Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5 Review: I'm So Happy For You

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There's nothing like some separation anxiety to get everyone through their next crisis. 

And honestly, anyone who says life isn't a competition is lying to you. Everyone is comparing themselves to those around them constantly, which is never a good idea but that doesn't stop us from doing it.

During Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5, Rebecca finds out that Heather and Valencia are both moving to new places. She concludes that she is behind in her own life, reverting to making younger friends, so she doesn't have to feel that way. 

Rebecca Finds Out - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5

Paula is in the same position when her son announces that he is leaving for the next five to ten years at least. She thinks of a plan to get him to stay, which backfires on her.

Meanwhile, White Josh and Darryl continue to spend time together, but their relationship becomes the topic of conversation. They decide they need to spend more time apart, allowing themselves to date and find romantic happiness elsewhere. 

"I'm So Happy For You," written by Ilana Pena. does a successful job at interweaving several stories with one common concept. Change is difficult for everyone, and the show forces it on the characters so they could come out better because of it.

Nathaniel Joins In - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5

And yet, it still becomes an emotional mess when you consider that the show itself is ending which is the biggest change of all.

Still, this episode had some scene-stealing songs and more importantly some valuable bonds between our favorite characters. 

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Paula Scheming Once Again

Rebecca's separation anxiety is a heavy portion of the episode, but it is Paula's journey with her son that somehow hurts more.

This transition tracks with the way that Paula is branching out in her personal life, all of it being possible because she has sons that are getting older and she can afford to focus on herself.

But there is something to be said about that moment where Paula and Brendan are just eating a pie and talking. The way that Paula has to approach this situation is setting her up for future decisions as well.

Brendan doesn’t sell drugs anymore which is kind of a bummer because he was my weed guy.


It is difficult, and she does decide to manipulate her son's love life first, but Paula at her core is supporting Brendan no matter what.

That adjustment period where she had to realize that her son is destined for good things never came, so now she is rushing to get there. It is also a huge time period that he gave her, leaving for five to ten years isn't just moving away to college.

It is understandable that Paula would struggle with the news, but it is an example of the way that she succeeded as a mother.

The way she raised Brendan now has him moving on himself, looking for good opportunities like she is with law school. It is an adjustment, but it is a good one, based on success and nota failure.

The Group Mind - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5

Still, a great way to utilize this going forward would have to be exploring Paula's relationship with her younger son.

He is there, but also not as prominent when with his family. It is obvious that as the youngest child he is still going through his own stuff, but he is also still there.

Getting to see Paula connect with Tommy because she still has time with him, for now, would be a welcome surprise. 

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Rebecca Going Back In Time

There is a point to be made about life being a competition. Not for everyone, but maybe for those around you or that view you as someone getting farther along in life than they did.

That feeling is realistic, and it usually does happen at once. In a blink and you will miss it moment, suddenly everyone has something going for them that makes you feel like you don't.

Left Reeling - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

While Rebecca thinks that she hasn't made it as far, in a way she has.

Being in a relationship shouldn't be the winning prize when for Rebecca she is already ahead by not being in one.

It is easy to find someone to date, but Rebecca knows that she chooses the wrong people and then has more problems. By not committing to Nathaniel when she felt the situation wasn't right, and instead focusing on herself, Rebecca already won a lot.

Looking back, Rebecca from before wouldn't have made these kinds of mature decisions about her life, and that is what she should remember.

Heather: I have news.
Rebecca: Is it that you’re getting us a new vibrator? Because the old one is on its last legs.
Heather: You don’t still use my vibrator.
Rebecca: No I don’t.

There is something to be said about losing Heather and Valencia, not really, but in the way that things were. Taking things for granted when they are your everyday routine is common, and Rebecca can learn from this.

But Heather and Valencia are (hopefully) not really going anywhere. The friendship they cultivated is going to continue to be there, even if there is some more distance between them.

If Rebecca feels like she wants to be farther along, she can join some dating apps or explore her career options if she isn't sure about just sticking to the pretzel shop. She can build on top of what she is already creating for herself, and that comes from approaching situations thoughtfully.

Rebecca: Have you considered owning a condo?
AJ: No way. I don’t even know what a condo is.

Rebecca doesn't always do that, but she has taken huge steps for a start. 

Even her therapy sessions and continuous, and more importantly, they are helpful. Rebecca is putting in the work so the results will be there as well.

Outside of the worries that Rebecca fell into, this episode outlined how much she has going for her. Seeing Rebecca at rock bottom means valuing it more when she is making her way up top. 

This is all progress, and even the way that Rebecca will adjust from this is a perfect example of the success that she is finding, even without truly knowing it herself. 

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White Josh and Darryl Breaking Our Hearts

How do these two continue to make healthy choices even though it hurts us this much?

Not to be that person, but White Josh and Darryl belong together.

Their breakup was a good decision for them when Darry wanted a child and Josh didn't, and yet it always felt like they would find their way back to each other. They still could, but there is also the possibility that these two represent a couple who can stay friends and move on.

The issue is that White Josh and Darryl are so good when they are together that is makes no sense for them to stray farther away.

Paula: I used to think she was his OTP.
Scott: Over The Pants?
Paula: One True Pairing

Josh was stuck in his ways, not looking to share information with anyone when he had someone who knew everything already. That wasn't a good enough reason, but what about him just still being connected with Darryl in that way?

They didn't end things because they didn't love each other anymore, so maybe it is irrational, but them deciding to shut the door completely seemed too final.

This contributed to valuable development on both ends, Darryl finding his place as Josh's friend and Josh adjusting to dating again. 

It was necessary for them before they ended up too comfortable with one another and unwilling to get out of that. And yet, this episode made more of a case for why they shouldn't need to find anyone else.

They like the same movies, and they have a routine that they can fall back on. They understand each other and Josh is really good with the baby on the level that he is comfortable with right now.

There is nothing keeping them from being in a relationship again, except maybe Josh not wanting to be a father. But Darryl had the time and space that he needed to prove to himself that he can do this, he doesn't need to worry about his child not having a family. 

From there Josh becomes a different kind of family, the same kind that he is with Darryl's other daughter. 

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How are you dealing with all this change? Are you about to break out into a song about how much you will miss Heather and Valencia and the show?

Or are you more inclined to sing the song about shipping? Do you think White Josh and Darryl should have gotten back together? Is there even any hope left for them now?

Did you feel for Rebecca and Paula when they had to deal with all that change? How do you confront life-altering decisions?

Let us know what you think below!

And don't forget that you can watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online, right here at TV Fanatic.

I'm So Happy For You Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Heather: I have news.
Rebecca: Is it that you’re getting us a new vibrator? Because the old one is on its last legs.
Heather: You don’t still use my vibrator.
Rebecca: No I don’t.

Brendan doesn’t sell drugs anymore which is kind of a bummer because he was my weed guy.