The Affair: Another Series Regular Departs!

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The Affair is losing a third series regular ahead of its upcoming fifth and final seasons.

Per Deadline, Catalina Sandino Moreno is out of the Showtime drama as a series regular.

The news is unsurprising given that Joshua Jackson is also bowing out after four seasons as Catalina's on-screen lover, Cole.

Luisa Affair

Moreno joined the series as a recurring player during The Affair Season 2 but was promoted to series regular ahead of The Affair Season 3

If you watch The Affair online, you know that Luisa's (Moreno) relationship with Cole fizzled out during The Affair Season 4 just as it emerged that Cole realized he was still in love with his ex, Alison (Ruth Wilson). 

Things reached breaking point following the death of Alison as Cole and Luisa opted to go their separate ways.

Not Good - The Affair Season 4 Episode 2

With Jackson out, it seemed like Luisa's storyline already reached a natural conclusion. The first big casting shocker for the series ahead of the final season was that original series regular Ruth Wilson was bowing out as Alison. 

Her exit was shrouded in secrecy, to the point there was much speculation about the true reason for the departure. 

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In a recent interview with the New York Times, Wilson maintained that it "isn’t about pay parity, and it wasn’t about other jobs,” while claiming, “I’m not really allowed to talk about it.”

Ruth Wilson on The Affair

In that same interview, she said "there is a much bigger story" hanging over her departure. As ominous as it may be, it doesn't seem like we're going to get any answers.

When The New York Times approached Showrunner Sarah Treem about the matter, she released the following statement:

We can’t speak for Ruth, but heading into Season 4, everyone agreed the character’s story had run its course.

Ultimately, it felt like the most powerful creative decision would be to end Alison’s arc at the moment when she had finally achieved self-empowerment.

Hello? - The Affair Season 4 Episode 2

The impact of her loss will be felt as the series concludes next season. We thank the many fans who embraced the character of Alison and especially thank Ruth for her indelible work over the past four seasons.

What are your thoughts on this news? 

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The Affair returns in 2019!

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