iZombie Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Death of a Car Salesman

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Sales is a bloody sport. 

Ravi was on his zombie monthlies again during iZombie Season 5 Episode 8, but this time, he and Liv were on the same brain and working the same case.

It was amusing to no end, and Ravioli will be one of the greatest things about this series.

Closing Deals - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

McIver and Kohli have the best chemistry on the series, and it shines during hours like this where they get to work together and channel a personality together at the same time.

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The competition between the two as they fought like hell to sell the most raffle tickets provided the perfect amount of humor to the murder case.

Poor Clive, as per usual, had his hands full with the two of them running around in suits, chewing on toothpicks, and trying to outdo each other by any means necessary.

Zombie Off - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

Their shared interrogation of Rick's widow was a highlight as they both moved in sync and fed off of each other's energy the most. They're a comedic golden couple.

Stu's daughter was the red herring, and that was a nice touch. They went out of their way to show how tech-challenged Stu was. He wouldn't have anything to do with a self-driving car, had a flip-phone, and he didn't text.

Coffee is for closers.


No one would haveguessed he studied all of his daughter's computer science books and learned how to hack the car to kill his arch-nemesis. However, it was odd he didn't consider his daughter would be the suspect given her hacking experience and past.

If coffee is for closers, then Clive was the only one who deserved a steaming mug of the good stuff. The kids were too busy competing to focus on the case.

Money Maker - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

Liv was also distracted by starting a relationship with her father. Martin responded to her well enough, but I can't for the life of me figure this man out.

He lied to her about his Utopium addiction, and it almost cost them their spanking brand-new relationship. Liv has her reservations about him, but she's not as on guard as she should be regarding him.

Martin: You're the reason I need to kick.
Liv: I don't think I have anything left to give, Martin. If I wasn't the reason when I was born why would I be now?

She works at a police station, and one of her best friends is currently running the station. Why isn't she looking into his background or something?

You can tell Ravi is trying to be supportive of her, but I would love to know how he feels about the situation. He's more inclined to have some reservations of his own.

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Martin has a mission; what is it? Hell if I know, but he does appear to be fond of Liv.

He was touched by her gestures to get him clean and rehabilitated, and he was in awe of the commercial about her job as Renegade. Enzo warned him against Liv, and he seems uneasy by Martin's possible inability to separate his love for his daughter from whatever it is they're doing.

Winner, Winner - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

Does he have reason to be worried about Martin ruining their plans? It's hard to tell if Liv will somehow influence Martin or if he's playing her.

What is this grand plan Martin and his cohorts are enacting?

New Seattle is on borrowed time, and the government officials and generals arranged to visit the city and meet with Major. It's hard to say what was to be gained by the meeting.

Congratulations, doc. You're a zombie now. If you want to survive you gotta do everything I say.


They were all resistant to anything Major had to say. He is falling back on Vivian's initial plan of putting all the zombies on zombie island, and while it's something which maybe could've worked eons ago, it's doubtful they'll allow it to work now.

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Zombie island puts more zombies than ever in a position where they all reside in one place and become easy targets to be nuked. What's the stop the government from blowing them to smithereens once they're all in one place?

They could arrange for another country to do it too, and how does that help with blended families? They were resistant to the idea, and the General was upset he didn't get to see his daughter.

The End is Near - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

He's sick of his daughter being used to negotiate. What he didn't expect was for Martin and his gang to have a new tactic.

It was shocking when Spud scratched the doctor and told him he needed to do whatever he said if he wanted to remain alive. However, it was a jaw-dropper when the doctor scratched the senator.

From the sounds of it, a few of the officials were scratched and given limited supplies to sustain themselves in their condition. The zombie virus is outside of a quarantined Seattle. Now, they have a new incentive to resolve the zombie issue in however context it's needed.

It's taking too long to find out what the actual plan is; I'm beyond impatient. What the hell is going on?!

Peak TV my ass.


Blaine has done a full 360-degree turn during this series. He's now back to human smuggling and kidnapping and potentially killing teenagers. They're kids, Blaine. No matter what you use to justify it or soften the blow; they're freaking kids.

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It's incredible what you can talk a person into for the right price. All the morals the smugglers pretended to have about kidnapping sick teens for their brains went out the window when Blaine offered them money they couldn't refuse.

Blaine 360 - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

How sickening.

Ravi is doing his damndest to track all of the teens down and warn them; he wants to protect them, but Blaine is doing what Blaine does best. At this rate, an unlikely source (Don E) may be what puts a wrench in Blaine's plans.

He instantly fell for Darcy. He met his match with her, and while she's human, she's a Freylich kid, so she can't be turned. He's been looking for love for quite some time, and he believes she's the girl the matchmaker told him about.

We can switch. I can run the bar, and you can be the zombie prostitute.


He's not inclined to give her up anytime soon, and he sure as hell won't give her up for Blaine. He's sacrificed a lot for Blaine, and it hasn't gotten him much.

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Don E has become the unsung hero, and the time and story devoted to him are well-deserved. When he finds out what Blaine has planned for Darcy, I doubt he's going to go along with his old friend.

Hi Zombie!  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 8

In other news, Hi, Zombie took off, and it got a few chuckles out of some of the Z-team, but it's hardly something that will save the city. Also, Peyton returned. She's been so underused again this season.

Over to you, iZombie Fanatics. Do you think Don E will pick Darcy over Blaine when it comes down to it? What is Martin's grand plan? Hit the comments below!

If you missed anything, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic!

Death of a Car Salesman Review

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Congratulations, doc. You're a zombie now. If you want to survive you gotta do everything I say.


Blaine: We barely spend any time together anymore. What happened to us?
Don E: I have a bar to run.