The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7 Review: A Fractured Inheritance

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Despite its preceding episodes missing the mark, The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7 really stepped up its game when it comes to the more emotional aspects of the show.

The absence of the supernatural still keeps the show from reaching its full potential, and it probably always will unless The Good Place goes back down that route. But despite the storyline shifting to a less interesting setting, the series really made the most of its 30-minute time slot.

Although the afterlife is terribly missed, it feels like the sole reason for the gang's time on Earth was just explained in this episode. 

Mom Edition - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7

Let's face it. A lot of the main characters would never be able to fully find peace without righting a few wrongs. As it turns out, Earth is only place for them to accomplish what they need to do and finally become the people they want to be.

Without the opportunity to go back and tie up their loose ends, it would be hard for them to move on to their final resting place. 

Thankfully, Eleanor and Tahani were both able to hug and make up with the people that held them back the most. This episode finally set them free from the things that kept them tethered to this life.

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For Eleanor, it's especially difficult to forgive her mom for all her wrongdoings. Not only did Donna fake her death but she kept Eleanor entirely in the dark about all of it. It's no surprise that she wasn't completely convinced that her mom had changed.

Finding out that Donna really did turn over a new leaf upset Eleanor for very valid reasons. Why did it take a new boyfriend and his child to change Donna? Why didn't her daughter mean enough to her?

I wanted that mom! I wanted the mom who made me afternoon snacks instead of telling me to look for loose fries in the McDonald's ball pit. Why does Patricia get that mom? If Donna Shellstrop has truly changed, that means she was always capable of change but I just wasn't worth changing for.


Eleanor forgiving her mother and helping her realize what she wants out of life was the ultimate sacrifice for her. Not only did she give Donna the courage to stop running, but she essentially let her mom go. Eleanor realized that the best place for Donna to be was with someone else. 

Testing Her Resolve - The Good Place

Eleanor faced a lot of internal struggles this episode, but Michael was there every step of the way. Aside from Chidi, Michael is arguably Eleanor's most loyal friend and biggest advocate. He believes in her when no one else does.

And let's be real, whenever these two are together, there's bound to be a scene that'll make you laugh your ass off.

Young lady, you will stop this nonsense, go to the PTA meeting, and support your mother. I won't hear another word about it!


When it comes to Tahani, her rivalry with her sister Kamila has pretty much been the driving force of her actions since she was a child.

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The competition between Tahani and Kamila has been so fierce that it's one of the main reasons why Tahani didn't get into The Good Place to begin with.

The feud was so bad that Tahani let it dominate her life.

Making Amends - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7

Tahani finally changed her tune when she realized that she and Kamila were the theme of all Kamila's art. The moment that she shared with her sister was arguably the most genuine and real we've ever seen from Tahani.

I'm going to hug you because I love you. And because you feel just as alone as I do.


Tahani's obsession with overshadowing Kamila would always hold her back unless she finally faced it head-on. Bringing the gang back to Earth for Tahani to have this moment made the entire Earth storyline feel worth it.

Speaking of essential storylines, it seems like a certain one is coming off the backburner. While The Good Place hasn't touched on the subject in a while, Michael finally brought up what we've all been waiting for: the romance between Eleanor and Chidi. 

In one of the reboots you and Chidi fell in love. Deeply. And you told him that you loved him and he told you that he loved you back.


Although their connection has been as strong as always, there hasn't been much as emphasis on a possible romance between the two this season. It almost felt like this version of Eleanor and Chidi was bound to be friends and nothing more.

But a relationship as strong as theirs doesn't just fizzle out. Even though there are unremembered centuries and countless reboots that tried to erase their romance from existence, they always find each other again.

Art Exhibits  - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7

If Eleanor and Chidi can still fall in love after all that there is no question that they were meant to be. In fact, finding each other in every timeline feels like a soulmate type of thing.

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Michael may have been playing them in the beginning, but Eleanor and Chidi seem like they're perfect for each other after all. 

Of course, we do have to consider that in almost every reboot the audience has witnessed Eleanor fell first for Chidi. So now that she knows the truth will Eleanor be the one pining for Chidi again? Is history bound to repeat itself?

It's no surprise that the show left off on such a big cliffhanger, but it only makes us that much excited for the next episode.

Janet Knows Best - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7

Now that Eleanor and Tahani can finally let go of the past, we can't wait to see what the future (or afterlife) holds. 

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A Fractured Inheritance Review

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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

If you don't accept my apology I will smash your stupid art exhibit into bits!


Young lady, you will stop this nonsense, go to the PTA meeting, and support your mother. I won't hear another word about it!