Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12 Review: AWOL

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On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12, we say goodbye to Avery as he makes his way to Afghanistan.

I know I said I wanted him out of Murphy's house, but I really didn't mean for him to flee to a war-torn country.

Murphy and Avery vert - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12

I should've seen it coming, and some of you probably did, but it hit me by surprise to see him packing.

After the scene with him and Murphy in the bedroom, I thought back on the episode, and everything was leading to this point.

Avery was obsessed with the Afghanistan story. He was full of ideas about the source. He was also bored and looking for the next chapter in his life.

I'm from gator territory. I think gator, I speak gator. I even lost my Grandma to a gator.


It's like when you watch Sixth Sense for the first time, and you get to the end. You realize you should've known Bruce Willis was dead all along.

It makes you rethink the whole movie. That's what this episode had me doing.

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Okay, maybe not to the level of The Sixth Sense, but you know what I'm saying.

Avery's boredom and restlessness, coupled with the good ol' stories from Murph and the gang, and various people's pity circling around him like vultures, pushed him right out the door.

Avery and his Dog - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12

As a mother, you have to feel for Murphy. Part of her is proud that her son is doing this brave thing, mirroring Kronkite, but most of her is scared to death.

I'm sure they won't kill him off. Wait, would they? No, I don't think so. That would devastate Murphy to the point of no return.

Who then would wield funny lines at us?

I am glad they gave Avery a real purpose where he can make a difference because we all know he wasn't making a dent in the Wolf Network.

You can't outrun me, mister. I've got two fake hips. I'm bionic!


They replaced him in two shakes, and who wants to be that replaceable.

That's not where Avery was going to make a name for himself. Going to Afghanistan and breaking a huge story would put him on the map, although I still don't think Diana would hire him.

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What's the point of her again? She's irritating.

It's kinda funny how Miles is so terrified of her, but that has more to do with his neurosis than it has to do with her.

Phyllis at the Bar - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12

When Miles gets nervous, he tends to ramble, and it cracks me up.

Like when Phyllis gave him that look after she let Frank have it. I don't know what that was about, but it did make me laugh.

Phyllis was donning green streaks in this episode, and I think they made her pretty sassy. I'm going to pay better attention to her steaks from now on to see if they correlate with her mood.

One of the things I love about the way they frame each Murphy Brown episode is this: it starts in the newsroom with the end of Murphy in the Morning, then there's some time at home, then back to work, and we circle to the bar.

How are you gonna get us out of Afghanistan if you can't even find your way out of here?


No matter what's going on in the storyline, there's a sure pattern about it that's comforting. It gives you a chance to interact with each character. You pretty much know you're going to see everyone and get to know them.

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Unlike Modern Family, for instance. Yes, you know you're going to see the Dunphy house, sometimes the Pritchetts, but you're not going to see every character. It's haphazard.

While the unpredictability has its benefits, so too does an undercurrent of rhythmic predictability.

Murphy Interview - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12

It's obvious now why Benny Brown came into Murphy's life. He's there to keep her company while Avery's away.

The interaction between Murphy and Benny has already been adorable, and it will give us some good moments at home with Murphy while she's living alone.

Let me ask you something. What the hell do you need a menu for? It hasn't changed in 40 years. Figure out whatever the hell you want and I will give you whatever the hell I've got.


What did you think, Murphy Brown fanatics? Were you surprised Avery took off to Afghanistan? Do you like the addition of Benny Brown? What made you laugh the most in this episode?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 12 Quotes

How are you gonna get us out of Afghanistan if you can't even find your way out of here?


You can't outrun me, mister. I've got two fake hips. I'm bionic!