God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Coney Island Cyclone

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The God Account aims to bring Miles closer to his father, and his faith, on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10

Technically, it's been the account's purpose all along, but it's becoming more obvious the deeper we go that the account's mission is personal. 

Miles might not have much faith in God, but he sure has faith in the God Account. 

Reconnecting - God Friended Me

Both he and his father are essentially doing the same thing -- helping those who need them even if they don't know it at first. 

While his father was initially skeptical about the account, he began warming up to the idea on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 9.

However, when the next friend suggestion included one of his parishioners, he still wasn't comfortable with Miles intervening. 

He told Ali it was because the God Account didn't equate to the work of God, but he also never gave it a real chance or saw it in action. 

A part of me also believes Arthur didn't want to admit his son, a non-believer, could know more about helping his parishioners than he did. 

It's unlike Arthur, but the fear of the unknown was allowing him to dismiss and judge something before he knew what it really stood for.

Arthur: I recognize the good your brother is doing and, of course, I want him out in the world helping people. I just wish. . .
Ali: What?
Arthur: It was done for reasons that are closer to home.
Ali: You mean God and not the God Account.

It's true, we don't know who is behind the God Account, but it hasn't just allowed Miles to help others, it's helped him expand his circle, find meaning in life, and reconnect with his father. 

It's brought so much positivity into Miles' life, a life that was previously riddled with doubt.

Once Arthur finally honored Miles' request to follow one of the suggestions, and approached it open-mindedly, he saw the magic in it; he saw the goodness Miles put into the world. Dare I say; he saw the light. 

Coney Island - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10

The quote his wife used to say -- "Everything that makes you smile is God" -- beautifully summed up the miracles his son keeps delivering. 

Miles wasn't just sent the Booker family because they were struggling with the passing of their mother and wife, the God Account knew that Papa Finer would not be able to assist them fully. 

Even though 17 years have passed since his wife's death, he's still mourning and thus, blinded by his grief. 

I'd even say Arthur's a bit biased because he's basing his advice on his own experiences with loss. 

He suggested that Mr. Booker run from his loss and get a fresh start because running away is easier than letting the pain in and feeling it. 

But that isn't helping anyone; it's just putting a band-aid over the boo-boo and letting it fester.

Arthur may be giving Aaron man-to-man advice, but neither of them knows what a child who just lost their mother needs. But do you know who does? Miles!

Miles' attempt at helping Hanna and Aaron open up to each other transferred over to some really powerful and emotional scenes between him and Arthur. 

These two have been on the right path as of late, but I kept getting the sense that something was stopping them from being completely honest. 

Don't Move - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10

It turns out, it was Miles' resentment for how his father handled their mother's passing. 

Miles broke all of our hearts by telling Arthur he never listened to what he needed and blamed him for not being there when mom died. 

God Friended Me has no shortage of emotionally-laden scenes, but this one was a gut-punch. 

Their heart-to-heart was especially pivotal because Miles revealed it was on his ninth birthday that he stopped praying and ultimately stopped believing in God.  

Arthur has always hated that Miles is an atheist but finding out he inadvertently made him that way is a tough pill to swallow. 

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It's especially hard because Arthur always thought he was doing the right thing. 

Being a widowed father taking care of two kids is not an easy situation in which to find yourself.

There's no right or wrong way to experience grief and loss, so you can't blame Arthur for doing what he felt was right and believing that there was a bigger plan. 

I wouldn't say he failed as a parent because Miles and Ali turned out pretty great and inherited many of his traits, but at that moment, Arthur felt like he failed. 

Though Miles is right about not being able to change the past, turns out you can air out overdue grievances and move forward.

You Didn't Listen - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10

Arthur and Miles' journey from estranged father-and-son to forgiving each other made their ride at Coney Island so much more meaningful. 

God Friended Me always succeeds in delivering feel-good, family moments.

You probably noticed that a recurring theme on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10 was correcting the wrongs of your past. 

Cara finally stepped out of trying to change the past and looked towards her future, though it took a few dozen people to spell it out for her. 

Eventually, she realized that running into Eli may have been fate, but they weren't necessarily fated to be together again. 

Cara: When we ran into each other on the street that night, I don't know, it felt like fate. And we both had changed so much, maybe we owed it to ourselves to try again.
Eli: I still want to.
Cara: I know. And I thought I did too. But the thing is I don't think we changed so we can get back together. I think we changed so we could keep moving forward. And I need to keep doing that.

Cara was trying to make something happen that once used to be "it" for her, but since that break-up, she's matured and grown, and all she was doing was trying to fit the wrong piece into a puzzle. 

Eli was nice, but she was always uncertain about being with him. Anytime anyone asked her about her future with him, she was stumped. 

