NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19 Review: A House Divided

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Fitzgerald got credited with saying that the rich are different than you and me.

That doesn't necessarily mean better, as was proven on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19.

And surprisingly, Sebastian got to be the guide for the team while they investigated the death of a Navy lieutenant from a wealthy family.

Accidental or Foul Play -- Tall - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19

Who woulda thunk that our favorite lab rat went to a bougie prep school and could be the snob whisperer for the squad as they tried to determine whether Wyatt died of natural causes?

I was more on Gregorio's side as she got more and more pissed off at the attitudes of the rich witnesses, all of whom seemed put out having to answer questions during an investigation following Wyatt's fall down the steps.

The writers keep coming up with clever ways for Pride to work with the team instead of doing the job he's being paid to do as Special Agent in Charge.

This time, he was there because Pride's bosses wanted someone with an impressive title to investigate Wyatt's death. Not that he got very far because they definitely weren't his peeps.

It was a good thing that Sebastian was there to kiss wealthy ass, or NCIS wouldn't have gotten as far as they did.

A Lesson in Manners - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19

Not that they got very far. We're used to seeing the politicians and the mobsters of New Orleans, but the rich, well, they're different.

The Prescotts' lawyer had soon circled the wagons and was calling in favors from the politicians and civil servants the family had bought off through the years.

And Pride and company were quickly stonewalled.

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But Pride had been around long enough that he suggested the wise approach of determining what Wyatt had been doing lately, and who he might have angered.

The big break was finding a CGIS agent who had been mysteriously forced out of his job because he had looked into the wrong anomaly.

Death at the Gala - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19

He also asked the wrong person to help him, and Wyatt ended up dead as a result.

The concept of purgatory containers was intriguing, as was exploiting a statistical glitch as a method for smuggling counterfeit cash into the country.

And surprise, surprise! It traced back to one of the Prescotts and eventually all of the Prescotts.

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I thought the lawyer Butler was more involved in the smuggling operation. Granted, she aided and abetted her ass off and will get charged in the end, but she was more protecting her clients than making herself rich.

Loretta was also pretty ingenious. Wyatt's body may have been stolen away from her when she wasn't looking, but she was resourceful. The blood sample she had taken proved that Wyatt had gotten dosed with drugs which left him susceptible to what followed.

Unhappy Coroner - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19

Other than Wyatt, who should never have come home, what a horrible family the Prescotts were.

Bryce, cut off by his mother, got his revenge by using the family shipping company for smuggling.

Caleb ran down Bryce because Caleb believed Bryce had killed Wyatt because Wyatt threatened to expose him. 

Angela, who can't afford a hint of scandal while she's working on a merger with a rival company, dosed Wyatt hoping that would make him more amenable to her arguments. 

But instead, a drugged Wyatt fell down the stairs. So the family coverup that his death was an accident was true, kind of. So it's another rich lineage that has reached the end of its line.

Partners in Crime - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19

It was good to see that LaSalle took something away from his brief time as a caretaker CEO. He correctly identified Prescott Shipping as a failing corporation (takes one to know one) which helped the team to pinpoint the reason Angela got her hands dirty.

Pride had balls inviting Butler, the Prescotts' lawyer, to the Tru Tone to request her help in setting up Angela. She may have done it out of a sense of responsibility to her clients, but more likely she was only angling for a reduced sentence.

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And, really, asking for a Zinfindel at the Tru Tone? How gauche!

After her turn as Sally Langston on Scandal, you just knew Kate Burton's Angela was just as dirty as two of her sons. 

What's that which is said about the third generation in a family business? They're too accustomed to wealth and privilege and can't get their acts together to provide the necessary leadership. 

Steady Lieutenant - NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 19

Now let's look at how this season of transition, now nearing its end, has proceeded.

Hannah has been a strong addition. Because of Pride's omnipresence, she's had to recede somewhat as a leader. She's well enough established in her career that she doesn't hesitate to question or prod Pride.

LaSalle is the one who's suffered the most from Hannah's presence, in part because he's no longer Pride's second in command. He seems missing for huge chunks of episodes, even though he's there.

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Gregorio has faded into the background less because of her Odd Couple relationship with new roomie Sebastian.

It was a sweet moment this episode when she asked him why he didn't use his stock algorithm to make himself rich. Then he replied that he has everything he wants. He's a man of simple tastes.

To follow the transition, watch NCIS: New Orleans online.

How long before you decided that all the Prescotts were guilty in some way?

Who did you hate more, the Prescotts or the lawyer?

Wasn't it interesting to discover that Pride's contacts don't exist in all levels of New Orleans society?

Comment below.

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