Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11 Review: The Wheels on the Dog Go 'Round and 'Round

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On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11, Murphy gets a dog, and Avery gets a wake-up call.

We all knew it was only a matter of time before Avery lost his marbles on the air.

He was going into the lion's den and expecting to change an entire network from the inside.

Murphy and Her New Dog - Tall - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11

He's young, but he's not that young.

When something looks too good to be true, it usually is. Was Avery so arrogant that he thought he would get this primetime slot with no strings attached?

No matter what network he was on, there would be strings attached.

So they basically lied to me.


I wonder if this means he's going to move to Murphy's network.

He might not want to be under the Murphy umbrella, but Murph is such a huge name in the news, he would be under her shadow a bit anyway, so what's the difference?

Phyllis at the Bar - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11

Avery could do another show in another timeslot with the same network Murphy works for, and do his own thing. In fact, he could do exactly what he was doing on the Wolf Network.

But let's face it, nobody is ever going to do what Avery just did on live TV. Not if they expect any kind of career afterward.

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I'm sure this has happened in real life to real journalists, and they probably walked away. But there's a huge difference between walking away and calling out your network live.

Bottom line, it's unprofessional.

He can call roadside assistance.


What's more, he probably signed a contract saying he wouldn't talk badly about the network. I'm sure that's not going to come up. They'll simply fire him, but still.

One thing I loved about this episode was Murphy getting a dog. Not only any dog but a disabled dog.

She shouldn't be shocked that shelters kill a lot of dogs each year. Does she not pay any attention to Corky's segments?

Murphy and Her Crew - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11

Anyway, kill shelters should be outlawed.

I can't see Murphy going to any lengths to shut the places down, although she should because she was undoubtedly outraged by it.

I'm not surprised she adopted a dog, though. Murphy might have come off as tough as nails back in the day, but she'a softie -- she just doesn't want anybody to know it.

Now that your near 30 and have your own TV show, I thought you could handle the responsibility.


On the political scale, this episode was pretty tame. A crack here and there, but mostly it was about lessons.

Avery learned a life lesson, and so did Murphy.

Murphy stepped out of her comfort zone and into a shelter, where she learned the fate of the dogs who live there too long.

Adopt a Dog - Tall - Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11

Imagine putting a timestamp on people! Have the government walk around the towns, painting giant Es on the doors of those who've overstayed their welcome.


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We already know what Avery learned.

So, what do we have going forward? Avery will continue to live with Murph and Benny Brown, unemployed, at age 30. I guess the wish that he move out isn't going forward.

What's that squeaking sound?


He won't be unemployed for long, I imagine. He's not going to let Murphy pull any strings for him either although she'll try anyway.

I know I keep saying this, but I'm going to repeat it. If the writers could leave the politics at this level, Murphy Brown might get another season. If not, I think their fate is sealed -- unfortunately.

There was a rumor floating around that the network canceled Murphy Brown and that there wouldn't be a second season.

Diane English jumped on Twitter to tell fans that there are 13 episodes in Murphy Brown Season 11 aka 1, and they are looking forward to Murphy Brown Season 12 aka 2.

That doesn't mean they're going to get it, just that she's looking forward to it.

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This reviewer knows how to read between the lines!

Candace Bergen received a nomination for a Golden Globe for her role as Murphy Brown, so it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to cancel it.

But, one person does not a show make. And although Candace and the entire main crew are excellent, that doesn't mean they're getting a renewal.

I think if they keep things light, with political punches here and there, they might have a shot.

I know I would like to see more of the characters. We still have two episodes to go in the season and some time to find out their fate.

If awards and Twitter chatter are any indication of a show's chance at renewal, things may be looking good.

What do you think Murphy Brown fanatics? Do you think we'll see a second season? What do you think of the name Murphy chose for her dog? What was the funniest part of this episode for you?

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The Wheels on the Dog Go 'Round and 'Round Review

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