A Million Little Things Round Table: Danny Steals the Hour!

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Danny was a shining light on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3.

Elsewhere, Maggie remained in the dark about her mother's new friend Eric, and Katherine and Eddie went on a date and the sparks were flying.

Join TV Fanatics Jack Ori, Meaghan Frey, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Does Maggie need to suck it up and give her mother a chance to explain? What do you think Patricia (and Eric) will say?

Jack: I understand Maggie being angry. Her mom has been manipulative since she came back to Boston. We don't really know exactly what happened between Maggie's parents, and her mom invited Eric without even mentioning anything to Maggie. That's not cool.

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However, she also is making it clear that she and Eric are a package deal for now. So if Maggie wants to understand what's going on, she's going to need to put her anger aside and listen to her mom's explanation.

Meaghan: Yes, I really think Maggie needs to take a second and think rationally. She went in with the preconceived notion that her mom was up to no good because of her dad and mom splitting up, but she genuinely has no idea what is going on.

Her mom said she is not seeing Eric, and I think Maggie needs to give her a chance to prove it.

Jasmine: I understand why Maggie is upset. Her mother hasn't been honest with her since she got there.

However, the lack of communication between them is irritating. Maggie is a therapist for Pete's sake. She won't even give her mother a chance to explain before she assumes the worst and storms off.

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I'm uncertain as to the nature of Patricia and Eric's relationship, but I doubt it's romantic, and that's what they're going to tell her. I wish Patricia talked to Maggie before bringing Eric along, though.

Will we meet Alice Mendez this season? Does Gary background intrigue you?

Jack: I'm thrilled! I mentioned in last week's Round Table that I hoped we'd learn more about Gary's background, and this week we got it!

Absentee parents on TV have a habit of showing back up when they're talked about too much, so I'm sure we'll see Alice at some point. If not in the present, then in flashbacks.

Gary's Pep talk - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2

Meaghan: I love Gary, so anything more to Gary we get to see I am all in for.

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Jasmine: The timing was great, Jack. You did just mention wanting to learn more about her, and I do as well. We have to meet her by the end of the season; it's only right!

I love Gary too, so any background on him is welcome.

Rome agreed to work with PJ. React.

Jack: The PJ story is the least interesting to me. I feel like a lot of this could be cleared up if, instead of testing his parents to see if they'll tell him the truth, PJ would just tell his mom that he knows Mitch isn't his father and that Jon left her half a million dollars. So to me, this is a giant waste of time.

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Plus, we already learned all we needed to know about Jon and Barbara Morgan. I'm going to be irritated if it turns out PJ is Jon's son. We already have Delilah pretending that Charlie is Jon's when he's Eddie's, and don't need any other paternity surprises.

That said, if this leads to some more Jon flashbacks, maybe it'll be worth it.

PJ On a Mission - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 2

Meaghan: I'm with Jack. The PJ storyline is a snooze fest for me. I also will be upset if Jon is his dad. The episode surrounding what happened to his father was one of the highlights of last season, so to take that back for the sake of a twist would feel cheap.

Rome: Your mom is Barbara Morgan? 
PJ: Nelson, now.
Rome: And you're just telling me that?!
PJ: I'm sorry it's been a lot to handle.

Jasmine: I like PJ and Rome's relationship, so that part of the story, I enjoy. However, I do understand where both of you are coming from.

The Nelsons need to talk. Period. If it drags out for too long, it's tedious and frustrating. I also don't want Jon to be PJ's father either. We have enough paternity drama as it is.

What were your thoughts on Katherine and Eddie's date?

Jack: I thought that Theo's attempt to go to the sleepover so his parents could have a date was so cute. He reminded me a lot of Katherine when he asked what they would do while he was gone.

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I'm kind of glad Theo's inability to sleep in a strange house interrupted the date, though. Katherine and Eddie are moving slowly back towards each other, but they feel more like co-parents who are trying to reclaim what they once had than a real couple at this point.

Sleepy Heads - tall - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Meaghan: I'm glad that Katherine and Eddie don't seem to be able to slip right back into being a happily married couple.

I think showing these two struggle and then find their way back to each other, overcoming the obstacles and mistakes of the past, and coming out stronger, will be a much better storyline than pretending like the past never happened.

Katherine: This is new territory for me. It's complicated and weird as hell, and I can't be any other way but confused, so I'm going to be sending you mixed signals a lot.
Eddie: Just so you know, with all of this, I'll follow your lead. 

Jasmine: I hate how much I love these two together. I enjoyed them rediscovering each other and finding out new things about one another. It doesn't feel like they're trying to reclaim what they had before; it feels like they're trying to start anew.

Theo was adorable trying to get his parents to spend time together, though. They're trying, but until they face Charlie, it's not going to work out.

