Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13 Review: A Perfect Storm

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That's one way to go out with a bang. 

The great mystery of Sky Garibaldi's dissapearance was solved on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13, but when one mystery is solved, another one rises from it's ashes.

Who is responsible for Sky's death and whose life hangs in the balance? Read our review to find out.  

Burying the Hatchet - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

They say that there is no rest for the wicked, but after the season finale of Grand Hotel Season 1, it seems like there is no rest for the good either. 

The revelation that Malcolm was behind Sky's death was a tough pill to swallow. 

If there was one character that could have been considered truly innocent moving into the finale, it was Malcolm, but that notion was shattered in an instant. 

After theorizing that Jason was the one behind Sky's disappearance to keep the secret about his parentage, the logic behind Malcolm being the killer makes sense. Just because it makes sense though, doesn't make it any easier. 

We may never know if Malcolm was truthful when he said that he killed Sky to protect Gigi or if it was to protect Mrs. P's secret, but in the end it doesn't matter. 

Deep in Thought? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

Malcolm died a man devoted to his family to no end, and that is what he will be remembered by. 

Danny has come a long way since the start of Grand Hotel Season 1

Once a man solely focused on finding the person responsible for his sister's disappearance and making them pay, Danny has softened. 

It would have been impossible for him to go into the experience and come out unchanged so watching him show Malcolm some mercy for Jason's sake was great character growth. 

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He was no longer single-minded to the point of recklessness. He understood that actions have consequences, and those consequences can effect those that he cares about. 

Reassuring  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

If Danny exposed the truth about Malcolm, he not only would have made Jason's dad a murderer, but he would have taken away Jason's truth of Malcolm being his father, therefore, hurting Jason just as much as Malcolm in the long run. 

Malcolm: Danny, thank you.
Danny: I'm not doing it for you. Jason's been a good friend to me. This would destroy him. Besides, I think the universe found another way to punish you.

It was slightly surprising that Danny didn't tell Mrs. P the truth. 

Mrs. P's secret was the catalyst that eventually leads to Sky's death. By burdening her with her husband's secret, that could have been revenge in some sense for Danny. 

Again though, he chose the high road and let Malcolm take his secret to his grave. 

A Dapper Santiago - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

At least for Danny something came out of all his pain. 

Dalicia reuniting was a necessary box to check in the finale. If we don't get a second season, we can at least be assured that for now Dalicia is together and happy. 

Gigi managed to redeem herself a little bit in this episode, but not completely. 

A Happy Javi - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

Her plea to Santiago that she had always planned on telling him did feel genuine. It is hard to know what anyone would do in her situation.

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Given that Beatriz had just died, would that moment have been the right time for Santiago to learn that he had another child? Absolutely not. But, should Gigi have told him by now? Of course.

Santiago: How could have kept this from me?
Gigi: You were so heartbroken when Beatriz died. I thought if you read this, the guilt would kill you Santiago.
Santiago: Were you ever going to tell me?
Gigi: Of course, that's why I kept the letter, but the longer I waited, the harder it go, and Helen didn't want Malcolm finding out.

At some point it became easier for Gigi to keep the secret rather than tell him the truth. 

Dynamic Duo? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

Gigi keeping the secret that Malcolm killed Sky is the more surprising fact. 

We haven't seen virtually any interaction between Gigi and Malcolm, so it is hard to gauge what their relationship is like.

Given that Mrs. P and Gigi are fairly close, it is probably safe to assume that Gigi and Malcolm at least have some sort of relationship, but enough so that she would cover up a murder for him?

Or, did Gigi cover for him out of guilt that her actions lead to what happened? 

If Gigi hadn't kept the letter from Santiago, it wouldn't have been hidden in her safe, Sky wouldn't have found it, Mrs. P and Gigi wouldn't have been discussing it that night, Malcolm wouldn't have heard them, and Malcolm would have never killed Sky.

The Beautiful Blonde  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

Sure it's possible Sky would have met the same fate just at Gigi's hands but it is impossible to know. 

Gigi wasn't the only Mendoza woman with potential blood on their hands. 

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With Santiago laying bleeding on the floor, it is impossible not already to start creating a suspect list, one of which, is Felix.

Carolina has never been the brightest crayon in the box, but to think it was a good idea to tell Felix that if Santiago dies, Yoli and Carolina will receive part of the hotel, that is a whole new level of stupidity. 

Taking It All In - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

Who knows, though, maybe Carolina's end game was for Felix to shoot Santiago to expedite her inheritance. Maybe she is smarter than she looks. 

Felix isn't the only possible suspect, though. 

After falling back between the sheets with Ingrid, Mateo slinked off into the night to make what he claims was a bad decision. 

Given that Mateo had just been fired from the hotel, taking away his prospects of becoming a partner, Mateo had plenty of reasons to want Santiago dead. 

If this episode of Grand Hotel taught us nothing else, though, it is that the most obvious suspects are the ones that can be ignored. 

Sign Your Life Away - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

After the way Jason reacted to Santiago at Malcolm's funeral, it would be impossible to rule him out as a possibility. Perhaps Mrs. P or Malcolm came clean to Jason and his anger over his father's death is enough to make him want to take Santiago down. 

One thing is for sure: Nothing is ever what it seems at the Riviera Grand Hotel. 

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Other thoughts:

-Javi sleeping with Ingrid's mom is probably the most Javi thing that he could do. Hopefully, Ingrid manages to keep them away from each other though because her mom seems like nothing but trouble.

-The lack of Marissa in this episode was criminal. Why are the writers sleeping on Yoli's storyline so bad in the back half of this season? 

An Unhappy Gigi - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13

The first season of Grand Hotel has come to an end, and it seems impossible not to be left salivating for more after that insane first run.

What are your thoughts after that incredible finale?

Were you satisfied with the conclusion to the Sky mystery? 

What is your gut instinct on who is responsible for shooting Santiago? 

Are you captivated enough by Grand Hotel to want a second season?

Leave your thoughts below and make sure to go watch Grand Hotel online at TV Fanatic to relive all the crazy twisty drama of Season 1. 

A Perfect Storm Review

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Sky: Oh, how does your mom even sit in this dress?
Yoli: Oh well, Gigi doesn't sit, she floats.
Sky: If JLo and Cardi B had a baby, it would be this closet.

Ingrid: They're tiny but they'll get you in trouble.
Javi: Could say the same about you.