Weekly Roundup for 8-9-2019: We Have Questions About Big Brother, Euphoria, Yellowstone & More

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Is summer really as uneventful on television as it appears?

With all the questions we have for you after the week, we don't think so.

We've come up with some questions that we want you to answer. Get into the zone and have some fun!

Poolside Hang Out - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 1

1) Given the ambiguity of Rue's fate at then end of Euphoria Season 1, were you pleased the showrunner addressed it, or would you have rather waited until the next season to learn more?  

2) Should Callie have moved out of the Coterie on Good Trouble? Do you want Dennis and Davia to get together soon or should they wait? Is the show losing its steam already or suffering from a sophomore slump?   

3) The premiere of Preacher Season 4 offered a fairly hellish represenation of God as vengeful but with good taste in soft drinks. Do you think God's drink of choice would be Dr. Pepper, or would you rather he swilled back something else?

God is Abhorrent - Preacher Season 4 Episode 2

4) A recurring character got killed on Claws this week. With as much as they've been through, would you rather one of the original cast members take the hit even if it means a bit more heartbreak for you?  

5) Given how amazing Jasmine's reviews are of the V.C. Andrews Casteel family movies, how many of you are still watching just to see her take on them? Did you know three still remain??  

6) Given what we know now about Javi's addiction on Grand Hotel, do you think that he is capable of being the one responsible for Sky's disappearance?

Cookie Monster - Tall  - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8

7) The Animal Kingdom flashbacks have been a highlight of the season. Do you kind of wish there was going to be a spinoff set in that era? Would you watch?  

8) What does Tom's discovery about who can hear Roven mean for Cassie's mental health on The InBetween?  

9) Should Ronnie have let his abusive baby mama have shown up at Mike the Situation's wedding on Jersey Shore?  

10) Blood & Treasure ended its first season with the reveal that the Farouk Danny and Lexi chased all season (and who died) wasn't the real Farouk. Can you think of an ending to the season that could have topped that?

Big Secret - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 13

11) I recommended The CW's Two-Sentence Horror Stories this week. Did you watch? Did you agree they were really freaky for 22-minute tales? And did any of you guess the sentences at the root of the stories?  

12) In a word, was The 100 finale a success or a disappointment?  

13) Can the Bordelons EVER forgive Nova on Queen Sugar? Should they? What does Aunt Vi have on Sam Landry? Does he have an illegitimate biracial kid out there?  

14) Serena Joy is in Canada hoping to live a new life with her daughter on The Handmaid's Tale. Can you root for her after turning her back on all women in Gilead for her own purpose?

Serena In Canada - The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 12

15) One you watched BH90210, did you like the premise more than you first thought? If you weren't even around to watch the first, were you familiar enough with the actors to give the show a go?  

16) Are you enjoying the surprising developing friendship between Jessica and Nick on Pearson as much as we are?  

17) Where do you stand when it comes to Josh's presence in Liza's life on Younger? Should their friendship be solidified and the will/they won't/they of it finaly disappear, or do you secretly hope Liza and Josh are endgame?

Candelight Dinner - Younger Season 6 Episode 8

18) How shocking was this week's brutal death on Krypton? And how about that final salute?  

19) Don't you think Dan Jenkins got off a little light compared to the Duttons and Rainwater in the way Beck sent them a message on Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 7?  

20) How do you think Teresa will lash out over Tony's death on Queen of the South?

Someone is Stealing - Tall - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 10

21) Julie Chen put evicted Big Brother houseguest Jack on the spot by airing a few of his controversial remarks and having him respond to the clips. Should they adopt this policy for all future houseguests moving forward?  

22) Are you REALLY as uninterested in The Walking Dead universe as you appear to in the comments of each article? Are you done with it or will you keep watching everything that rolls out?  

23) Krista Vernoff is talking about bringing someone back to Grey's Anatomy. What character should it be?  

24) Do you think A Million Little Things is overreaching by committing to 19 episode for the second season?

OK! Hit the comments with all your thoughts on the latest week of television.

We'll be waiting!

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