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How did Beck feel about the death of someone so close to her?

On YOU Season 1 Episode 7, her feelings for Peach were elevated after learning about her friend's death.

But Joe was waiting on her, waiting to strike whenever he knew she needed him. 

Beck turned to her therapist, but Joe was not ready to allow someone else to lead her, so he created a fake identity to make sure the therapist would benefit his plans. 

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YOU Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Some people have a hard time letting love in. Some people are built for love. Some people -- some people are searching -- searching for someone who can love them the way they deserve. That's you.


I wanted to be wrong. I never wanted to be wrong so badly in my life. I was begging to be proven wrong. But it was looking like I was right. You trust someone. You give them your heart, and what do they do? Is there even a punishment that fits the crime of lying, of manipulating like this? Of breaking someone's heart? I guess I'm bad at picking good people, but I'm good at catching bad people red-handed.

Joe Voiceover