Quotes of the Week: Killjoys, Grand Hotel, Fear the Walking Dead & More!

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It's time for the quotes of the week!

We have some great ones for you even though the pickin's are slim with series at the moment.

Maybe if every summer show didn't play across two nights, there would be more opportunity for them to stand out in the heat!

Entering the Fight - Killjoys

Dutch: Ever since we got away from The Lady, things have been weird.
Johnny: Things are always weird with us. It's our brand. I've gotten used to it.

Secrets Are Revealed - Grand Hotel

Oh come on, boys, don't make me get out a ruler and start measuring.


Tall Brothers - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 13

J: We need to have a funeral or a memorial or something.
Pope: What?
J: All eyes are on us right now. We're still the Codys. Everyone needs to know we're strong with or without Smurf. We need to let people know that we'll take care of business.
Pope: No funeral.

Ian & Brian - BH90210 Season 1 Episode 3

Ian: When did it become inappropriate to compliment a woman?
Brian: I think it was like 2007 when it turned the corner.
Ian: If I didn't compliment Stacy every hour, she'd be all over me.
Jason: Dude, you probably should have taken that as a sign.

Jennie: This is surreal, right?
Tori: What? That we're so old we all need readers?
Brian: Bananas. I keep thinking, "What the hell have I done?"

Violet Comforts Darla - Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 10

Violet: Darla, Baby, you listen to me. Listen, if you were out of it then you were not in the right mind to agree to anything. Do you hear me? And that ain’t just my opinion that’s the law. You understand?
Darla: But…
Violet: But, my ass. There is no "but" here.
Darla: I was…I was… Maybe, maybe I didn’t say no.
Violet: And maybe you did or maybe you didn’t say nothing because you couldn’t. If you can’t remember any of this…It was hard for me too but he was my husband and I was young and thought this was just the way it had to be. I even stopped saying no because it didn’t seem to matter. Blamed myself, thought there was something wrong with me, but I know now that it wasn’t right then and it ain’t right now. No means no, no matter the circumstances. And even if you don’t say no, or can’t, don’t no man or anybody else have the right to take advantage of you. That’s rape.

Wedding Dress Shopping - Younger

Liza: I don't know about you, but I didn't know what I wanted in my twenties.
Diana: Oh, you mean two weeks ago?

Pat McGann Plots - Tall  - Pearson Season 1 Episode 6

Pat: Banks have tightened their belts since '06.
Jessica: Yeah, for regular people. But rich people can always get more money. That's why they're rich.

Morgan and Grace - Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10

Dwight: So, we should go meet up with the others.
Grace: Where our caravan's going, we need everything we can find in this place.
Dwight: What if they find us?
Grace: No, they won't. We were careful. No chatter. No breadcrumbs.
Dwight: They might have heard the same message that brought us here.
Morgan: You think they're in range?
Dwight: I'm picking up Daniel's signal.
Morgan: Right.
Grace: So, we go?
Dwight: They're pretty pissed about the gas. I want to make sure we're standing if they're on their way here.
Morgan: If they're hitting truck stops, we're going to need everything that's in here more than ever.

King George Returns - Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 12

Receptionist: Are you here for a tan?
George: Let me ask you a question. Are the Speedos optional?

Tom Sinks Into the Couch - Succession Season 2 Episode 2

Greg: Being at ATN, you know, is kind of like the one thing I didn't want to do?
Tom: Oh, OK. Should I have left you at parks to sink? I mean, it's ATN man. It's the fuckin' news.
Greg: I know.
Tom: It's Logan's G-spot. I can finger-bang him all night long. I'm a direct, direct report. What?
Greg: Sure. Just? ATN, it's like, kind of against my principles?
Tom: Your principles?? Greg, don't be an asshole. You don't have principles.

A Face in the Crowd - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 10

Donovan: Hey, so I saw this and thought of you.
Abigail: Wow. [opens jewelry box] You must think a lot of me. I love it!
Donovan: I love you.
Abigail. Oh. Thank you.
Donovan: Thank you.
Abigail: That's really nice to hear.
Donovan: Yeah, I suppose it is!

A Man's Man - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 9

There's a saying out here. If your daughter's riding a horse, no one's riding her.


Making a Play - Suits

Harvey: What are we doing?
Louis: I'll tell you what we're doing: We're getting Samantha her job back.

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TV Quotes Quotes

Senator: Look, I get it. But you have no idea how complicated this situation is.
Sam: You know what? You're right. And that's a good thing. We finally have a common struggle now. Think about that. For once, all the people who've been begging, and I mean, literally begging for you to feel how hard any given day is... now you know. How did it feel to be helpless? Now, if you could remember what it was like to be helpless and face a force so powerful it could erase half the planet, you would know that you're about to have the exact same impact. This isn't about easy decisions, Senator.
Senator: You just don't understand.
Sam: I'm a Black man carrying the stars and stripes. What don't I understand? Every time I pick this thing up, I know there are millions of people out there who are gonna hate me for it. Even now, here, I feel it. The stares, the judgment. And there's nothing I can do to change it. Yet, I'm still here. No super serum, no blond hair, or blue eyes. The only power I have is that I believe we can do better. We can't demand that people step up if we don't meet them halfway. Look, you control the banks. Shit, you can move borders! You can knock down a forest with an email; you can feed a million people with a phone call. But the question is, who's in the room with you when you're making those decisions? Hmm? Is it the people you're gonna impact? Or is it just more people like you? I mean, this girl died trying to stop you, and no one has stopped for one second to ask why. You've gotta do better, Senator. You've gotta step up. Because if you don't, the next Karli will. And you don't wanna see 2.0. People believed in her cause so much that they helped her defy the strongest governments in the world. Why do you think that is? Look, you people have just as much power as an insane god or a misguided teenager. The question you have to ask yourself is, how are you going to use it?

Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper. Only out of spite.