Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9 Review: The Shadow of Projekt Athena

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Well, I guess Fabi was generally a good guy after all.

It's a shame he had to be killed off before viewers could realize that on Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9.

There was that whole murdering-the-traitor thing, but details ...

Tensions Rise -- Tall - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

Sadly, once Gwen pieced together that Fabi was a double agent for the Brotherhood of Serapis, his usefulness as an undercover asset was shot.

Oops, poor choice of words!

Armed and Dangerous - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

Danny and Lexi had a solid plan: work together with Fabi, since the Brotherhood at least has some off-the-book resources.

They capture Farouk and the Brotherhood gets back Cleopatra.

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Everybody wins!

This masterplan lasted long enough for Fabi to pack a bag and then get surrounded by half the police in Rome, all of them pissed off, at the airport.

It was amusing that he thought he was going to get away from Gwen.

Racing to the Rescue - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

He deserved to get his ass kicked for that maneuver.

I didn't get all the hostility toward Fabi from the police.

They wanted to stop Farouk, and the Brotherhood wanted to retrieve Cleopatra before Farouk found her.

So it wasn't like their goals were completely incapatible.

I'm guessing it was all the lies of omission by Fabi that got to them.

Now, however, correct me if I'm wrong, but for a worldwide cult with seemingly endless resources, the Brotherhood hasn't accomplished shit in 70-plus years.

I mean, the Nazis stole Cleopatra back in 1944 and the Brotherhood hasn't found a trace of her yet.

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Yea, team!

Danny and Lexi have made more progress in a few months than the Brotherhood has in decades.

Why does Lexi want to get inside the Brotherhood again?

Volunteer Hostage - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

Yeah, right. Family issues.

Wouldn't the Brotherhood be better off just slapping some kind of tracker on Danny's phone?

Not Lexi's phone though. She's got too many burners to know which one to bug.

Fabi's arrest cut off Danny and Lexi's connection to the Brotherhood.

It's a good thing they still had Jay Reece's black card when they decided to follow a hunch.

Sneaking Around - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

That was a pretty sound strategy that Danny had: If you are looking for particular Nazis, start with those who know them best -- Nazi hunters.

After they were lucky enough to survive the booby traps, they got access to one of the best in Moshe Cohen.

Those ex-Mossad don't mess around. They're used to being surrounded by enemies and are prepared for the worst.

Surveillance: Sophia Bush Pilot Not Moving Forward at CBS

Between Danny's Project Paperclip (worst codename ever) file and Moshe's records, they were able to locate Cleopatra's next stop in rural Quebec, the site of a dam disaster which impacted hundreds in 1945.

That was a great choice for a hiding place. The Quebecois treat any non-French people with equal disdain and pay them no mind.

Obviously, the Nazis didn't bring enough scientists along to construct Projekt Athena properly. That was a real mad-scientist setup there.

Working Alone - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

It certainly explained the whole dam disaster incident.

All the wordplay with Caroline inside the dam was a damn nice touch.

Danny and Lexi violated the cardinal rule of horror movies: beware of the creepy dude living by himself in a dilapidated building. Caretaker, my ass!

Was it any wonder Larose just happened to have a taser handy? I think not.

It's a good thing Fabi had been able to overpower the buffoons he used to work alongside and escape.

Even better, the Brotherhood was able to determine where Danny and Lexi had taken one of Jay's planes.

And, even more convenient, Fabi had been there before.

At least I think he had since Lerose said Fabi had killed his father, Lt. Steiner.

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But if that was the case, why did Fabi have to ask Caroline where Lerose lived?

Chalk it up to stress of the moment, I'd say.

Fabi got there in time to free Lexi, then they confronted Danny, who was threatening Danny.

Showdown for a Rescue - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

After Danny and Lexi talked over each other for a time (they do that a lot), Lexi ended up as Lerose's hostage, since he didn't trust the man who had killed his father.

But once Fabi explained that Lerose killed his partner, who was Lexi's mother, Lexi stopped being a willing hostage, and Lerose got killed, and Fabi critically wounded in an exchange of gunfire. 

The key development to come out of this trip north of the border was that it was Lexi's mother, not her father, who was in the Brotherhood.

And she had planned for Lexi to follow in her footsteps, which was likely why her father sent her away to boarding school.

Danny's knack for mementos came in handy.

He sent Steiner's Iron Cross to Moshe then gave Fabi's pendant to Lexi so that she could infiltrate the Brotherhood.

Cover Fire - Blood & Treasure Season 1 Episode 9

All seemed right with those two, as Danny seemed to have forgiven her little side investigation with Fabi.

Now, will Danny and Lexi try working with Gwen again? Or is she too much of a stickler for procedure?

It appeared that Gwen had been uninvited by the Italian police, as they seemed to blame her for Fabi's death, even though they allowed him to escape.

So with whom will she investigate now?

On a side note, mentioning Father Chuck in passing and mentioning what he screamed is not the same as having Father Chuck in the episode.

Bring back Father Chuck!

To review this meandering tale, watch Blood & Treasure online.

Were you surprised Fabi got killed off?

So Lepore sold Cleopatra to a drug lord? Huh?

Who can work with Gwen?

Comment below.

The Shadow of Projekt Athena Review

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