All American Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Hussle & Motivate

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Less game, more drama.

Since it's the offseason, All American Season 2 Episode 1 focused on what everyone has been up to following the state football championship and the events leading up to it, and very little football.

Since almost everyone is lying through their teeth, offering at least lies of omission, it was hard to pin down exactly what's been happening.

A Difficult Decision -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 1

The fallout continues after it was revealed on All American Season 1 Episode 14 that Billy and Grace had an affair.

That has affected everyone within the two families' orbits.

Still Happy Together - All American Season 2 Episode 1

Laura kicked out Billy, and Billy moved in with his father Willie back in Crenshaw.

That led Billy to drink to excess, to the point that a bartender calls Grace to take him home after he's been cut off.

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Billy also thought he was between jobs, as he'd resigned after winning the championship.

He seemed quite surprised to learn from Spencer that everyone at school thought he was on an extended vacation.

So there was the mystery to be solved on what happened to Billy's resignation letter.

Doing Better - All American Season 2 Episode 1

Jordan was the obvious suspect since he wasn't speaking to his father and was the last person that Billy knew that was in his office.

Nope, Jordan read the letter but was fine with not playing for his estranged father next season.

No, instead it was recovering addict Olivia, now the stablest member of the Baker family, who kept her father from making an impetuous decision by destroying the letter and emailing the principal in his name for additional time off.

Just as well, since Billy would have drunk himself out of the job he didn't know he still had.

By the end of the episode, it appeared that Billy was ready to come out of hiding and make things right with his wife and family. Somehow.

Enjoying Himself - All American Season 2 Episode 1

Despite all the tragedy that's happening around her, Olivia was holding things together quite well.

Her South Crenshaw beau was still recovering from the temporarily paralyzing hit Spencer laid on him on All American Season 1 Episode 16.

All the while, Asher, her recovery buddy, was oh, so obviously pining for her. Trouble's coming on that front.

She was the only person still talking to Billy, and she properly dressed him down for slipping into a bottle. She's a big reason he seems to be back on the right path.

Olivia was also the only one who knew how badly Laura was hurting because she walked in on her crying.

Dealing With Things - All American Season 2 Episode 1

She also wanted to help her best friend Layla, despite the fact that Layla didn't want to admit she needed help.

Jordan was dealing with his pain by whoring around, enjoying one benefit of being a championship quarterback. Stealing money from his mother doesn't bode well for his future either.

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Poor Spencer got caught in the middle, trying to be everything to all people.

The trouble with being a star athlete is that everyone wants something from you, even if it's as trivial as posing for a selfie.

Spencer was commuting from home to Beverly High, having moved out of the Bakers' home, because he didn't want to remind Laura of his mother's and Billy's infidelity.

New Frenemy? - All American Season 2 Episode 1

Corey has added to his problems by taking over the South Crenshaw football job and asking Spencer to come home and play for him.

Spencer has two families, one in Crenshaw and one in Beverly Hills, and no matter which way he chooses there will be a disappointment for one.

Complicating matters is that Spencer wasn't actually living in the Beverly High school district and there was going to be a spot check done at the Bakers.

This upshot of this was that Beverly High could forfeit their championship for using an illegal player.

Grace did the right thing, going to Laura to apologize for the affair.

Nipsey Memorial - All American Season 2 Episode 1

Laura, in turn, reciprocated, traveling to Crenshaw to invite Spencer to move back in with her, Jordan, and Olivia.

That was one crisis averted. Still, plenty more popped up.

Coop has found herself a pariah for working with the police to remove Tyrone, a menace to the community.

She was perfectly fine with what she did. But many others, at school and on the street, disagreed.

She was accosted following the memorial to Nipsey Hussle, but Preach came to her aid, although he made it clear he still doesn't want to be friends with her.

Facing Backlash - All American Season 2 Episode 1

So, Coop has lost a lot for doing the right thing, and she wouldn't even tell Spencer about it, because she doesn't want to mess up how well things were going for him.

This won't be the last of the threats to Coop.

Layla has some daddy issues with which she flat out refuses to deal, despite trashing his condo on last season's finale.

She smiles and pretends all is right with the world but what she really needs is the refuse for the rich -- therapy.

She told Olivia that her tantrum got her father to move back in with her, but she was living in a crappy motel room. That lie can't stand up for long.

Memorial Mural - All American Season 2 Episode 1

Corey is another wild card. After pestering Grace about Dillon's paternity, he backed off, not wanting to upset their current, tentative arrangement.

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Besides, it's not like he can claim the moral high ground after running away for eight years.

A mystery is who did Corey meet at the bus station? Is it possible that Spencer and Dillon have an older brother they don't know about?

Props to the powers that be on All American for incorporating Crenshaw rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was slain shortly after All American Season 1 ended, into the storyline.

He was an icon who refused to leave that community and deserved to be remembered for his efforts to give back to Crenshaw.

To refresh with a binge, watch All American online.

What school should Spencer choose?

Will Billy get his act together?

Is Coop being treated unfairly?

Comment below.

Hussle & Motivate Review

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All American Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

And you'd better be able to walk because ain't no one dragging your ass to the car.

Grace [to Billy]

Spencer: What's next? You done with that gang stuff, right?
Coop: They're still my boys. I ain't gonna stop hanging with them.