The Conners Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Separation of Church and Dan

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This was a great way to show the different ways people grieve. 

If you were confused by the timeline of The Conners Season 1 Episode 4, you are not alone because it was a jumbled mess. 

This was clearly supposed to be the second episode of the season but was instead pushed back to make room for Blue in The Conners Season 1 Episode 2 and the Halloween episode in The Conners Season 1 Episode 3

Dan Outside - The Conners - Tall Season 1 Episode 4

I'm disappointed they didn't go ahead and keep this as the second episode of the season considering it was the perfect continuation of The Conners Season 1 Episode 1

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We finally got the chance to see how the family was dealing with the death of Roseanne and most importantly, how Dan was grieving for the death of his wife; though we knew Dan would grieve in his own way. 

The family's reactions to Dan's grieving process were made even more perplexing. They knew Dan would want to figure out how to move forward with his life on his own terms. It made no sense for them to push him to grieve a certain way. 

Surprise For Dan - The Conners Season 1 Episode 4

Dan has always needed to be alone with his thoughts and emotions while putting together what he needs to do next. Dan's attempt at going to the group meeting for widow's opened a lot of eyes to exactly what Dan was going through. 

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Dan was angry about the why behind Roseanne passing away and projected a majority of his anger at God. 

I can't believe I am saying this, but I was happy Becky was there for Dan, and he was able to ask her how she moved forward after Mark's death. Becky was the perfect person to go to for Dan because she knew what he was going through. 

Becky - The Conners Season 1 Episode 4

Becky lost her husband suddenly, and she was able to assure Dan the way he was grieving was the correct way for him because it's exactly what she did. 

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Speaking of Becky, I was thrilled to hear her finally open up about what she was going through after Mark's death. What she told Dan was heartbreaking; she grieved all by herself, but sometimes it's the perfect way to grieve those we have lost. 

Was anyone else confused why DJ didn't bring Mary to church while Geena was overseas? I feel as though it was never touched upon, but we were supposed to just go with it for the sake of the storyline. 

Trying To Make Their Case - The Conners Season 1 Episode 4

I understood what Geena was saying. She wants Mary raised a certain way and going to church kept Geena connected to Mary while she was gone, though I also understood why Mary was reluctant to go back to church because she sees her other family members not going. 

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Mary is young and while she will eventually be able to make her own decisions about religion, it really came down to Geena wanting to have this special time with her daughter. DJ got a lot of credit for being able to rope in Darlene. 

I've enjoyed how Darlene has grown. She still has the biting sarcasm, but she'll always be there for her family even if they annoy her. I couldn't help but laugh when Mary urged Darlene to sing along with the rest of the congregation. 

Jackie Volunteers - The Conners Season 1 Episode 4

I wasn't the only one who felt Mark's school project was completely out of left field, right? It's almost like they felt they needed to throw in an extra storyline to stretch out the episode. 

Honestly, the politics of it all ruined the entire mood. While it did have some pretty comical moments with Jackie being involved it took away from the true subject of the half-hour which was moving forward after Roseanne. 

If they felt the need to throw politics into the show they could have easily thrown Mark's project into another episode and fleshed it out more instead of making it an afterthought in an otherwise emotional episode. 

Poker Game - The Conners Season 1 Episode 4

I'm curious if people will say more about the five minutes of politics versus what Dan was going through which would be a shame because John Goodman did a hell of a job conveying Dan's various emotions throughout the half-hour. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you thought. 

Do you think it was a smart idea to throw in the Mark storyline? Did you feel as though the family should have let Dan grieve the way he wanted to grieve?

Let me know in the comments below. 

We got you covered if you missed anything. Go watch The Conners online now via TV Fanatic to catch up on all the past episodes. 

The Separation of Church and Dan Review

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The Conners Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mark: We're learning about democracy.
Jackie: Oh, it's a class in ancient history.

Jackie: So since your mom used to handle the holidays I thought we should talk about a game plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Darlene: Oh, I say we follow the Conner tradition and spend every dollar we have on Halloween and we have nothing to be thankful for or buy Christmas presents with.