How well does AMLT handle Danny's ongoing arc as an LGBTQ youth? How much did you enjoy Danny and Gary's screentime together?

Jack: I am a sucker for surrogate father/son scenes, and Gary and Danny's are among the best. I think Danny's arc is realistic.

He's comfortable with his sexual orientation in some ways and not so much in others and like most kids his age, he worries about what his peers will think more than anything else.

Gary: Don't be scared of being yourself, man.
Danny: I'm terrified of being myself!

Meaghan: Danny's storyline has been shown in such an authentic way, and this episode was no exception. Danny is one of the most underrated parts of this show, and I wish we could get more of him.

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How stinkin' cute did he look this week in his Grease get up?! He and Gary have such a stellar relationship, and I love seeing them together. Gary is exactly who Danny needs in his life right now.

Happy Danny - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 17

Jasmine: Danny was my favorite part of the episode. I love Danny and Gary scenes, and there were plenty of them. Each one is more emotional than the next. I mentioned it in my review, but I love how well and authentic the series explores his ongoing arc.

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It's reminiscent of Jude on The Fosters and Tess on This Is Us , and it's so refreshing to see a series cover a young tween/teen's experience discovering and embracing their sexual identity without reducing them to just that specific issue.

Were you surprised to learn that Andrew triggered Regina? Is buying him out the best move for her?

Jack: I hadn't connected Gina's response to her childhood sexual assault, but it made total sense.

However, wanting to do everything on her own may also be related to her trauma, and I think she needs to talk with Delilah about what's best for the business irrespective of her feelings related to Andrew.

Baby Talk? - Tall - A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 17

Meaghan: Looking back, now that we know, it shouldn't have been surprising. Regina needs to think things through with Andrew before she makes a rash decision.

While it may be good to get Andrew out of the business because Regina won't be able to work effectively while feeling that way, I think she needs to have another investor lined up before she makes a move.

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Jasmine: In hindsight, it did make perfect sense. My heart hurt her for her when she explained it to Rome. I loved the staccato delivery.

I don't want to be anonymous anymore either.


I do think it's the best decision. It's not like she can immediately make this call, it's going to take a bit to buy him out, so it will feel less rash.

Also, sure, she should talk to Delilah, but does Delilah even have much say in anything happening at the restaurant? She never seems present, so Regina running point seems natural.

Are you surprised that Delilah said it was too soon for her to date? Are you surprised Danny was OK with her dating?

Jack: I feel like Danny was more focused on getting rid of Delilah so he and Gary could go to the try-out for the musical. He was going along with whatever Gary said about her date so that he could rush her out the door. He might not have been thinking about what it would mean for this to actually be a date.

I was glad Delilah said it was too soon. She seems to be a little more mature now than she was last season, so I wasn't all that surprised.

Feeding Charlie - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Meaghan: Finally, Delilah made a smart decision. Delilah jumped right from being married to Jon, to sleeping with one of his best friends, to Jon dying, to the drama with Eddie and having Eddie's child. She needs to be alone for a while and focus on herself and her children.

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Jasmine: I agree, Meaghan. I was surprised she wasn't interested in dating, for the obvious reasons and this fear she must have of being alone. She does need to be alone for a bit and learn to stand on her own feet.

Danny surprised me. He appeared genuinely OK with his mother dating, and it caught me off guard.

What was your favorite scene from the episode? What was your least favorite?

Jack: I liked the scene in Maggie's office where Gary pretended to be a patient and Maggie suggested he was trying to fix her mom stuff because he hadn't dealt with his.

My least favorite scene was that producer telling Rome to get rid of the suicide backstory in his screenplay. Rome ultimately didn't do it, but that annoyed the hell out of me!

The Director - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Meaghan: Favorite was everything with Danny and Gary, but in particular, Gary comforting Danny after Danny was upset and wanted to leave the audition.

My least favorite scene was pretty much anything with PJ. I'm just really not a fan of this storyline.

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Jasmine: Danny and Gary stole my heart and this episode for me. I loved everything about them, the prep for the play, and their talks. I also hated when the producer told Rome to drop the suicide angle from his play. If he wanted to do something already else had done, he would've done it.

I'll help you, but listen, if you really are Jon's son, it's going to change everything. Whatever you find out, there's no going back.


If it's a topic no one wants to talk about, why would you tell someone who is trying to discuss it to choose something else? Ugh.

Over to you, AMLT Fanatics! Do you agree with our Round Table? 

Do you disagree with us? 

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays on ABC. 


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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

PJ: Why was leaving my mom a tape the last thing Jon did?
Rome: That wasn't the last thing Jon did. The last thing Jon did was leave your mother half a million dollars.

Rome: Your mom is Barbara Morgan? 
PJ: Nelson, now.
Rome: And you're just telling me that?!
PJ: I'm sorry it's been a lot to handle.