YOU Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Amour Fou

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Well, you know what they say? If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. 

It took longer than Joe anticipated, but he finally rid the world (and Beck) of Peach Salinger on YOU Season 1 Episode 6

Rest in some sapphic paradise, Peaches. You will be missed.

Bye Bye Peaches - YOU Season 1 Episode 6

It's difficult to imagine what the series will be like in Peach's absence. Shay Mitchell was such a delight in this role, and she was a fantastic adversary for Joe. She beat the others by a landslide. 

It was mentioned multiple times before, but Joe and Peach's contentious relationship was more often than not more interesting than Joe and Beck's warped love story. Badgley and Mitchell had the type of fantastic chemistry that must come from years spent on soapy teenage dramas that knew how to keep people hooked. 

It came to a head this hour, but the funniest part about it is that Peach will undoubtedly still stick it to Joe from beyond the grave. Peach has a known history (at least by Beck) of being suicidal, but they're investigating the death of a Salinger like it's something more. 

What could I do? She was never going to let you go.

Joe Voiceover

But let's back up. Joe was having a terrible, horrible, no good couple of days, but for some dumb reason, he wouldn't sit still and collect himself after that Ron beating. If he did that, he wouldn't be on that officer's radar after the mysterious death of Peach. 

Can we talk about Joe's face? The makeup department must've had a blast filming this installment. Joe looked like he went a few rounds on Celebrity Deathmatch. His face got progressively worse as the hour went on. 

His half-hearted attempt at being a good boyfriend by bringing Peach a solitary "Get Well" balloon was funny. However, it was funnier when Peach decided she didn't want his "male energy" stinking up the place shortly after he arrived. Beck was on the brink of catering to Joe too, and Peach wouldn't stand for that in her space. 

Peach has a Theory - YOU Season 1 Episode 6

Peach grew more territorial of Beck as the season progressed, but her final hour took the cake. The way she duped Beck into joining her at the vacation home was unreal, and it's getting to the point where it's freaking absurd that Beck couldn't see a snake in front of her until it bit her, and she'd still have doubts. 

How can this woman be so naive, blind, and ignorant? It's not cute, endearing, or entertaining. It's infuriating.

Are any of you rooting for Beck at all right now? She makes it so hard, doesn't she? 

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Joe, God bless him, had all the subtlety of a rhino in a crystal boutique when he tried to warn Beck about Peach.

He came on too strong, and by now he has to know that his girlfriend doesn't have the common sense the universe gave a fruit fly, and he has to strategically feed her pieces of information and wait a decade before she has her lightbulb moment. 

Joe: She's in love with you. You know that right?
Beck: I gotta go.

There was nothing he could do to keep Beck from following Peach to the beach house. What he should have done was stay at home and stew, but he's too impulsive for that. Joe stalking them to the house wasn't the least bit surprising, but it was startling how reckless he was upon reaching the location. 

For one, that accident was the universe's way of telling him to get the hell out, but he didn't listen. He barely got away from there by the skin of his teeth, and now that's what might cost him in the end. 

Joe's ability to assess someone and then use their impressions of society or privilege (whether it's a privilege that he has or one he fakes) is super impressive. We have seen it countless times where he not only knows how to get away with something, but he knows why he can get away with something. 

Flashing Lights - YOU Season 1 Episode 6

I would say that Joe would make a great con-man, but it's fair to say he already is one. 

If not for his black eye and gushing head wound, I wonder if he would have flown under that cop's radar? He only stood out because he looked like he had been in a bar fight or something which made him a stark contrast from the high-class lot who made up the neighborhood. 

Joe was still within typical Joe grounds, but then he slipped into the needlessly reckless territory by entering the house and sneaking around overnight instead of spying from a safe distance. The concussion is at fault for his stupidity during this hour, right? 

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It was unbelievable bearing witness to Joe tiptoeing around the house barely being caught by others, not so much as stepping on a creaky floorboard let alone leaving blood anywhere thanks to that nasty head wound he refused to clean. There is no way in hell he wouldn't have been caught. 

Look at that, how dare she invade your privacy like that. Perverse!

Joe Voiceover

The ludicrous scenario did lead to a few decent moments. The camera shot of Joe watching an oblivious Peach as she watched an equally oblivious Beck bathe was masterful. It was reminiscent of a scene from a thriller.

It was disturbing when Peach got Beck drunk and high so she could coerce her into a threesome with the handsome Raj. It's a shame that Peach had to do all of that because it was the only way she could trick her friend into possibly sleeping with her. It was funny, however when Beck backed out and left Peach with Raj. 

The poor girl needed booze and sex toys to get through having sex with Raj. God only knows what Raj needed, you know, other than lubrication.

Did Peach yank that out of her box too? It didn't look like it. Yikes!

Friendly Seduction - YOU Season 1 Episode 6

Joe stuck under the bed for the whole ordeal was pretty hilarious. At least he got to text Beck. 

Peach's last-ditch effort of persuading Beck to quit school and go live in Paris with her was so extra that even Beck finally had a wake-up call. The lengths to which Peach was willing to go to get Beck away from Joe and keep her to herself was too crazy to ignore. 

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Peach's desperation was reaching dangerous heights, so by the time she caught Joe in the house and knocked him out, you knew she had to go. There was no way she would ever stop. I hate having to say that because it is reaching the point where we find ourselves justifying Joe's actions for him. 

Beck's Stalkers - YOU Season 1 Episode 6

Peach started piecing together too many things and knew that he was the one who attacked her. There was no way she would make it out of the hour alive, but at least Joe attempted to blackmail her first. There is a continuous pattern where Joe doesn't plan on killing people; it just happens. 

He didn't want to kill Peach, but she left him with no other choice. My jaw dropped when that shot went off. I didn't expect Peach to die anytime soon. It looks like this time it stuck. 

Joe's hasty suicide note he wrote for her may not convince the authorities though. That cop is suspicious, and if they're combing through Peach's house, then they're going to find that urine he left in the jar on the shelf. His blood has to be there somewhere as well. 

He passed out on the floor a few times thanks to his concussion, and Peach shot him in the leg. 

Candace - YOU Season 1 Episode 6

Additional Notes: 

  • We finally met Paco's mother, Claudia. Do you think she'll tell anyone that she treated his bullet wound? What's your impression of her? 
  • So according to those concussion-induced hallucinations, Joe thought Candace cheated on him, but she may not have. Do you think she's still alive? It doesn't seem like it. 
  • I  wish we saw Peach's funeral. Would Annika have come out of hiding? Would their other friend show something other than resting bitch face? 
  • How many times did you chuckle at Joe's hatred for Peach especially when he is guilty of being an obsessed, manipulative, perverse stalker too? 

Will you miss Peach? How long before Joe is a suspect? Hit the comments below. Don't forget, you can watch YOU online here via TV Fanatic. 

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