If she couldn't convince those around her, how was she going to convince herself?

It was a bit annoying to have everyone plant doubts in her mind about the relationship because she knew her truth and knew she had to cancel the trip. She should have just followed her gut. 

Also, Eli has been in a total of two to three episodes, and each time he's suggested that Cara might be into Miles. 

Fibonacci Falken - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10

I know the show is trying to utilize every opportunity to bring it back to Miles, but if your boyfriend keeps bringing up another guy, it's safe to say either he sees something you don't, or he has jealousy issues. 

Both are red flags! 

I'm glad that Cara's decision to call it off with Eli wasn't about Miles. Yes, we want them to be together and know they will be eventually, but this was all about her journey to fulfillment.

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When Pria, the woman who delivered the college piece about Henry Chase, mentioned giving up her career for love, you could tell Cara didn't want to be the woman who settles.

And especially not for a man she doesn't love with all of her heart and soul.

Cara's priorities as of late haven't been about a relationship; she's more excited about her upcoming promotion at work and more focused on her investigative journalism with the God Account than she is about a man. 

I don't think she's even ready for a relationship right now. 

Miles: And I know it might sound crazy, but that's the thing about the God Account. It never does anything without a purpose, even if you can't see it at first.
Arthur: Sounds like you're talking about faith.
Miles: No. No, no, no. I'm talking about proof.

But if it does happen, the relationship needs to compliment her ambitions and goals, which Miles does, by the way. 

Don't worry folks; I haven't jumped off the Ciles/Mara train yet! 

I wonder how Miles will react when he finds out about the split! Will he make his move?

That brings us to Falken, the most baffling and intriguing part of the series.  

All signs point to Rakesh being right about Falken aka Henry Chase being the man behind the account. 

Chase doesn't want to be found, but if there's anything this series has taught me, it's that anyone can be found with the proper dose of determination. 

I've Figured It Out - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10

Upon digging up Chase's college files, Rakesh and Cara found out he wrote a piece about "using technology to explore humanity" and bringing people together.

Sound like a blueprint for the God Account, right?

As the series starts questioning the mechanics behind the God Account, Rakesh realizes Falken has been leaving behind breadcrumbs this whole time. He wants to be found. 

According to Rakesh's research, which I trust wholeheartedly, each Friend Suggestion meeting point is a coordinate on the map resulting in a Fibonacci Spiral. 

Cara: Are you sure you don't recognize the name Henry Chase?
Miles: No. Why?
Cara: Well, if he is behind the God account then there must be some connection. A reason why he chose you.

That means that Falken would have predicted every single person Miles was going to help ahead of time.

I know the man was all about predictive analytics, but I'm going to quote Arthur here: "How is this even possible?"

On the other hand, if you think about it, all the suggestions have been either connected to Miles, someone Miles knows, or to another suggestion.

We should have known the loop was premeditated when the cab driver drove John Dove, who Miles saved and who later saved Cara when she got hit by a cab. 

It's all connected.

As luck would have it, they need one more friend suggestion to pinpoint Falken's location, and it just so happens to coincide with the fall finale. 

A recent promo for God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 11 reveals that said last suggestion will be the drunk driver who killed Miles' mom. 

I knew there was a reason she was getting brought up more frequently. 

Understandably, Miles doesn't want to help the man. Did he learn enough from the God Account to put his personal affections aside for the greater good?

I still think Cara is onto something with her theory that Miles had to know Henry Chase before. If Falken was looking for the perfect person to help people, why choose Miles?

Or was Falken a fan of his podcast who wanted to see if he could bring some hope and faith to Miles' life?

Other Thoughts

  • Fall in New York looks stunning. I might have to take a trip out there next year! 
  • I still need Ali to be more than just the mediator. They all need to start paying her for these counseling sessions! 
  • Rakesh and Jaya are doing just fine, so we can put our worries aside. He also said "she's the one," and my heart jumped. I love that couple, even when they are long-distance. 
  • Since Miles helped Hanna before the God Account suggested he do so, it seems likely he'll continue down this path even after they find out the God Account's identity.
  • I do think the podcast needs to play a more significant role in all of this instead of just serving as a moment for episodic monologues. 

What do you think will happen during the fall finale? 

Does Miles know Henry Chase? Will we actually get to meet Falken?

You can catch up and watch God Friended Me online before the final episode of 2018! 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Coney Island Cyclone Review

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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Cara: Are you sure you don't recognize the name Henry Chase?
Miles: No. Why?
Cara: Well, if he is behind the God account then there must be some connection. A reason why he chose you.

Arthur: I recognize the good your brother is doing and, of course, I want him out in the world helping people. I just wish. . .
Ali: What?
Arthur: It was done for reasons that are closer to home.
Ali: You mean God and not the God Account.