Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

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Battle lines were drawn on Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7, and it's becoming more apparent than ever that the characters are about to face up to the fact that actions have consequences. 

For an installment that was promoted as Cassie-centric, the bulk of her storyline played out in the periphery.

That wasn't a bad thing because it helped advance the other storylines to the point that tensions are about to boil over on Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8 -- the season finale. 

Cassie Learns the Truth - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7

Cassie is a teenager trying to find her place in the world, and the emphasis on her was needed to fully understand why she acts the way she does daily. 

The nods to the past and her fraught relationship with her father was a nice way to help us understand her. It appears that her strained relationship with her father has pushed her to seek the validation of men. 

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It's not uncommon, and Cassie has a knack for wanting to please every man that walks into her life. I appreciated the fact that she wanted to own up to everything to McKay. 

Cassie Fumes - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 6

Sometimes, it's difficult to get words out when your back is against the wall, and Cassie seeking the support of not only her friends but her sister and mother proved that she was not the type of person to brush things under the rug. 

I’m not saying I want to have a baby. I just wanted to dream about it for a minute.


McKay's reaction to the pregnancy was no surprise. He's already feeling an immense amount of pressure to prove himself at college football and to impress his parents who want nothing but the best for him. 

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The addition of a child is not the type of pressure McKay wants in his life, but that may well cause conflict in his relationship with Cassie. 

A Halloween Costume - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 6

Cassie likes to think of the bigger picture, and does not want to regret a thing. She's thinking the whole thing through before sticking to a decision, whereas McKay was set in his ways from the get-go. 

What if this is what I’m supposed to do with my life?


In his eyes, he doesn't want anything to get in his way. I dare say that if Cassie or someone else comes clean about the two nights with Daniel, then he will use that as a way to dump Cassie because of the potential child situation. 

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As things stand, we don't fully know Cassie's decision. It could go either way because she's not an easy person to read, and that's part of what makes the character such an intriguing one to watch. 

The First Meeting - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4

Thankfully, her sister, Lexi got a lot to do in the episode thanks to her working with Rue to piece together the clues about the Tyler/Nate/Jules/Maddy situation. 

Making Rue and Lexi buddy cops was a real stroke of genius. Zendaya and Maude Apatow have an undeniable connection when they share the screen, and if anyone can crack the case, it's those two. 

Cassie’s dad was handsome, the kind of handsome that made people treat him differently.


Rue is driven by the fact that her relationship with Jules is broken as a result of recent events, and she knows that taking Nate out of the equation is the best course of action. 

However, it was clear Rue was in a manic state throughout the installment as she went from scenario to scenario, but the good thing about her was that she owned up to the fact that she thought she had Bipolar or something else. 

Zendaya Plays Rue - Euphoria

She knew there had to be a reason for the way she was acting. That's why she realized at the close of the hour that she needed help, despite managing to stay away from drugs every single time there was a temptation. 

You know this isn’t gonna end well.


My initial concern with Rue on Euphoria Season 1 Episode 1 was that the character was going to make a string of terrible decisions without learning from her mistakes. Even though she's a flawed individual, she's developing and attempting to progress. 

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Not going to the bathroom for extended periods is not normal, and it could be foreshadowing a dark fate for Rue. 

There have been many theories posted online that revolve around Rue dying but continuing to narrate the series. On a show with this subject matter, it would not be a surprise. 

No Idea - Euphoria

She may be fighting to stay alive right now, but she's making some mistakes. 

Bringing Fez into her feud against Nate was a silly move. Did she think Nate was not going to bite back?

Listen, man, I’m sayin’ you keep f—king with Rue and her friends, I’m gonna kill you.


Fez would have been wise to keep his mouth shut about Rue and Jules because the whole thing has probably cost him his freedom, and the money to keep his grandmother alive. 

Making a Fight - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7

I figured Fez would want to take a low-key approach to the matter given that he's got a booming drugs business, but his threat to kill Nate was the moment it became apparent there was going to be blowback. 

The only positive here is that Nate's reign of terror should be concluding soon. He's been on a power trip, manipulating situations for his benefit, and ruining lives in the process. 

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You know he's messed up when even his messed up father is worried that getting off the hook has taught him the wrong lesson. The cracks in the Jacobs family are starting to appear, and it wouldn't surprise me if Cal decided to come clean about his motel sexploits before Euphoria Season 1 is over. 

I’m not exactly in the best place. I came here so I wouldn’t have to think about it.


As we look towards Euphoria Season 2, it's likely the Jacobs family name will be disgraced to the point that they will skip town and be a distant memory. 

The Morning After - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7

Poor Jules needed a break from the confines of the suburbs to let loose in somewhere that did not have Nate. If anything, this helped her realize that she's in love with Rue, but she can't truly get away from Nate.

He's treated her like crap from the get-go, and those trippy scenes in the club certainly seemed to suggest that Jules could have invited him along for her trip. If Euphoria wants to prove anything, it's that things can change on a dime. 

Then again, Nate is the type of creep who would have probably followed her on her journey to cause problems for her. Right now, it's unclear whether he actually has feelings for Jules or if he's worried that she exposes his father. 

The Truth? - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7

The downfall of Fez's operation will probably spell doom for Kat's, and it appears as though she's starting to think of the effect her webcam sessions are having on her life. 

Kat was in the shadow of her friend group on Euphoria Season 1, but she went from hating herself to feeling sexy and confident when her video went viral on porn sites. 

Maddy's outburst at her was not warranted. In the past, Kat may have dropped her plans to comfort Maddy, but times have changed, and Maddy is no longer the priority she once was. 

People grow up and drift apart from their friends, and Maddy has not been the best friend to any of these girls. Instead, she runs her mouth the moment one of them steps out of line or throws shade about her boyfriend. 

Maddy and Nate - Euphoria Season 1 Episode 5

If and when Nate is written out, we will probably be left with a much softer version of Maddy, one who actually takes other people's considerations into mind. 

That's all I got, Euphoria Fanatics!

What did you think of the latest developments?

Hit the comments below. 

Euphoria Season 1 wraps Sunday, August 4 on HBO. 

Watch a teaser below:

The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed Review

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What I really meant to say is my mom can do better and I hate seeing you sit in the chair my dad sat in.


Cassie’s dad was handsome, the kind of handsome that made people treat him differently.