just another way to bring them together.

Spencer even took time to encourage his mother to get back together with Micah, who just disappeared after Corey's reappearance last season.

Now that Spencer's made his decision, he's got another problem with which to deal: Layla.

This poor-little-rich-girl routine is getting old really quickly.

A New Path - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Yes, her producer daddy has done her wrong, no doubt about it.

But her hiding away in her hotel room jammed with the products of her shopping sprees isn't going to help with her depression. Neither is cutting herself.

And tossing money around at a Crenshaw club was just plain dangerous.

She is heading for a crash and is pushing away anyone who cares about her. She blew up at Spencer, and he was only trying to help her.

Based on the previews, it appears things will be coming to a head next episode for Layla.

Positive Development - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Things appear to be looking up for Olivia thanks to her mother's suggestion that she try the So Cal Muse social club.

The concept of an eventual cotillion certainly sounds weird anywhere outside the deep South.

It helped that there was someone she knew in the group, Spencer's ex Kia.

The questionnaire she had to fill out caused Olivia to reflect on what she's accomplished up to now, which is a good thing.

Olivia is reaching an age when she has to make some decisions about the direction that her life is going to take. So why not find herself, as Laura encouraged?

Pursuing a New Path - All American Season 2 Episode 3

Coop was finding a new direction for her life as well.

After confronting a bully with rap, Coop decided to enter a freestyle rap battle at a local club.

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Coop was doing well until a rival rapper detailed her effort to rid the town of Tyrone, which left her in shock.

Still, despite their recent history, Preach offered her some encouragement. She later asked if he would work with her on her music and he seemed amenable.

Coop is taking positive steps away from her gang life.

To follow this season's developments, watch All American online.

What's wrong with Layla?

What should Olivia do?

Is Coop on the right path?

Comment below.


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