Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Know Thy Enemy

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It's getting a whole helluva lot more interesting in the Codys' world.

Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7 was about a lot of things, but what struck me most was the baby situation -- both Renn's and young Smurf's.

You can all say what you want, but young Smurf is pregnant.

And I don't even know why that excites me, but it does. Maybe it's because I love the relationship between Colin and Smurf so much.

Why is She Leaving? - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

The guy truly cares about her. And even though she won't admit it, she cares about him too.

And the fact that she was vomiting in the toilet at the end of the hour confirms she's pregnant.

She's not sick. She's carrying Colin's twins.

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Yep. Colin is Pope and Julia's father, and it's thrilling.

Now the question is what happened to Colin, and where is Smurf going in the present.

She's Not Playing Around - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

I have to wonder if maybe Smurf is planning on paying a visit to her old boyfriend -- if he's still alive.

Or maybe she's going to visit Jake or the other guy (Lou?) to take out her anger for something that we don't know happened yet.

Maybe Jake and the other guy's stupidity cost Colin his life?

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It would be great if Colin were alive, but I can't imagine Smurf wouldn't still be with him if he was.

Colin being Pope and Julia's father probably is the reason why she loves Pope so much. He's her favorite hands down.

We don't know much about her relationship with Julia, but based on what happened with Jake's girlfriend in the flashbacks and what Angela said to her friend, it seems Smurf wants to be the only woman in the group.

Contemplating a Job - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

Whatever is going on, Smurf is pissed. Whoever she's going after better watch out.

Angela better watch her back, too.

If I could've fast-forwarded through all her scenes, I would have.

I cannot stand anything about her.

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All of her constant questioning of Pope about Smurf's condition and her rapid-fire bulletins to J about whether or not Smurf has a will grated on my nerves to no end.

It's obvious she wants money. She probably would have settled for Smurf's offer of 15 grand to leave and never come back, but now that she knows Smurf is deathly ill, she wants a bigger piece of the pie.

Ugh. Angela. - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

I don't know who the girl was she had over while Smurf was gone. I also couldn't make out what was said about a gun or Angela being released six years before her jail time was up.

It seems like maybe Angela broke out of jail, but I don't know how that's possible.

If anyone can enlighten me on that part of the hour, it would be appreciated.

All I know is the sooner Angela gets out of town or dies, the happier I'll be. 

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I wish Pope would stop using her for release, but he's so stressed out about Smurf's condition that he needs something.

Even Smurf admitted that Angela is a calming force for him.

Still, she needs to go away.

What's Wrong with Pope - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

Now let's talk about Craig and Renn.

I firmly believe that Craig is the father.

Besides, the way Renn reacted to Craig becoming all fatherly-like is another good indicator that perhaps Renn has a secret she's not sharing with Craig yet.

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Maybe he even has a suspicion that the baby is his. Why else would he ask if she kept it?

And we know Craig is a good guy but isn't it a bit much for him to buy a crib and then research about breast pumps and everything else baby related?

It seemed like she was going to admit the baby was Craig's while they were at the beach before she got bitchy, but it didn't happen. 

(This picture is not from this episode, but we all want to see this again, right?)

Renn and Craig Forever - Animal Kingdom

It's understandable that Renn would be freaked out by Craig's behavior. It's a side of him she might not have seen before.

And it's freaky to her that he is showing so much care and concern for her and the baby which might make it more difficult for her to grasp how good of a dad he'd be.

Even if the baby isn't hers, we know Craig is going to be a good stepdad. Ben Robson admitted as much in our TV Fanatic interview.

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Still, I have my fingers crossed we'll be surprised with the news that the baby is Craig's.

Something else surprising is Deran's reaction to Adrian's admission about talking to the cops.

It makes the situation even worse knowing that Deran's hiding a huge secret because he loves Adrian so much.

Deran's in Trouble - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

It's going to come back to bite him mostly because Smurf won't tolerate that kind of behavior and neither will Pope.

Pope won't hesitate to kill either of them. Remember what he did to Catherine, a woman he loved? 

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Yeah. Deran and Adrian need to pack up their bags and run. None of us want to see him dead so that's his only choice.

Speaking about Pope, did anyone else get Halloween vibes when he was standing in the doorway watching Adrian? 

Michael Meyers - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

All he needed was a mask, and he could have been Michael Meyers.

And J? His plan isn't that great, but Smurf's going along with it so that's something.

Still, it doesn't feel right. They've done risky jobs before but this one might be over the top.

J Has a Bad Plan - Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 7

So over to you!

What do you all think about the baby situations?

Is young Smurf pregnant? 

Is she going to see Colin or planning to seek revenge on Jake and the other guy for letting Colin get killed if that's what happened?

Is Renn pregnant with Craig's baby?

Are you ready for Angela to leave?

What if she gets pregnant with Pope's baby?

Wouldn't that be a disaster?

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How do you think the situation with Deran and Adrian will play out?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Know Thy Enemy Review

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